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"What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide noteApril 28th, 2005 by Angsuman

"What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note April 28th, 2005 by Angsuman

"If a woman is tortured, the first thing police do is arrest her in-laws, even though they are elderly.
What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law? All 498A(a section that deals with physical and mental torture of women) does is put people like us behind bars, it will never put my daughter-in-law behind bars.Police should look into this discrepancy and if need be change the law, for I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out to me by my daughter-in-law√Ę ."

"This suicide note was on Thursday from an Alipore (Kolkata, India) house where 64 year-old Ranjit Chakraborty hanged himself to death from from his bathroom shower.Chakraborty, a retired employee of a multi-national company, worked hard till the day he died.Police conducted a preliminary enquiry and slapped charges of abetting suicide against Chakraborty's daughter-in-law Litu and his only son Partha. Both were arrested. The police action came not just on the basis of the suicide note, but also after an inquiry in the locality.Police suspect Partha and Litu had their eyes on their parent's property and were hence ill-treating their parents. Source: Kolkata edition of The Times of India (couldn't find it online yet)

I felt thoroughly horrified after reading this article. How much low can a Dishonest Daughter -in -Law sink for money? Where is the trust , the respect for the elderly? Such people make me sick to my core.

When our so called well wisher will wake up and stop this terrorist activity in the name of Woemn well fare ?
As per them the women well fare menas only daughter -in -law , In Indian Law - our Mother , sister , daughter are not women . They deserve to go to jail , as today Suparnakhas and Ravans got the weapen 498A and further proposed Domestic Violence Bill will ensure that you should kiss your wife feet every day , if you really love your Parents , Sister and Child , otherwise they will end up their rest of life in the Jail , will be thrown out of form your own house!!!!

Can we ask a 498B to punish the dishonest Daughter- in -Law ( Suparnakhas) , those abuse our parents , sister and childern ?

Swarup Sarkar

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