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legal first wife is likely to be cheated - Proposed Domestic Violence Bill !!

This is with reference to my previous article long back , When there was a lot of debeate that :-

Sub: Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence????????

Today one of my frind send me the below link published to Times of India
Legitimate wife's rights will suffer- The Times of India

Request to all to go through the same , and just think for a moment , our Goverment are really want to do any well fare to the so called Women ??

Moder Suparnakhsa and Ravans funded by out side country and want to kill the Instituion of marriage , so that the way Western Women beg to a MEN for a live togethere or for a Child adoption .. hope very soon our women are going towards the same direction . Presently the Misuse of 498A ( Antidowry law are not sufficient to make the total damage , so those clever Suparnakhas are ready with the another Blood Cancer in the Name of Domestic Violence Bill ) .

Are we looking for this situation in India??

If your answer is yes.. Go ahead and join the terrorist activity in the name of Domestic Violence Bill.
If your answer is no, join in our campaign Save Indian Family, We want Domestic Harmony Bill, Not the Domestic Violence Bill.

Stop This terrorist Activity , “ Killing Institution of Marriage in India "

With regards
Swarup sarkar

Reference Full Article :-

Two wrongs don't make a right. The domestic violence Bill, which will now take into its ambit the 'other woman' as well, can only harm women and not help them. By giving the second female partner legal recourse, the state is giving legitimacy to something which is already illegal in this country. Bigamy is illegal throughout India with the exception of the Muslim community, so why should the second partner get any recourse in case things sour between a couple. By doing so, the already wronged legal first wife is likely to be cheated out of her rightful share, as the man's assets will get divided three ways. The inclusion of the non-legally wedded partner in the domestic violence Bill can also lead to gross misuse. A passing fling, even a one-night stand can be shown to be something more substantial by unscrupulous women, and this could become an easy way to extract money from wealthy men. Indian inheritance laws are complex enough. By adding the component of the second partner to it, claims will get mired in endless litigation. There is no doubt that Indian women suffer by marrying a man who is already married. There is no doubt either that an end must be put to this practice. However, giving the second 'wife' rights will not change the situation. It will only lead to more exploitation of women. What needs to be done is to make bigamy laws stronger both on paper as well as in implementation. It is because the existing law is not enforced strictly that this pernicious practice continues to flourish. To stamp out a social evil requires vision and strong will power on the part of the state. The domestic violence Bill seems to take the easy way out of a difficult situation.


At 4:49 PM, Anonymous illangoj said...

I tried preventing BloodCancer in India?
Blindly, introduced laws to protect women, terms like “MENTAL CRUELTY” (IPC 498a) , “STAY IN MATRIMONIAL FAMILY REGARDLESS OF RIGHTS”(Civil law Domestic violence) will certainly raise legal terrorism in the near future any time soon.
To combat and protect different group masses, Lawmakers of India has to be very meticulous, extra careful, educated and pragmatic, know-ledgeable about introducing laws to reach everyone. Are they really? now.
Also, young men will loose complete faith in the system. Some men leave India and think, it is their luck that they fell out of trash. Some men think it is their fate and suicide. Some men become terrorists. BUT FOR SURE, MOST MEN IN INDIA GETS PHYSICALLY VERY WEAK, PALE, DULL. BECOME HIGHY NON-WISDOMIC OR KNOWLEDGE LESS AFTER MARRIAGE, NO FAMILY CONTROL (AS WILLPOWER GETS REDUCED), GROWN BELLIES, IN OTHER WORDS THEY LOOK DIRTIER AND DIRTIER WITH BODY AND HEIGHT TOTALLY UNBALANCED.
What happens when a woman who is beautiful and or clever, VERY BAD in nature?
Utilizing the police corrupt system to her full benefit,
1. if she traps ‘RAM’ into marriage and in few months of marriage, using these terms “MENTAL CRUELTY” (even no marks of physical hit on her body), she can take everything from him, including his life in suicide form.(pls. Check, Indian men suicide rate increases 3 times after marriage, strange but true)
2. If she traps a ‘RAVAN’ , she leaves with a big booty, making him more WORSE IN HIS THINKING PATTERN, AFFECTING FURTHER LOSSES ON THE COUNTRY( as he inflicts cruelty or vengeance on to others)
3. If she traps a ‘NORMAL’ man, this Guy becomes ‘HEN PECKED’. And his whole health and wisdom becomes what I stated in 1st paragraph about his physical structure and no doubt his ill-health death will be around age 50s )

1. MAKE WOMEN WORK---ATLEAST TO ½ OF WHAT WESTERN WOMAN WORK (Statistics shows, Western women work more hours comparatively than western men). This solves dependency and raises freedom, education among women.

2. Make laws powerful to combat crimes against women on roads, isolated places to be safe while they reach home from office or vice versa.

3. Apply domestic violence laws only when they are physically hit (providing women money, restraining orders against husband) not for mental torture. Money plays big role in giving independence to anyone on this EARTH.
4. CHANGE MARRIAGE LAW PROCEDURES TO INTRODUCE PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS (these kind of agreements are very much required on this land, for, ethics died and ineffectiveness of man made laws) and LIST OF ITEMS TRASFERRED.
5. TAKE OUT BLOODY Gender based laws.

Disclaimer: Due to the corruption spread to the core/roots of the system, cautioning readers. Due to current men suicide statistics, this opinion has to be brought in for dissemination purposes, so that everyone cautious before/after marriage for happy living and undisturbed society. May cause uneasy, Reader’s discretion requested. This page is entirely my perception of scheme of things, and there is no attempt to cloud anyone's judgement or manipulate perceptions in anyway, and statistics taken from, frontline. All rights reserved. Distribute Freely. pls. Reply to this email to remove from email list, with subject as remove) Send comments:


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