Friday, August 05, 2005

Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence????????

Sub: Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence????????

I had come across to Various article regarding the proposed Domestic Violence Bill, where the Verbal abuse and mental Harassment to be punishable to husband and their relative and the court will order through out the Husband and their relative from the home.

"The responded should be a men and all his female relatives can be Punished . "
Not only that the bill ensure :-

--'Bigamy' has been made a punishable offence for Husband, but it is a very rewarding option for women !!!!!!!!!!!!

But in reality the verbal abuse and mental harassment, both a wife and husband are equally capable to do the same in case of any Domestic violence, but as per proposed DV Act, the punishments for only to husband, but for wife forget any punishment, there is no provision of any warning to her. As per our observation if we really want to reduce the Domestic Violence in terms of Verbal abuse and Mental cruelty ,

Both husband or wife should be punishable in the same way as both are equally capable to do the same “.

How do you justify this??
What punishment you recommended, if any dishonest girl and their parents misuse this to fulfill their Sowry or any illogical demand??

In the various article, writer’s themselves had accepted that when a girl and their parents put 498a , there is no reconciliation possible , results the break up of the family , and in court the truth is only 2 % case are convicted since 1983 , and 98% case had been made to extortion of money , blackmailing and harassment only and the end results break up of family.

So do you feel we should allow this DV Act to be used in the same manner like 498a???

Now if this DV Act comes in effect as it is means , one section of people ( wife ) will get Whole Sale free license for Verbal abuse and mental harassment , results :-

- More brake up of family.
- More crime against Women ( as happened after introduction of 498a , as per your record only )
- More children will brought up under single parenting system .
- More elder parents and pregent sister will go to jail and will be thrown out of the house by misusing this DV Act.

If you dont belive , request to go through the report of WHO :-
World Health Organisation (WHO) Report: In India, Women Abuse Elders (in-laws) by False Dowry Cases.

For more details visit :-

Crime is Crime and the punishment should be as per Crime , not by gender ,caste or religion .

Save Indian Family , otherwise the future child will not forgive us , if we can not save our society from Suparnakahas along with Ravans and their Friends.

Swarup Sarkar



At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Angsuman said...

"What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note
April 28th, 2005 by Angsuman
"If a woman is tortured, the first thing police do is arrest her in-
laws, even though they are elderly. What if I am tortured by my
daughter-in-law? All 498A(a section that deals with physical and
mental torture of women) does is put people like us behind bars, it
will never put my daughter-in-law behind bars.
Police should look into this discrepancy and if need be change the
law, for I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out to
me by my daughter-in-law…"

This suicide note was on Thursday from an Alipore (Kolkata, India)
house where 64 year-old Ranjit Chakraborty hanged himself to death
from from his bathroom shower.

Chakraborty, a retired employee of a multi-national company, worked
hard till the day he died.
Police conducted a preliminary enquiry and slapped charges of
abetting suicide against Chakraborty's daughter-in-law Litu and his
only son Partha. Both were arrested. The police action came not just
on the basis of the suicide note, but also after an inquiry in the

Police suspect Partha and Litu had their eyes on their parent's
property and were hence ill-treating their parents.

Source: Kolkata edition of The Times of India (couldn't find it
online yet)

I felt thoroughly horrified after reading this article. How much low
can a woman sink for money? Where is the trust , the respect for the
elderly? Such people make me sick to my core.

And yes the law is unfairly tilted towards women in India. If any
wife complains of torture by his husband or in-laws, immediately
police arrests them, without even preliminary investigation or legal
recourse. You are literally at the mercy of your daughter-in-law.
And recently quite a few daughter-in-laws have decided to take
advantage of the situation.


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