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Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ??- Part-2

This is with reference to the Story of :-

Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ??

A number of people had made a lot of coment regarding this both side of the coin , few are says the girls and their parents to be hanged to death , on the other side one very intelegent member of JAGO -INDIA group active member , who calimed to be a Grand Son of a Freedom Fighter from Land of Andhra Pradesh , have made very interesting and valid Point :-

A .Why Lee Went for Second Child , when his wife Killed the First Child ??
B .Why you didn't go to see your second child when he/she was born?
C. Atleast, as a father, you could show that much love on thebaby!! WHAT A SHAME??

Just have a look what is the Problem Lee faceing in Indian IPC in the form of 498A , as Lee says

"" Yes this is the real mistake I have done , that when my beloved one wanted to kill the second child and all the preparation was made by her parents and sister , without any dealy , i have taken the legal action to save the Child . Delhi Police immediately acted and ensured that if she kill the second child , whole family will go behind the bar . As a result this Great 498A - A family Killer came in picture ."

Further Lee says :-" Yes this is shame for me that till date I dont able to see the child , in India LAW as soon as the 498A fired , the Husband can not go to near by her house with out a court order as the same to be considered as threat to her life . First battel to prove innocent in 498A just I able to complete . But i am shame that till date unable to get the Court order for Child Visiting /Custedy order , hope very soon this seccond battel will be won and able to remove this shamless tag . Court had ordered to show the Child along with all the reports on 22/08/05""

Here very interesting points come out , Is a wife can kill the child without husband concern ?? At present the Indian LAW says , if the child aborted without any justifed reason , the wife can be punished .

So what is the safe gurd for the wife in such Crime ???
Why 498A - is there , misuse the same , there is forget any punishemnt , not a small warning is there for making the false complin . Along with that huge rewards like maintance , allomoney , 50% property of Husabnd every thing you can get , provided you played your card smartely .. As Says Ms. Sobha De ( a great Feminist ).

A lot of Woemn Orginasation and Human Rights organasation , fighting for few decedes , that there should be a Whole Sale Free Lincence to the Wife , the way 498A made , so that a husband can not take any action aginst thier wife , if they Kill the Child .

In this regards Few years back in NDTV , a well known women right activatist Ms. Madhu Kiswar , desribed as , ""Indian men are totally different than Western Man . Indian man are very comitted towards their Parents , Sister and Children . But they are definetely dought full towards the same committment towards thier wife .""

What a honest observation , so Indian men Just get up and learn how the Western Man treate thier children , Parents , Sister and Wife !!
To learn that you must visit US/CANADA along with all the western country , because you must learn that .

Another Option you have , you can learn some thing from the state like Andhra Pradesh , where huge amount of dowry exchanged in the Name of "StreeDhan " , but the implication of 498A most relax . As soon as the complin made get the bail without any trouble , the complint is compundable , so whenever the wife want can withdraw the same start living togeter .

But there are some state and comunity ( especially Bengali , Marathi and some portion of Kerla ) , where there is a custome , that a Daughter -In -LAW to be considered as Laxmi , and after marriage , there is a Special Puja and function from Husband side for her and gifted a lot of "Streedahn "( Sowry reverse of dowry ) , but on that state to get the bail Police have to arrest the acused and the Complint is Non - Compundable , as if wife want to withdraw the same , still as per LAW the same not possible at LOWER Court .

Very interesting , definetely a lot of Modern Supernakhas and Ravans are involved in past as well as in Present , and Put a lot of Blood Cancer in the name of Women well fare to Kill the Institution of marriage , and the same are still continuing .

Very soon you will get :

-Whole sale free lincence for Bigomeny along with rewarding option for Moder Suparnakhas .
- Whole sale Free Lincence to kill the Child along with Very rewarding option .

Because in the present form the 498A is not sufficient to totally Kill the Institution of Marriage , is not sufficient to ensure that your age old parents must go to Old age Home , is not Sufficinet that a Child should learn to live in a Single parenting System .

Great Salute to those Grand son of So Called Political Freedom Fighter !!!

Lets Join the hands to them who justifying the sending age old parents , Pregent sister to jail without any investigation as they can not punish the actual Culprit , so they must send a budgeted Inocent people inside the jail , so that those actual Criminal are moving free in society can get a fear and behave honestly .

So dear criminals , dont worry , no one will able to punish you as long as some grand son of Great Political Freedom Fighter are available in this society .

Once again the same question arises , Is there any laxman to support Sita or only Ravans are available to support Suparnakhas ??

Let wait and watch !!

Swarup Sarkar


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