Sunday, September 18, 2005

Barbaric law - IPC 498A /DV Act - Our Mother /Sister are not Women !!!!!

Recently Ms. Neha says ( She Claimed to be a women right activist ) , She will Prefer to advice not to continue a Married Life with a Modern Ram like Husband , as he dont have ego , he dont respect his own Judgement .

Yes , She is very right and that is the reason , today you will find all the Modern Ram , Laxman and their whole family behind the bar under Barbaric LAW IPC 498A . ( DV Act , where the husband and thier family will be thrown out of House in the name of Verbal abuse , Mental harrasement and economical abuse , but for the same offece for a dishonest wife forget any punishment , there is no provision for a warning to them ) .

Where a whole sale free lincence given to all Modern Suparnakhsa and Modern Ravans and to further propsed Domestic Violence Bill will ensure that in our Society there should not be any Modern Ram , Modern Laxman .. only Modern Ravans will be there .

Hope the women activist like Neha , Indra Jai Sigh and all there supporter , want a situation in India where the Indian Women should stand in Delhi National High Way to get a men for a live together ( forget marriage ) , to get a part time Father for their Child .

Few days back one of my friend asked me , Swarup , if the Institution of marriage get killed how that will effect to Indian men ?? I think the Indian Women will face a very dangarous Life . The Institution of marriage required for a Women , not for a Men.

But the girls like Neha ,Indra jai Singh and thier supporters will not understand . They want a whole sale free lincence for adultry relationship , whole sale free lincence for Robery , blackmailling and dishonest way to earn the money .

The campain Save Indian Famly , should be their Campain , but instead of that they are cheating the whole nation and digging the foot for all Indian women , and our goverment are palying the Vote bank game , and showing the Whole Nation that they are doing Women Well fare .

Very Interesting !!! This was my question to Neha and all other women activitist , whould any one will reply , as till date I have not got my answer , when they will stop this legal terrorism in India in the name of Women Well Fare ???

"Last thousand of years we had given all the comfort , respect , try
to save our women , sacrifice our life , and we will do the same for
future also till the time whole world dont get crush ( provied you
also dont think that 600 milion man are all rapist in india ) .

I have not got the answer , what punishment you recomended when a
dishonest daughter-in law abuse our mother and sister ???

Our mother and sister are not a women ??

How you justyfy the protection need a dishonest daughter-in -law ,
when a 65 years old mother had completed all the responsibility as a
wife , as a daughter , as mother and one day some young power baby
comes and term her a criminal and send to jail without any
investigation , as she can not accept her illogical demand ???

Neha , in our SIF group more than 70 % volenter are mother ,sister ..
they are not women ?? Would you have guts to face them and tell your
women orginasation to save them ?? Recently I have seen women
orginasation are fighting to save some 10 call girls who had been
arrested by police in delhi .

How you justify , that they have enough time and money to save the
call girls , but those mother and sister to be send behind the bar
without a investigation .. hope your women orginasation will not term
them worse than call girls ???

My question to all women activitisty .. this 498A misused for last 17
years .. what they have done for save those women ??

Still I am searching the answer from the women activitist .

I belive women liberasation is men liberasation .. but if the women
orginasation teach to hate male , who will be looser ??

If the institution of marriage get killed, who will suffer men or women ??

It is a time to ask your self , have you really done any women well
fare by making this 498A???

Yes swarup is harsh , swarup is arrogent , but against whome ??

Few years back I was also involved with your so called women
orginasation and contrubute a lot of my hard earning money .. but the
day I saw a 85 Years old women in the court for getting the bail .. I
say myself enough is enough .. let me try to stop this legal
terrirosm .

There is nothing to accept forcefully .. if you think the voice is
right .. go ahead and do something on field .. instead of fighting
with the guy like swarup .

Swarup knows what he is doing and waht is his aim .

So neha , tell and try to convience to your associated women
orginasation to stop this legal terrirosm if they really want a women
wellfare . "

Swarup Sarkar

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