Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BILLED RIGHT - Cheating and fooling the Indian Women for Vote bank !!!

The editor
The Telegraph

With reference to the below article , the question is totaly unanswered , in the last 60 years of the history , Supreme court never ever used the so harash word agaisnt any IPC LAW as Legal terrorism .
So our goverment like to support the legal terrorism ??? Would our goverment answer to the whole nation what they want from this Domestic Violence Bill ??
Check this :

Money cn't buy Love - Legal terrorism in India.

Dear Volenter of NRI , you have to take the matter with the anti terrorist froum , to stop this legal terrorism .

The question is unswared , what punishment you will recomended , when a dishonest doughter in law ( Modern Supnakhas ) , abuse our mother and sister ??

Check this the actual provision of Domestic Violence bill :-

Demand of Modern Suparnakhas !!

The Question is unswered , if your dishonest wife ( Modern Suparnakhs ) , have a adultry relationship and if you asked , why what punishment in this domestic violence bill provides ??


Another step to Kill the Institution of marriage !!!

The question is unswered , if a Modern Ravan , bring his girl friend , how a legal wife will through her out of house ??

Legal first wife will be cheated !!!!

The question is unswared , when a person know that his wife can through his all family member in the name of Domestic violence from their own house , will any one will dare to marry a girl who does not have a house in her name ??

Do you think Indian men are so follish !!!

This is a very badly drafted bill and the definition of domestic violence , mention as Verbal abuse , mental harasement and economical abuse and the word relative is the problem , which the LAW maker are not ready to accept .

If any LAW maker does not have the sufficient knowledge , then why they make such a stupid LAW ??

Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

They make 498A in 1983 and tell us how many family they have saved by this 498A ?? Why the conviect rate in 498A is less than 2 % ??

Any criminal Law to punish the criminal or to earn the money through dishonest way ??

At last once again prove this article that the LAW maker want a huge violence in Indian family , they want a huge Single parenting system .

It is like for a person "A" the verbal abuse , mental harasement , economical abuse is punishable along with all his family members .

But for the same offence "B" , the Modrern Suparnakhs and Modern Ravans are getting a whole sale free lincence , forget any punishment , there is no provision to give a small warning !!!!

So the same question , if any one abuse your mother and sister in the road what you will do ???

Now think , if a dishonest daughter in law ( Modern Suparnakhs ) abuse your mother and sister , what you have to do , kiss her feet every day to save your age old parents , Pregent sister !!!

If any one really taken a honest mother milk , definetely , there will be a lot of Modern Bhagat Sing , Modern Jatin Das , Modern Subash Chandra Bose . just wait and watch , who ever had made this LAW , will be standing in the Delhi National High way and beg for a man for a live together , for a part time father of thier children .

Because Indian Society are for save our women for thousands of years , we had given them all the respect , all the comfort ( provided you should not put all the 600 Million Indian men in the same bag that they all are rapist ) and we will do the same in future also , till the time get crashed . At the same time those Modern Suparnakhs and Ravans will be killed irrespective of they have huge money pwer , huge political power , huge anti social people in thier support .

But they should not forget this war had started by them and Modern Laxman and Ram ( IIT , IIM ,NRI ,IT Engineers along with well educated Industry people ) will teach them a leasson , the goverment will get thier punishment . They have not learnt what mistake they have done when they make this Blood cancer 498A - A family Killer, and again they are doing the Same blinder mistake to make the Indian women life miserable .

So , well come this domestic violence bill and ensure that Indian women should dig thier own feet , the way today in 498A case 70 % people are behind the bar without any investigation are women only !!!!

Let wait and watch this legal terrirosm in the name of Women well fare and how they will kill our Mother , sister , daughter !!!!

Awating for the unanswered question reply from the LAW maker , if they have really taken a honest mother milk in thier child hood .

We are ready to be shoot or hang till the death in front of India gate , to save our mother , sister and daughter , because we Indian Men learnt to sacrifice our life for them .

Let be honest and fight for honest people , irrespective of sex , caste or religion . Crime is Crime and the punishment should on the basis of Crime , which our Modern Ravans and Moder Suparnakhs will never understand .

Stop this legal terrorism , stop this whole sale free lincence for adultry relationship for Modern Suparnakhs and Modern Ravans !!!

Swarup Sarkar

http://www.telegraphindia.com/1050919/asp/opinion/story_5254665.aspBILLED RIGHTThere is much that is reassuring about the domestic violence bill. Itenumerates — astonishingly enough, for the first time — the kinds ofabuse that women face in their daily lives, especially in the home. Itis no wonder that the reaction against it has been vicious, with menaccusing the bill of striking at the institution of marriage. Theprotests often sound rather silly. Messages such as "Say no tofeminism and to the domestic violence bill," posted on the web byorganizations such as the Pariwarik Suraksha Sanstha and Forum ofBattered Husbands, seem more like the ravings of bullies exposed thanreasoned objections. There is no doubt that the bill has reached deepenough to hurt. The abuse or threat of abuse, it says, can bephysical, sexual, verbal, emotional and economic. It applies to allwomen, not just wives in their marital homes, but to anyone livingwith the abuser because of ties of consanguinity or adoption. Thefirst partial recognition of domestic abuse became official as late as1983. But Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code was directed onlytowards the husband and his family and its end was imprisonment if theaccused were found guilty of torture. The new bill exposes invisibleabuse, and shifts the emphasis from punishment of the oppressor to theprotection of the oppressed.The hysterical reaction of the bill's opponents reveals the blindanger of guilt. Reason would have shown how difficult such a bill isto implement. Although women who hire killers to punish allegedabusers are rare, the harshness and occasional distortion inapplication of Section 498A are already causing worry. A law,unfortunately, can always be misused. Unfortunately again, it cannotchange society. That is the real problem of the DVB. Its emphasis onrights and protection, its broad scope, its understanding and visionare truly reassuring. But all this is in an ideal sense. If it ismeant to help those women who want violence to stop and theperpetrator chastened without being put in prison, how is the law toensure this? It is one thing to make invisible violence visible, andquite another to proceed beyond that. The entry of the court into arelationship that the complainant wishes to continue may haveunexpected — and unwanted — results. Before protesters start screamingabout distortion, it is this fundamental anomaly that must beconsidered.

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