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Is this what we get from the Institution of marriage in India ?

Is this what we get from the Institution of marriage in India ?

=Never did Sachin a 63 years old sincere govt. servant imagine that his fate will bring him and his family to such a terrible juncture.Son of a freedom fighter, thin, frail Sachin worked as a post man at the Head Post office in Delhi for the last 35 years. Over all these years his meager earnings did not stop him from following his father's ideals.He brought up his three children with ethics and principles.He spent all his earnings and sold ancestral land to finance his onlyson's engineering education .
His eldest daughter was married off a few years ago.After finishing his engineering, his son got job in a small software firm and started earning some seven thousand rupees per month. That wasof great help to Sachin and his family.But the relief was short lived. The problems started once Sachin's son married. By that time, his son started working for a big MNC softwarefirm Delhi.
His daughter-in-law came from a lower middle class family.Soon after marriage the daughter-in-law left for her parental home andwith a condition that she will return only if she and her husband(Sachin's son) stay separate from Sachin and his family.All convincing by family elders were of no avail and her parents furtherpampered her.
Finally, Sachin agreed to allow his son anddaughter-in-law to stay in a separate rented house even against his son's wish. After all like a typical Indian he thought that his son's life was more important than his .The problems did not subside . His daughter-in-law and her parents started insisting that his son must not pay for education and some expenses of the family which also included Sachin's 85 years old father who was a freedom fighter.
Sachin had spent everything saved on his children's education. He had even sold the ancestral land for educationof his son. He gets paltry pension now which does not even cover themedical expenses of family.

By now Sachin's son said enough is enough. He put his foot down and told his wife that she has no right to dictate terms to him and how he treats his family. His wife immediately left his house and next day Sachin's son heard there is police outside his company asking to see him. He reached police station along with his father. His wife with her lawyer uncle has complained at the police station that she is being mentallyand physically harassed by her in-laws and husband along with a wholebunch of lies.
The counselors in police station started bullying them so that they will give in writing that Sachin's son must not pay any thing and must not visit his parents. Sachin's son refused. Sachin'sdaughter-in-law gave the ultimatum that if they do not comply in 2 days,she will get the entire family arrested and put inside jail.
Next day morning, police walked into their house and arrested Sachin ,his wife, his son, his 5-months pregnant eldest daughter, his youngerdaughter studding BSc in a local college.

They are immediately sent to the Thiar Jail. The FIR was lodged by his daughter-in-law that she was harassed mentally and physically and that is enough under section 498a of Indian Penal Code for arrest of all family members without any investigation by police.
After 4 days, a family friend got a lawyer to apply bail for the entire family. In another 5 days, the family got released and returned home.The bail had the condition that Sachin and his 85 year old father (whowas also accused) must visit police station every Monday morning andgive attendance.

Now, the entire family is shattered. Sachin cries "Who will marry myyounger daughter. My daughter-in-law ruined my family."
He went to the local NGOs and women organizations seeking some help.They told him to get lost. He keeps running to local Human Rightsorganizations.They all told him that they have not time for people who are falsely accused under section 498a and they have high prioritieslike women empowerment and other human rights issued. Sachin retorts "Isnot my wife a woman ? Is not my pregnant daughter and my un marrieddaughter women who got jailed without any fault ?The daughter-in-law and son were staying separately and where is thequestion of harassment ?"

The daughter-in-law has not complained of any dowry harassment as nodowry was taken by their community. She had only complained of mentaland physical harassment. Sachin wonders how can innocent women, old people be arrested with just the word of a daughter-in-law and that toowithout any investigation. He asks "How does Indian constitution allowpeople to be arrested just by a single line of complaint by a viciousdaughter-in-law ?"
He is also extremely critical of human rights organizations. He says"They fight for rights of terrorists and anti-nationals. But they do nothave time for innocent people getting jailed and tortured."Govt. of India is trying to change this law as in section 498a of IPC bya bill in parliament. But many women organizations and human rightsorganizations oppose this move my govt. saying that "which law is notmisused ? and let a few innocents suffer, but the law must be kept as itis ?"
Finally, Sachin's son came to know about a group of 1000techies, NRIs who themselves have been victims of this massive section 498a scam in India. This group started giving legal and strategic support to the family.The entire family was in tears as they recounted their ordeal inthe first meeting with this group which calls itself "Save IndianFamily"and works with a bunch of highly NGOs tackling these issues in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune , Jaipur and Kolkata. Now, Sachin feels a bit relief with support from these NGOs even though his entire family has to make rounds at court in each month.

The question still remains :Will such Surpanakas stop here ??

Now Modern Suparnakhas are making LAW , Domestic Violence Bill , in the Name of Women Well fare to Kill the Institution of Marrage as under ( for them only Daughter in Law are women , mother , sister and daughter are not women ) :-

"The responded should be a men and all his female relatives can be Punished for Verbal and mental Harrasement ".

"Not only that the bill ensure :--

-'Bigamy' has been made a Punishable offence for Husband, but it is a very rewarding option for all So Called wife !!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we ask a 498B to punish the dishonest Daughter- in -Law ( Suparnakhas) and their Ravan Family , those abuse our age old Parents , sister ?

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Swarup Sarkar

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