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Sub : Blood Cancer in Indian Society – Misuse of 498a

Sub : Blood Cancer in Indian Society – Misuse of 498a

Respected Sir /Madam ,

With recent judgment of Supreme Court Judgement , describing the misuse of 498A as " Legal Terrorism " in addition to previous Delhi High Court Judge Mr. J.D.Kapoor' s Judgement , Various article by writers , ZEE TV Andhakanoon program , we would like to invite your kind attention that if we really want to Save the Institution of Marriage in Indian Society , the 498a should be immediately removed from IPC Panel Code .

Presently 498a case used to mainly to Blackmailing and extortion of money , harassment to old edge mother , married , unmarried , pregent sister . The dishonest Girls and Girls family use the 498a mainly to get easy divorce, disowned the Husband from their old parents in urban Indian society .

The Previous Judgment of Supreme Court (PIL 499 of 1997) also confirms that 498a , had not solved any purpose to solve the so called dowry/gift system in Indian society.

Court judgment shows that 98% of case ends up with huge settlement of Money in favour of wife and their relative. This again proved that the 498a mainly used to extortion of money only.

With all our sincere respect to all of you, we request one of you to go the court, check with lawyer and judge, they will tell the real stats and misuse of act and abuse to age old mothers, sisters (including pregnant), father and husbands.
Now the situation like rape in police station during day time (-refmarine drive incident on 21st April 02 at 5:30PM), it is more dangerous crime to put false 498a case against these sisters and mothers . Where arrest is does on the first count without verification and warrant or intimidation.

With all due respect to you, Can we request you to visit one of the victims and go through there plight (Girl stay in Us, Come back to India for one month , put the false 498a , send mother in jail for 20 days , she loose the Govt Job , and last one years she never came back to India after filling the 498a , the police stay her own house as tenant ) , can you just search in the internet with 498a and misuse of dowry act ??

You will come to know the gross root reality.
With all due respect let me ask a question, Do you know 498a and its provisions ?
What does mean by non-bailable, cognizable and notcompoundable offence?
Do you know how many family have broken due to this?
How many well qualified people have lost job?
Do you know how many creative young generation (which is high caliber Indian youth) is doing rounds of court and wasting important years of there life incourt ?
Did you visited woman's cell of Tihar jail any time and checked the situation 498a act victims?

Imagine, mere on just a plain complaint of your wife, your pregent sister, your age old mother , your retired father , your near by relative , kids of near one and your self get lodged in the jail ,without any enquire or any thing.

They will not be produce all of you in court for weeks together just sitting technical reason.
Due to populist nature of politician and the people. they are crating law which will gather more votes to themand same is blindly followed by the people.
Did any one try to go ground level and know the situation, check the site

They have 1000 of odd cases with them. Even if you visit so called woman’sgroup they will also tell you the story of misuse.
Who says it is benefiting the woman, one woman (dishonest daughter-in-laws)complain three to four woman’s(sisters, mother) and 10 to 12 men’s (father, brother, husband and other relative ) lose there job and life earning and land in net where they have to surrender to wife’s blackmail or faces the court for years together ,at the cost of taxpayers money.
All the cost from dishonest daughter-in-laws side is paid by the government.
We are against dowry or any harassment to woman kind including mother, sisters of husband.
At the same time we are agains tharassment to any innocent people also.

Is it our fault to trust these ladies, and accept them as wife?

The moment we accept them as wife, we share half of our property to them. We trust for our life on them.
What does they do , cheat us, sent us to jail on false charges, as just we can not accept there illogical demands, like to do not talk our own parents or stay away from our age old parents. Then tell us why should we get married to such ladies, why does they need 50% rights on our hard earned property ?

They are equal to us, then let them earn equal to us !!!

At the conclusion , our sincere request to you , to review the present format of this 498a , a Blood Cancer of Indian Society to Save the Institution of Marriage , otherwise very soon we will cross the divorce rate of US . The marriage rate in US less than 50 %, the same will be very soon in India also.

So if you really want to save the Institution of Marriage and to

ü Stop abuse of elders at the name of anti dowry laws.
ü Stop blind arrests innocents, without any investigation
ü Stop encouraging single parenting and family breakup
ü Strong Legal action against those who implicate innocents or catalyze this abuse.

Immediately sought to remove this 498a from Indian Panel Code or automatic punishment of the double amount if anyone try to put false complain.

Swarup Sarkar

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CC : For your kind information please .
: President of India
: Prime Minister of India
: Law Minister of India
: News Paper Editor - For honest and true article .


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