Saturday, August 06, 2005

Demand of Modern Supernakhas In the Name of Women Well fare !!!!

Demand of Modern Supernakhas In the Name of Women Well fare !!!!

Modern Suparnakhas are making LAW in the Name of Women Well fare to Kill the Institution of Marrage as under ( for them only Daughter in Law are women , mother , sister and daughter are not women ) :-

"The responded should be a men and all his female relatives can be Punished for Verbal and mental Harrasement ".

"Not only that the bill ensure :---'Bigamy' has been made a punishable offence for Husband, but it is a very rewarding option for women !!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to that they want a Great India and want further the below mentioned demands :-

1.) If a wife complains of domestic violence, the Husband must be imprisoned immediately and bail can only be granted by a court. All the bank accounts must be frozen. Wife has to right to stay in the matrimonial home(husband's house), till she gets divorce. If the wife has an adulterous relation, till it is proved (beyond doubt) the husband must allow her to live in his house or must provide alternate accommodation. The typical example for benchmark is the case in movie "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam". Husband is also expected to help the wife achieve her adulterous goals. If he can not directly help, he must provide one third of his salary towards the wife till she marries the other man.

2) Recenly, many Human Rights activists protested against the Judge who gave a order criticising imprisonment of 3-year old girl child who spent 3 days in Tihar jail with her whole family (facing dowry harassment charges). This kind of organisations need generous donations by the people who want to change the world.

3) Human Rights orgnisations have gone a long way fighting against POTA and TADA. Because even Terrorists have the right to international law. Dowry evil is much bigger than terrorism. The number of wife getting killed by dowry is much more than the number of people killed by terrorists. So, Human Rights Organisations must campaign for continuation of present laws where the old parents of NRIs and Techies are Jailed with just one line of complaint from their dishonest daughter-in-law. Even if the complaint is false, arrest of old parents of the Husband sends a clear message to the society which oppressed Wife since ages.

4) Many Human Rights organisations have created examples of gender sensitivity by campioning against giving bail to old and sick in-laws of wife who complain of mistreatment. In fact, to eradicate dowry evil in India, these old and sick people must be imprisoned without investigation so that their sons can learn lessons for not caring the sincere and wise advice of their wives and in-laws. Even "Amnesty International" has opposed bail to sick and infirm in-laws of a wife as suggested by a gender insensitive former high court judge. 25000 women dying of dowry is a much bigger problem than only 10000 parents of Husband falsely getting jailed. Only a handful of old in-laws of the wife have committed suicide due to false dowry cases than the number of wife dying in dowry problem.

5 ) All judges who do not follow gender sensitivity and give judgements against wife, must lose their right to pension.

6 ) Designers who plan to design revealing clothes for Husband must be banned for spreading vulgarity. Wearing revealing clothes is a right solely meant for wife.

7) Husband who do not like their wives wearing revealing clothes(including low-jeans) are old fashioned. In stead of divorcing them, their wives must use threat of section 498a (anti-dowry laws) to get the old parents of the husband imprisoned, so that husband can be counseled to change and learn tolerance.

8) The ratio of male:female suicide rates in India to be brought to the levels in west. In India, 50%(about 25000) more men commit suicide than women. This is much lower than the western standards where about 150% more men commit suicide than women.

9) After marriage, a husband must not stay with his parents or allow his parents to stay prolonged period with him. He must allow his in-laws to stay in his house for the same amount of time his parents stay in his house. If he violates these rights of the wife, he can be imprisoned for not taking equal care of his in-laws.

10 ) The fight for wife's rights will never end. So, lets campaign for the people in this world to donate for this great cause. After all, wife's development is human's development.

Is this we are looking from proposed Domestic Violence Bill and existing Anti dowry LAW 498A ??

Great thinking by our respected Prime Minister , President and all MP/MLA , after all as per them the women well fare means only daughter in law well fare , our mother , sister , daughter are not to be considered as women , they deserve to go out of home !!!!!!!!!

Swarup Sarkar


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At 6:17 PM, Anonymous neel said...

Take the money from father by inheritance, from husband by
maintenance and from his relatives by jailing them. Wives are
extremely powerful in India. They will be the reachest commune and
soon within 50years men will be stripped off their underwears.


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