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For Immediate Release

Delhi 9th July 2005. For highlighting the misuse of section 498A of IPC, an anti dowry and women harassment law, a National seminar was organized by Parivarik Suraksha Sanstha – PSS (Reg.) at Speaker Hall, Constitution Club Delhi. The objection of the seminar was promotion of marital harmony, which is getting adversely affected by implementation of section 498A in recent years. Among the eminent guests, who expressed the concern regarding this misuse were Advocate General of UP, Chairman of All India Bar association Sh. Adish C. Aggarwal, President of New Delhi Bar Association Sh. S.P. Kaushal and the editor of Manushi, Social and Human Rights activist Ms. Madhu Kishwar.

The seminar received an overwhelming support from other organizations, working for marital harmony across the country. Activists from Sangyabalaya and ‘Asha Kiran’ of Banglore, Sangyabalaya of Jaipur and ‘Save Indian Family foundation’ came from respective cities to participate in the seminar.

After inaugural speech from Swarup Sarkar, ‘Pariwarik Suraksha Sanstha’ gave an audio-visual presentation, presented by Ashish Mukhi, the secretary for PSS. Through this presentation PSS explained that how this law is being misused against innocents including elderly parents, distant relatives and small children. The presentation was supported by the repeated concern expressed by responsible authorities including various High courts, United States and Canadian Embassy, W.H.O. Report regarding elder abuse in India by misuse of dowry laws.

Chief guest Sh. Aggrawal in his speech expressed concern on false implication of those distant relatives who have never stayed with the complainant wife. He further stressed on need for marriage registration along with the list of exchanged gifts in order to avoid any dispute and false allegation.

Sh. S. P. Kaushal said that section 498 of IPC was amended to 498A as it was need of the society. Now the time has changed and subsequently the needs of the society have also changed. Now this law must be amended further to avoid its misuse and should be maid bilabial for protection of innocents.

Ms. Madhu Kishwar, who is fighting for human rights for last two decades, delivered a courageous speech showing both sides of coin. She stressed that extremist opinion can never lead to solution of any problem. She stressed on quick disposal cases under section 498A, which now days takes many years. She further mentioned that such cases, which are matrimonial disputes in fact, must be decided in Family Courts, Counseling Centers, Lok Adalats and not in criminal courts. Such provisions will protect innocents from injustice and will also guard the marriage from deterioration. Finally she said that empowering police in such cases has proved to be extremely counterproductive due to high level of corruption.

Ms. Sushila Shikhawat, a former member of Rejesthan State Women Commission said that these days parents are not bringing up children with family values which is resulting in increasing number of marital disputes. The disputes were always there and will always be there. There is need for tolerance by husband as well as wife without violation of rights of the other person, which leads to marital harmony.

Sh. Mahesh Tiwari, secretary for Delhi bar association explained that why this PSS came into existence. There were hundreds of NGOs in Delhi but virtually no one was addressing the voice of innocents implicated in section 498A and false dowry or harassment cases. Now PSS is available in Delhi for escalating these voices and is committed to eradicate injustice to innocents because of false dowry/harassment cases. He also released phone numbers ‘9312800559, 9810611534, 9911119113, 9818597141’ and mailing address as Help-lines for PSS.

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