Saturday, September 17, 2005

Legal first wife is likely to be cheated - Proposed Domestic Violence Bill !! -Part-2

Legal first wife is likely to be cheated - Proposed Domestic Violence Bill !! -Part-2

“Never take someone for Granted.
Hold every person close to your heart.
Because you might wake up one day
And realize that you’ve lost a Diamond
While you were too busy collecting Stones”

Kushi , 29 years old dynamic Jurnalist have very happy married life with Akash and have two lovely Son . They maried each other for last 5 years and as per Kushi , her husband never ever say a single word against her activity .

Preeti , her best college friend , got married 2 years back and staying in Mumbai , but recently she had a divorce from Raj , with help of 498A and mutual settlement of 12 Lacks .

Last week , Preeti called to Kushi and cry a lot and explain how their marrige gone in soure and how by the help of a Criminal laywer she able to curb her husabnd and able to get 12 lacks . Now she want to come to delhi and want to settle there . She seek her help to find a rented house in Delhi.

Kushi was very happy to know that her best friend will be in delhi so immediately she told , ok come to my house and within 2-3 days she will find a house for her .

Preeti come to Delhi and Kushi pick up her from Air port and introduce with her Husabnd and request for stay for 2-3 days . Her husabnd happly agreed , after all Preeti is the best friend of his wife .

But it was a shock when in next day , Kushi come to home at around 8.00 P.M. and saw , her husabnd and Preeti in her bed room !!!! Kushi was shocked !!!

She started to bang to her husabdn and her frined to leave the house immediately . But Preeti have different think in mind , she say , cool down kushi , “don’t make drama , if you try to send me out of house , I will put a rape case against your husabnd .”

Now Kushi relise who is Preeti ??

First time her husaband tell her if she is not happy and feel he has done any mistake , she can leave the house , but Preeti will not leave the house .

At night 10.00 P.M. Kushi called a SIF volenter and explin the situation . SIF volenter shocked to get a call from Kushi , as he knows this women few month back when the first article was send to her , blasted him for sending a spam .

Legal first wife is likely to be cheated - Proposed Domestic Violence Bill !!

Immediately the SIF Volunteer along with 3 more volunteer and Lawyer Mr. Mahesh Tiwari reach to Kushi’s House . Kushi had totally broken down and ready to finish her life.

SIF volunteers asked to Akash why he had done this with her wife. Akash say, after knowing the story of Preeti he was sympathetic to her and Preeti told she had already taken approval from Kushi for this.

SIF volunteer asked Kushi , why She called to SIF volunteer instead of some Women Organization , Kushi says , “she had already called a well known Women organization help line and they advised to go to police station and file a Complain under 498A and tomorrow morning they will take the necessary care . “ But what kushi want to remove the Preeti from her house , then she realize the mail few month back got from a SIF volunteer , and called them .

Mr. Mahesh Tiwari, a supreme court lawyer immediately called the Police and with the help of them able to remove Preeti from the house .
Akash and Kushi understand what a big mistake they have done to support to Preeti, to whom they had provided the shelter, sympathy on her word alone.

Still Kushi Can not believe , her so called best friend can do this with her own Husband .Request to all to go through the same , and just think for a moment , our Goverment are really want to do any well fare to the so called Women ??

As per Mr. Mahesh Tiwari ,” if the Domestic Violence act come in force in Present form , then Kushi can not remove Preeti from the house , as there is a provision for other women have a right for home . Yes Akash can be trown out of House if Kushi want , but she can not remove Preeti from the house as per LAW .”Moder Suparnakhsa and Ravans funded by out side country and want to kill the Instituion of marriage , so that the way Western Women beg to a MEN for a live togethere or for a Child adoption .. hope very soon our women are going towards the same direction . Presently the Misuse of 498A ( Antidowry law are not sufficient to make the total damage , so those clever Suparnakhas are ready with the another Blood Cancer in the Name of Domestic Violence Bill ) .

Swarup Sarkar
( Name and location Changed as per Kushi’s request )


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