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Is this called a relationship between a Husband and wife ???

Is this called a relationship between a Husband and wife ???

Wife’s Action and Her Explanation:-

Husbands Action and results :-

1. Wife wants to open joint account with husband's salary account -It is her right and preventing misuse.

Husband wants to open a joint account with his wife's salary account, he is interested in her money , to be send for Dowry harrasement and Domestic violence Law.

2.Wife asks his husband to stay away from his parents-She does not want any interference from in-laws.

When husband asks his wife to keep little distance from her parents - will be throun out form the House as per Proposed Domestic Violence bill .

3.Wife ridicules the husband for the type of job husband is holding - She is encouraging the husband to look for high paying job .

When husband asks the wife to look for respectable job - this will be termed as mental crulity and along with husband all his realtive and parents sister to be send bechind the bar under IPC 498A.

4.Wife demands from husband that a car should be bought -She is improving the standard of living .

When husband says that they should have a car - Immediately along with her mother and sister to be send to Thir jail , till the time he proves that he had not said that word .

5.Wife demands that a flat to be bought in her name-She is creating security for the family.

When husband says that their family should have a flat on joint name - He is again demanding dowry as flat from wife and in-laws to keep his parents. Offence punishable along with his mother and sister under 498A and proposed domestic violence bill .

6.Wife goes to media/her husband's office to complain against husband and in-laws -Wife is asking for justice .

Husband defend his point by replying to the allegations of wife - He is defaming the wife and in-laws.As per proposed domestic violence LAW he should be throun out of House .

7.When a couple gets gifts during the marriage from boys side -It is stridhan and wife has full right on her.

When husband is given some gift from in-laws- It is dowry and he does not have any right over it.

8.When wife asks the husband to cook meal -She wants husband to share the household work .

When husband asks his wife to cook meal or help him in getting food articles from market -Husband should have married a cook not a lady wife.

9.Wife bears a child for 9 month -This greatest job a lady can do while men cannot do.

No dispute.This is GOD created.

10.Wife demands more conjugal relations with husband -It is right of lady.

When husband wants the same from wife - He is doing marital rape. Punsihable to hang to death .

11. When wife stays away from husband due to dispute -She is protecting herself from cruelties of husband and in-laws .

When husband stays away from wife to avoid further confrontation and let things cool down -
He has deserted his wife. , along with him all his family members to be send in Thiar jail with out any investigation as per IPC 498A.

12. Wife wants to divorce, husband doesn't want -It is normally granted happily by court.

Husband wants divorce, wife doesn't want -Never given by court .

13. Wife can file complaints against husband, in-laws, relatives in Crime Against Women Cell. Includes mother-in-law, married/unmarried sister -in laws, kids from in-laws family - To protect woman and feminisms.

Husband cannot file complaints against wife, her parents or relations. There is no Crime Against Men Cell -He does not deserve it, he is supposed to get treated like this only.

14. Wife keeps the custody of minor child -She is natural guardian/friend of the child.

Husband want to keep the custody of the child -He is depriving mother and child of each others affections.

15.Wife want to manage the accounts and balances of money-She is better manager and is concerned about the family.

Husband wants to do the same job-He is spend thrift with no concern about the family.

16.Wife has extra-marital affair- Husband has deprived her of love, affection and other happiness in life , she will be rewarded for Bigamy as per New Domestic Violence LAW.

Husband has extra-marital affair -He is womanizer and guilty of bigamy , will be thrown out of house and all his bank account to be frozen.

17. Wife take some items from home-It is her right.

Husband take few items from home -It is theft and wife does not hesitate to file a case.

18.Wife plays with the child and takes the child to her parents place-She is concerned about child's growth and providing with balanced family life.

Husbands plays with the child and want to take the child at times to his parents place -He is not concerned and is doing offence of kidnapping.

19.Wife's parents come the stay with the couple-It is their right. They have given their daughter.

Parents of husband come to visit and stay with the couple-They have come to interfere in couples life and ask for dowry.

20.-----------Is this called a relationship between a Husband and wife ???

There will be great fun with in few years as Modern Superkhans and Ravans are ready to pass the Provosed Domestic Violence Bill , inspite of a Strong Blood Cancer 498A - family Killer ,allready killing our Institution of marriage .

With thanks and regards
Swarup Sarkar

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At 4:57 PM, Anonymous sachet said...

