Monday, August 29, 2005

Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ?? - Part -3 , Lee Fight Back !!

When the story of Lee came in Public froum , there was a very mixed reaction to the Viewers:-

Check : Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ?? - Part-2

It open up a New Dimension of Missing Voice .

Till date the Indian Men used to take it as a Granted , that 498A ( anti dowry LAW ) is a blood cancer and till date no medicine available . This barbaric LAW will only to kill more and more age old Parents , Pregent Sister .

The normal formula , Dishonest Girl will file a false 498A along with 5 to 6 other family members and all will be arrested and then a mutual compromise with a one time settlement of 10 to 50 Lacks , mutual divorce and then the Same dishonest Girl can go for a another marriage and plan for another 498A Murga .

All the process required only 6 to 8 months effort.

But Lee thought it in different way . After proving innocent 498A , as normally a lot of people want to close the Chapter of the Court and want to enjoy a very healthy life and say ohhh , at last got relief !!!

But Lee had different View . Lee says , " Making a false Complain is not a ordering a Pizza or Joke . The complintent must be punished . Till date i have never thought that one day I will be come to court , but once I came to court for a false Complain , I have taken oath , I will see the End . I have full faith in Law and LAW definitely punish the culprit and this message should go to all Suparnakhas and Ravans , that they can not escape after making the false complain. Yes there is no direct punishment for making a false 498A , but Indian LAW is a vast area , you can fight back from different route ."

As a result now LEE able to file the counter charge against his In Laws :-

IPC : 312/316 - Miscarriage of Child .
IPC : 384 - Extortion of Money by threat .
IPC : 406 - Criminal Beach of Trust .
IPC : 506 - Criminal Intimation .

Let wait and watch will LEE get the justice or not !!

Let be honest and fight for honesty , never come under Blackmailing . Punish the dishonest people irrespective of Sex , caste or religion .

Modern Supranakhas and ravans will try their Best to make more and more Family Killer LAW , as they all ready making Domestic Violence Bill , where Bigamony will be a rewarding option for dishonest wife , Killing of Child will be a Whole sale free Lincence , age old parents will be thrown out of house ...and a lot more will be coming in the name of Women well fare to reach a situation in India , Where :-

-A lot of children will spend their Child Hood in Single parenting system !!
- More women will be force to earn their life in dishonest way (Call girl) !!
- More rape !!
- More Crime against our mother, sister and daughter !!
- More abortion or unwanted child !!

Warning from Supreme Court of India (describing as ''Legal Terrorism" ) , Small Step by Kolkata High Court to ensure that the Husband should not loose the Job , in 498A , anti dowry case , till the time the Person proved as Guilty ... are really brother to our LAW maker ???

We need a awareness in the society and say " Save Indian Family " , " Save Institution of Marriage ".

We will Keep watch , How the Story of Lee Ends .
Swarup Sarkar


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