Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sub : Killing our Institution of Marriage – Terrorist Activity

To :
Dr. Girija VyasChairperson
National Commission for Women 4, Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Marg,New Delhi-110 002.

Dear Respected Madam,

Sub : Killing our Institution of Marriage – Terrorist Activity

With reference to the article In Pioneer dated 12/07/05 (below for your ready reference) in addition to:-

- DD News dated 11/07/05
- Total TV News dated 9/07/05
- Article in Hindustan ( Hindi ) dated 10/07/05
- Article in Jan Satha ( Hindi ) dated 10/07/05

Every where the killing of institution of marriage by misusing of S.IPC498A had been highlighted.

In the name of “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment” , to punish all innocent and sending our age old , seek mother , pregent sister , distant relative , hope you will not also tolerate .

Now your present proposed Domestic Violence bill again is going to do the same mistake like 498A – Family Killer, like punishment to one section in the name of “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment” and for another section giving a Whole Sale Free License, forget any punishment, there is no provision for a small warning.

Request to understand “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment”, both a husband and wife are equally capable, and if we really want to save the institution of marriage, we need a Domestic harmony Bill instead of Domestic Violence bill.

If this bill became ACT as it is, there will be huge single parenting system, crime against women will further increase, Blackmailing and extortion of money will touch the world record, and no way will we be able to save our Indian Family. Whole world will make us fun about our judicial system and enjoy the same.

As a result there will be two options:-

Your activity will be termed as terrorist Activity to kill our Indian Institution of marriage
Generation of a New terrorist Group, as we Indian People love our mother and sister , to save guard them we sacrifice our life , we are not like western people , where age old , sick , parents go to age old home .

Hope the NCW will focus more towards the women Education, Self employment, 50 % representive in Parliament (not 30 %) and give equal justice to all irrespective of SEX, GENDER, Caste or religion.

Save Indian Family, as we cant not tolerated if any Daughter-in-LAW abuse our age old mother and sister. (WHO Report)

With High Regards
Swarup Sarkar
CC : President of India - For your kind attention pleases to save Indian family.
: Prime Minister of India – For your kind attention pleases to save Indian family.
: LAW Minister - For your kind attention please to save Indian family.
: NRI Minister - For your kind attention please to save Indian family.
: News Paper Editors – For Honest and transparent article.

'Dowry law affecting marital harmony'Pioneer News Service / New DelhiThe issue of marital harmony seems to be getting adversely affectedby the implementation of section 498A IPC. This was the point ofdiscussion at a seminar organised by the Parivarik Suraksha Sanstha(PSS).Expressing their concern over the misuse of this section werechairman of All India Bar Association, Adish C Aggarwal, President ofNew Delhi Bar association, SP Kaushal and Social and Human Rightsactivist, Madhu Kishwar.Putting across their point in this seminar, the speakers explainedhow this law is being misused against innocents including elderlyparents, distant relatives and small children. Mr Aggarwal also notedthat distant relatives are falsely implicated under this section eventhough they had never stayed with the complainant wife.He further stressed the need for marriage registration along with thelist of exchanged gifts in order to avoid any dispute and falseallegation. Madhu Kishwar in her speech tried to showcase both sidesof the coin. She added that there was a need for quick disposal ofcases under Section 498A. She also mentioned that matrimonialdisputes must be decided in Family Courts, Counselling Centres, LokAdalats and not in criminal courts.****************************************************************
Further More reference:-
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Newspaper Reports (if you do not believe us, here are facts)
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