Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ??

Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ??

Yesterday in a Police station Lee asked to the DCP, Have I done a Mistake by respecting Anti Dowry LAW??

DCP just keep mum, and say, “I understand Lee, but help less, as 498A is more dangerous than TADA/POTA. We have to arrest you and your age old parents and sister, and then you get the bail from the Lower court. If lower court rejects the Application, try from High court. Engage a good Criminal Lawyer.”

What Lee says, along with her bank statement, marriage CD, his wife own hand written letter as under:-

- Marriage CD shows no gift given by her parents forget about dowry.

- All Marriage work done by the guy including the booking of hall , arranging car , flower , food , light , including Paruthi , as her parents and sister came to Delhi only before two days of marriage and left after four days of marriage.
- After marriage his bank statement shows he had given money to his father in law.
- In two years of marriage he had not taken a glass of water from his in laws as his in law never invited him to Kolkata or came to his house at Delhi .

-Total Seven Letter of his wife own hand written letter confirms there is no issue of dowry.

- His first child killed by her and her parents, for that no intimation till date.

- One day she left the house, when the guy was out of station for his official work, her parents came and robbed the house all cash, jewellery and put a complaint in police station, resulting house owner through the guy out of house.
- Second child suppose to be born on 10 th March’05, till date no information.

- Her own sister hand written letter confirms that she had only two time sex with her husband after marriage of 4 month as she can not forget her boy friends.
- Her own sister hand written letter confirms they have married only to keep happy to their Parents, they don’t have any love and affection to wards their husband.

Now she and her parents put complaint against this guy for Dowry harassment, Physical and Mental torture.
In court petition alleged regarding his OBC caste factor. Where as the guy informed her in the first meeting itself that he from a very poor family and he even work in Railway hokery to complete his Engineering Expenses.

I just asked to the DCP , Sir would you please tell me what punishment is there in LAW to Such Surpanakha and Ravan Family ??

How you will save such type of guy and their family????

What Punishment you recommended legally to such Girls and her parents???

Do you agree that such type of Girls and their parents are the main enemy to other lacks of honest girls, who fight for a normal life???

Is this guy make the mistake to stick his honesty and by respect the Anti dowry system and not even accept a glass of water from his in-laws???

Please reply honestly, if you have a slight respect to honest people and really respect your honest parents (hope you are a child of honest parents) and they should to proud for your self.

Do you thing the Human Right should be only for Daughter in LAW (wife)???
Have the guy done any Mistake to born as a Man???
Have he done any mistake to born in a Village and today working in Delhi, Enterprises like TATA??
This misuse of anti dowry Law thrown the guy out of his dream Job ( without knowing the real truth or any investigation ) from a TATA enterprises , You should to proud for that????

What is his mistake, if he has born in an OBC family??

If her parents so much concern regarding caste, then why they agree for the Marriage???

The guy had not married her without their consent, before marriage they meet the parents of Lee in village, her father own hand written letter confirms that.

What answer you can give, will clearly show your honesty and attitude, how much you care for Indian Society.

We work here to improve our relationship, not to break the relationship. To build a relationship requires a lot of Pain, sacrifice, but to break a relationship required two seconds (Like the misuse of Anti Dowry LAW).

We don’t know when you people will awake up and fight for the honest people, honestly, instead of fulfilling their ego and establishment, publicity ....etc.

Now proposed Domestic Violence Bill are under process , all ready a Blood Cancer 498A available in Indian LAW , further this Domestic violence bill will make Whole Sale free License to Surpanakha and Ravans .

Features of the Proposed Bill:-
"The responded should be a men and all his female relatives can be Punished for Verbal and mental Harrasement "."Not only that the bill ensure :---'Bigamy' has been made a punishable offence for Husband, but it is a very rewarding option for women !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why we can not ask for a Domestic Harmony Bill instead of Domestic Violence Bill??

DCP Just Smile and Say " I am not a PM or Home Minister , I am here to do my duty ".

Swarup Sarkar


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