Saturday, July 16, 2005

Activity by Some Daughter-In-LAW

Have you seen the WHO report ??? Activity by Some Daughter-In-LAW

World Health Organisation (WHO) Report: In India, Women Abuse Elders (in-laws) by False Dowry Cases.
One question to all, if any one abuse your mother and sister in the road what you will do???

Now when a daughter in law abuse mother and sister, what action you recommended??

Understand both side of the coin; if you really want to honest, corruption free India. Crime is Crime, irrespective of gender, sex or caste.So do you believe that, women well fare means, Daughter-in-law welfare???
Our Mother, sister and daughter are not women??

There is no force to accept anything, let other member to observe what is right and what is wrong, it is your choice, are you ready and want to accept the reality or believe in what media says and so called terrorist activity done by some NGO in the name of so called women well fare –

"" Killing the institution of Marriage "".

Hope the NCW and their supporter will focus more towards the women Education, Self employment, 50 % representive in Parliament (not 30 %) and give equal justice to all irrespective of SEX, GENDER, Caste or religion.

Request to understand “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment”, both a husband and wife are equally capable, and if we really want to save the institution of marriage, we need a Domestic harmony Bill instead of Domestic Violence bill.

Now your present proposed Domestic Violence bill again is going to do the same mistake like 498A – Family Killer, like punishment to one section in the name of “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment” and for another section giving a Whole Sale Free License, forget any punishment, there is no provision for a small warning.

Are we really doing the justice to our mother, who had spend her 50 to 60 years and successfully completed all her duties and today some Power Babe comes ( not all daughter –in –law) ,who wants only money, does not have any love or respect to others and term our mother , sister as Criminal and send her to Jail, as she can not accept her illogical demand.

Our beloved married pregent sister can not visit our home, as the house termed as Bhabi’s house.

Why a girl can’t have the equal right to her parent’s property, the way a boy have??

Why a girl to be depended to husband money and property??

We Indian man sacrifice our life for our mother and sister , we cant tolerate that our parents should go to old age home , as some Daughter-in –law , ill-treated them , does not give proper food , proper medical support , throw them out of house .

Save Indian Family, as we cant not tolerated if any dishonest Daughter-in-LAW abuse our age old mother and sister.

The way Divorce rate are increasing , very soon we will beat the statistics of US , where marriage are less than 50% , Ireland was less than 2% .

As a result :-

-A lot of children spend their Child Hood in Single parenting system.
- More women will be force to earn their life in dishonest way (call girl)
- More rape
- More Crime against our mother, sister and daughter.
- More abortion or unwanted child.

Are we looking for this situation in India??

If your answer is yes.. Go ahead and join the terrorist activity in the name of Domestic Violence Bill.

If your answer is no, join in our campaign Save Indian Family, We want Domestic Harmony Bill, Not the Domestic Violence Bill.

Stop This terrorist Activity , “ Killing Institution of Marriage in India "

With High Regards

Swarup Sarkar



At 7:31 PM, Blogger sneha said...

Mr. Swarup,

Men really need to understand that no woman gets married to get divorced. One of your blogger has written about his wife having bi-polar personality. I would like to ask him whether his mother and sister have bi-poalar personality. As this woman was completely supported by all the other in-laws of her. It were his own relatives who deposed against Mr. Niraj Deshmukh in the court of law in India. This man who happily lived in the US and threw his wife out of his house on the behest of his mother and sister.

For one year he stayed with this woman he had no problem and moreover his engagement lasted for one year he didn’t realize this bipolar shit. When she was breaking the marriage just 3 days before the marriage he was crying before her parents not to do so.

Then till the time his mothers visitors visa was to be secured from Mumbai. This was because the girl was from Mumbai and she had come down to India to get his mothers visa formalities done. He, his mother, nor sister didn’t open their mouth to the world or the girl’s parents about the bi polar personality about this woman.

The bi polar personality came into effect when this girl refused to transfer her mothers property on his name. His mother was very unhappy when the girl replied that she had no say in her mother’s property. This was the only reason for the bi polar personality.

Another reason which was known later by the woman was that this man before marriage was involved with another woman in the US.

Today Mr. Deshmukh's wife who according to him had a bipolar personality is a very successful lawyer herself.

So this law is for men like Mr. Niraj Deshmukh who for their vested interest of becoming rich over night get married to rich women and when such things are not fulfilled then they say the girl has bipolar personality and take the advantage of sitting in a foreign country and try to sub due the girl and girls parents with threats of divorce in the US.

Most of the men are successful also in doing so coz most women either give in to the demands with the fear of social stigma of divorce. Else some of them do not have the right legal recource.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Ms. Sneha,
Your assumptions women do not want divorce , is not only wrong, it is your totally ignorence or desprate attempet to save gurd the criminla women of the society.
As per court record more than 55% divorce filed by women only and the divorce filed by men or women, it is the husabnd have to pay the price and the husbands family treated as Free Atm Machine.
We surprised, one hand the wife family put the alligations the husabnds family demand money and prop[erty, where is it is evident for the court record , more than 98% cases it the women taken the money and demended the money oepnly in fornt of court/medi/police/judges.
So , you want to say , when a wfe and her family demand and harrase the the husabnds family they should be termed as Socail service and the alligations let it be false or true all the husabnds family are money seekers, where it slo evident that in more than 99% cases the husabnds or her family provided the home to wife and seltehr, where as the girsl family treat thier won sister or daughter as burden and do not ready to support after marrage.
So, let make the law gender eaull and give the eaull chance to each other to prove alligations insated of biased law, where a husabnd can' complin in 498A/dowry act /dv act/crpc125, and take the challenge, we are sure 98% cases it will those women to be convected behond resonable dought to deamnd the money and property form thier husabnds or husabnds family and harrase the.
We do not belive in assumptions, we blive in reality and we oppose any assumptionms that all the wife family are raja harish chandra family and all the hsbands family are criminial and money seekers.
Let first make the law gender eaull and replace the word wife/husabnd to spouse, then see who deamnd money from whome.


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