Thursday, July 28, 2005

Terrorist Activity by Some Modern Suparnakahs !!

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Respected Sir/Madam

With reference to the article in your News Paper dated 27/07/05 regarding the Proposed Domestic Violence bill , where as mentioned that ( especial provision made , so that a Mother -In-Law should not misuse the same to Daughter -in-Law ) .

"The responded should be a men and all his female relatives can be Punished . "

That means there is a Whole Sale free Lincence to dishonest Daughter-in -Law to Punish all the family members of the Husband ??

In this regards , I would like to bring your kind attention that :-

1. Have you seen the WHO ( World Health Orginasation Report ??
World Health organization (WHO) Report: In India, Women Abuse Elders (in-laws) by False Dowry Cases.

2. Recent Supreme Court judgment , where as the Misuse of 498a , termed as "Legal Terrorism" .

3. Search in internals 498a Misuse , a lot of article will be observed by well known personality , Judges , Police , NCW .... Etc.

So do you fell that a dishonest Daughter- in-Law will not misuse this DV Act to fulfill their illogical demand ??

Understand both side of the coin; if you really want to honest, corruption free India. Crime is Crime, irrespective of gender, caste or religion do you believe that, women well fare means, only Daughter-in-law welfare???Our Mother, Sister and Daughter are not women??

Some dishonest people are very cleverly using the word women to make the LAW , but very smartly -

"" Killing the institution of Marriage "".

Now present proposed Domestic Violence bill again is going to do the same mistake like 498A – Family Killer, like punishment to one section in the name of “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment” and for another section giving a Whole Sale Free License, forget any punishment, there is no provision for a small warning.

The way Divorce rate are increasing , very soon we will beat the statistics of US , where marriage are less than 50% , Ireland was less than 2% . Suparnaksha's are arrived in India , funded by a lot of outsider and looking for a future India :-

-A lot of children will spend their Child Hood in Single parenting system.
- More women will be force to earn their life in dishonest way (call girl)
- More rape
- More Crime against our mother, sister and daughter.
- More abortion or unwanted child.

Are we looking for this situation in India??

Your writer had also mentioned the Bindra katra and Indra Jai Singh , are not ready to comment . Why??

As a leading News Paper in India , we expect that you should expose the real intention of such terrorist activity in the name of women well fare .

We want Domestic Harmony Bill, Not the Domestic Violence Bill.

Save Indian Family , otherwise the future child will not forgive us , if we can not save our society from Suparnakahas along with Ravans and their Friends.

Hope you should immediately arrange a all section debateate on this issue , before becominging the same a LAW like another Blood cancer like 498A .

With regards
Swarup Sarkar



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