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10 Step Planning by a Supernakha in Domestic Violence !!

10 Step Planning by a Supernakha in Domestic Violence !!

Last week I meet one of my friend Samir , a smart , hard working guy , working in a reputted company and one year back I saw them in a TV show ( represented by Samir and his wife Sarikha ) , and they seems a made for each other . In show Shiraka told the whole nation that She is very proud to have a Husband like Samir . They know each other for more than 4 years before marriage and they able to convience both of their parents , that they are made for each other .

But last week when I saw him , sorry unable to belive they end up with a legal battel , and under the so called 498A ( anti dowry LAW ) had been fired to him , his mother , sister and al other relative .

I just asked how all this happened ?? The details of his story as under :-

1. During Honeymoon :- Sarikaha Says :-

"" Darling , I always wanted to stay in a Hotel , where all the waiters and manager would take my orders and i would not have to do anything except eat and sleep. Cannot we stay in hotel all our life ?? You can go out and work and I Spend all your money ""

2.In Telephone :- ( Cool and normal talk by Sarikha )

" You know , why I am not speaking to you . I told you I will never speak you again as you did not bother to call my sister yesterday as I told you . Now you expect me to talk to you . Go to hell ."

3.In Night when Samir ask for a child :-

" I have got married the biggest fool on this planet. You do not know how to keep me happy . You do not earn enough to keep a mid. I cannot do the household work and you have the guts to think of planning a family . I have committed the biggest blunder by marrying you . I had thought that you would be earning enough to keep me happy , but i did not know that you are a Bhikhari. Your bloody parents never made you understand that before marrying you should have thought of how are you going to satisfy all the demands of your wife and that you should kept one cook and one maid servant after your marriage because it is not possible for me to cook food and wash utensils .""

4. Sarikha go back to her parents house and Samir call for come back :-

"" Now I will meet you at court ""

5.Next step by Sarikah:-

"" If you will not leave Delhi and do as I tell you , then I have other means of making you follow me wherever I go . I will not take no for an answer. Don’t dare to tell me that you will not leave Delhi. I want you decide with in a week or else I will make sure that you regret your decision for the rest of your life .""

6. More pressure :-

"" You do not have money in your pocket to buy a flat. Now my parents are ready to live with you in Delhi , but are saying that you cannot buy a flat in my name in Delhi and you do not want to shift either in Kolkata or Bangalore . You are a self made man . Do as I tell you . I am telling you I have to look after my parents . We sister have to be near them. They are getting old . I will only allow you to stay in Delhi , if you buy a three bed room flat in my name or else you will have to shift to Bangalore or Kolkata . The choice is yours .""

7.Secend step by Sarikha :-

"" See you either accept my terms or you will have to pay trial. I will make sure that you go to jail and loose your job just the way i made you loose the previous job . I will never allow you live peacefully . I do not want to stay in Delhi .I have to be near my parents in Kolkata or In Bangalore with my sister .""

8.Samir call to your in laws to convince but shok to get the reply as under :-

"" You do not have standard to be the husband of our daughter . Do whatever she says , otherwise you don’t know one of my brother is advocate , he will make your life miserable , you don’t know the Indian LAW , your whole family be behind the bar , as soon as we decide .""

9.Now final step , call to Samir office land line :-

"' Shut up , you dam fool , why don’t you understand . I am asking you whether you have taken any decision , as i cannot wait till eternity. You have to take the decision with in 4 days or else mark my words , i will ruin your life ""

10 . Final Action by Sarikha :-

"" All right you will not understand like this . I think I will have to now teach you a lesson . You wait and see what i will do . I will lodge a police complaint against you and your family members and make all of you repent for the rest of your life . Be prepared , I will finish you off. The office in which you are standing would be compelled to through you out. You just wait and watch. Don’t forget , one of my mama is an Advocate and my another mama is MMBS Doctor in Peerless Hospital "".

Then next week , Samir got the notice from Women cell that a complin of 498A ( dowry harrasement , mental crulity ) had been loadged .

Now reconcilation process are going on .

Samir in big question , what he should do ??

Police says , either you accept the terms of Sarikha demands or be prepare for going to jail along with your all parents . One more option is there , arrange 25 lacks rupees and go for a mutual Divorce .

Slowly , I request to Samir , better accept what Sarikha asked..........after all money is not the all the thing , you will earn more than 25 lacks with in few years .

Samir shout back , .. if she can leave me .. why I should be behind her . She gone to police and file the false complin under dowry harasement , her parents want to put me behind tha bar .. I will fight and if required will go to jail .. but not going to suffer for the whole life . Whatever money I have will prefer to through in Garbage , but not a single penny to her easily , let her fight at court and get whatever she can .

Ohh .. my god ....telling my self .. 498A ( anti dowry law made for Sita , now a great example how a Supernakha are encashing the same ).

End of a happy , lovely married life , with in 2 years .

Great pwoer given in 498A ,they will not stop here , further Domestic Violence Bill are coming to act Supernakhas more actively .

Our great LAW maker forget that "we are here to build a relationship, not to break a relationship. To build a relationship we put a lot of pain , sacrifice , but to break a relationship required only two seconds !!!!! "

Great !!
So called Women liberisation of Indian Society at cost of Killing the Institution of Marriage !!!!

Swarup Sarkar


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