The Main problem with indian society is that the LAWS
BLIND SUPPORT in every respect from indian laws, her
parents, investigation officers, women
organisations,Media and each and every member of our
For example 3 July,2005 i read a news somewhere saying
Mr. Aarif was burnt alive by his Father in law and
Brother in law in Muzaffarnagar UP. Take another case
two days earlier, in which the In Laws of the husband
killed him in Noida by forcibly giving him some
poison. Another incident in Maharashtra, The wife
Kills husband when he was drunk at 2:45 am.
Though in each, Its clearly evident that the concerned
women are involved in cruelity to husband by killing
them, Still In Laws and wives of the DEAD MEN are not
being questioned in any respect. In other words i
conclude that Media is also biased. Media pays more
attention to the problems related to women than that
of Men.
Infact now a days many femilies are suffering on
account of the Daughter In Law (or wife) but no one in
our society cares about SAVING THEM. That's why
incidents of these type are raising day by day.
I request you all to please work out something so that
husbands family also gets equal rights. Even in
husband family there are Mothers and Sisters, but
Society is neglecting them. So, by all this i conclude
and are Blindly Supporting Daughter In Laws. Which is
the Main Cause of Marriage Failures in india.
Please correct me if i m wrong somewhere.

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Edward S. Nunes said...

Abusive and Violent Women in Relationships

- Recognizing the Signs -

Abuse and violence are behaviors chosen by a woman to cause
physical, sexual, or emotional damage and worry or fear. Women who
behave this way are often promiscuous, selfish, and narcissistic.
Such a woman uses her moods, rage, and impulses to control the
people around her and she is not satisfied until they have noticed
her. These women choose deceit, fury, and assault to get their own
way and then revels in the addicting exhilarating emotional unrest
they create. Others, more insidiously, present a personable public
image to conceal their true character and behavior.
These women lie, connive, and extort. To insult and humiliate their
partner, some argue and use offensive language in the presence of
others including their children. Many steal or destroy their
partner's possessions. These women are driven by jealousy and view
others as rivals. They treat their partners as possessions and
strive to isolate them from friends and family.
Many abusive women falsely accuse their partners of infidelity while
they have affairs. These women often abuse children or animals.
Nearly all exhibit erratic mood changes, feign illnesses or
injuries, and most are practiced actresses. They are not sick; they
play the triple roles of a terrorist, a tyrant, and a victim.
At some point, she will falsely accuse her husband or partner of a
crime. False allegations of child abuse continue to be a common
feature in divorce proceedings and the courts ignore the problem.
Now, the domestic violence accusation has become the woman's weapon
of choice. Apart from the monetary and property gains, domestic
violence is so easy to fabricate and these women crave the pleasure
that comes from destroying their husband or partner.
Persons who have experienced an abusive relationship often
experience fear or shame or bewilderment. They have tried everything
and nothing works. These people have found themselves not knowing
what will happen next, riding on an emotional roller coaster that
they cannot escape. Most are sad, depressed, humiliated, and just
plain exhausted. Many have lost everything they had in the world and
are worried about their future. However, these women have no limits.
Their outrageous behavior escalates to unbelievable levels and so,
no one believes the victim.
Once your wife or companion has chosen abuse or violence, end the
relationship promptly and irrevocably. U.S. and British studies
support this view. Domestic battery, theft, and destruction of
property are private and civil wrongs. The victim can sue for
damages. Get a restraining order now and change the locks, sue in
civil court now and, when the assailant is your spouse, file for
divorce now.
When faced with the breakup of a relationship, especially a
marriage, some women become vindictive, and abusive women become
very dangerous. When others (friends, relatives, police, attorneys,
and judges) believe her, they join in, and the frustrated husband or
partner finds himself a victim of undeserved hatred, defamation, and
The other dangers are that some women kill their partner, or the
partner's new companion, or the children, or the relatives, or stage
unsuccessful suicides. Sometimes, women fake or inflict injuries on
themselves, or use an accomplice, a relative or new lover, to frame
her husband or partner. The most common behaviors are pressing false
criminal charges, stealing or destroying property, snatching
children, and engaging in bad faith litigation.
In divorce, husbands must treat their abusive wives with steeled
resolve and the courts must understand this. These women cannot see
and reason beyond themselves, so negotiation is impossible.
Mediation is pointless. Unfortunately, the legal process regarding
divorce requires negotiation and mediation providing yet another way
for these women to abuse their husbands. Husbands must not accept
telephone calls, conversation, visitations, reconciliation, or
appeasements from these abusive wives for this only bolsters their
belief that they remain in control of their husbands. The court must
realize that these women have no limits and derive pleasure from
destroying their husbands. Only unswerving firmness of purpose shows
these women that their power has ended.
Edward S. Nunes


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