Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Now all Modern Ravans will get exposed .

This called real women well fare .

Now all Modern Ravans will get exposed .

Presently the Modern Ravans and Suparnakhas are in the same bag and killing all Ram, Laxman , Sita ... there will be great fun now to see how a Suparnakhs and Ravan Fight each other .

My full support to this bill and hope our Indian women will really get the equal right to their parental property , instead of depending on husband mercy and people should not treat them as a comidity .

Let be honest and fight for honesty .

Swarup Sarkar

New Delhi, Aug 17:A landmark legislation aimed at giving Hindu women equal rights in inheritence of property was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.
The Hindu Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2004, moved by Law Minister H R Bhardwaj, proposes to remove the discrimination contained in Section six of the Hindu Succession Act 1956 by giving equal rights to daughters in the Hindu Mitakshara coparcenary property as the sons have.
The Bill received overwhelmning support from the members who felt that women have been discriminated against over the years. It was passed by a voice vote.
Replying to the debate, Bhardwaj said he was working "day and night" on the Women's Reservation Bill on which the government has interacted with leaders of political parties in a bid to create a consensus.
Observing he was ready with a Bill to check domestic violence against women which was a "very important piece of legislation with far-reaching consequences", the Minister said UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi was keen on reviewing all bills wherever there was gender bias.
"Wherever we find there is gender bias, it will be done away with," he said.


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