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“The Meaning Of 'Gender Sensitivity' In India Is As Follows:

Recently the below mentioned message received in my Blog :-

Is this called equal right to all in India?? We wonder our Government really wants to live us in India in Peace Full manner.

When they will understand that any Law should be Crime based , Crime is Crime and the Punishment Should be as per Crime , not by Sex , Caste or Religion .

“The Meaning Of 'Gender Sensitivity' In India Is As Follows:
1. Adultery by a “WIFE” is not a crime.
2. The filing of false cases (dowry/rape/domestic violence) by “WIFE” cannot not be punished.

3. The complaining woman's mother-in-law, sister -in-law or niece from the husband's side are not women.
4. Perjury, theft, fabrication, blackmail, extortion and kidnapping by women are not felonies.
5. Exposure of body-parts by women to entice/beguile men cannot be called exhibitionism.
6. Women can sleep their way up the corporate ladder, and they are allowed to lie, steal and fabricate without any penalty.
7. Crimes of passion (including murder) by women can be blamed on the hormones (therefore, beyond their control) and therefore cannot be punished.
8. Unless it is the case of a woman against woman, the woman who turns on the tears is always in the right.
9. The bigamous woman should be rewarded (Latest scheme by the women's activists), and not punished.
10. Any attempts by the man to expose the truth about an abusive/deceitful woman is an attack on her privacy/modesty. ”

Same question , are our Government really want to reduce the Crime , or want to increase the crime by Killing the Institution of Marriage , let wait and watch and observe

Is there any Laxman to save Modern Sita or only Ravans are there to Support Modern Suparnakhs ??

Another Step to Kill the Institution of Indian Marriage System - Part -2

Swarup Sarkar

Message Received as under :-


“LETHALLY FREE PRE-PUNISHMENT UNDER SEC – 498A ( ABUSE OF DOWRY HARASSMENT )” Is fast spreading in India and destroyed many families, many more families are near extinction
Marriage is Suicidal & Legal Crime

One need not have to take Dowry to fall into this case, a written complaint of harassment under “Section- 498A” by daughter-in-law is sufficient to get arrested and be in jail, no proof required for lodging the complaint.
Indian Old Parents, Pregnant Sisters, School Going Children are being JAILED?
Aged Parents/ Pregnant Sisters Died/ Committed Suicide Due To Depression & Humiliation
Sisters Of Marriageable Age Couldn’t Get Married Because Of False Criminal Prosecution By Daughter-In-Laws
Many Young Brothers/ Sisters Missed Even Bright Carrier Opportunities Due To False Dowry Harassment Cases By Daughter-In-Law
Even New born infants , School going children are arrested along with their parents and are forced to play in Jails/ prisons instead of Kinder Garden Schools.
IF you want to protect self and your family members, Please raise your voice along with us, we want to

Save Institution Of Marriage & Indian Family Values
We don’t want your financial support like Pseudo feminists, we want your active participation in spreading the awareness and save innocent people from being falsely implicated. Outcast those families/ individuals who are abusing/ destroying our family set-ups

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Had police been arresting only the man, it may have been somewhat OK. Without any investigation, the police even arrests the elderly parents, unmarried sisters and even pregnant sisters of the man. Many old parents and sisters have committed suicide after spending some 5 to 15 days in jail. Filing a dowry case is as easy as ordering a pizza. There is no penalty (even a fine) for filing a false case.
There will be no Trail for years together, Complainant ( Daughter-in-law) absconds after filing false case and the Husband & his Family members will run after Court for years together seeking Justice. Your voice will be legally chocked, if you dare to raise your voice after getting implicated, you could be tried for “Contempt of Court”
There are an estimated 60,000 false dowry cases in India every year. Real victims of Dowry Harassment do not know the law till the girl is dead.
Pseudo Feminists Propaganda Behind Indian Family Destruction
The sacred institution of marriage is Nationalised as a safe profit making institution to fill the coffers of crooks in the name of out of Court settlements in majority of Matrimonial disputes. If there is at least one innocent women suffered on account of Dowry Harassment, she is forced to stand in the cross roads for years together on account of thousands of false and frivolous cases pending in each Court.

If these feminists are gracious and concerned about women welfare, they miserably failed to realize the truth and gave unscrupulous Daughter-in-law right to abuse legally other women/ men by implicating them in False Dowry Harassment case in Conjunction with other sections of I.P.C/ C.R.P.C

Pseudo feminist propaganda and actions destroyed many families, “This fact of law abuse has already been acknowledged by Indian Courts, WHO - Report of Elder’s Abuse by Daughter– in–law, TV Programs like ‘Andha Kanoon on ZEE TV, Various articles by eminent and renowned writers and social workers”. Recently Newspaper Sahara Samachar, New Delhi dtd. 3 August 2004 came out with the following findings- Out of all the women in Tihar Jail, Delhi - 86.6 percent Women are behind the bars are under women dowry –laws, similar situation is in the other jails throughout the country
In a study conducted it has been found that maximum victims of the women Laws- are the women only - the women of husbands family, that also includes Babhi’s, who are brothers wife’s.
One women’s so called quest for justice should not result in another’s injustice.

We strongly oppose various reductionistic ideologies like Feminism which advocate very ineffective and grotesque solutions to various social problems.Extremist Feminists are against religion and spirituality. Almost all of them are Atheists deep inside. Have you ever come across any single instance of spiritual talk in Feminist literature that is circulated in India ? The answer would be No. They want everything around them to be arranged such that they can indulge in hedonism. They are hypochondriac hypocrites and they are infecting all of us at a very rapid rate. The satanic forces of Feminism (a part of the demon called reductionism) is threatening our very social existence....
The least we want is a large scale single parenting and resultant massive crime rate in another 15 years time. Is this the kind of society we plan to hand over to our children ?

Don’t think as Wife, think as mother, ‘whether your legacy can secure your Childs future” in this context for your unbiased self-realisation

There is no country where these kinds of Law exist. There is no Country where the older people are treated as a Criminal
without any Crime except INDIA. There is no country where
people are booked without any Investigation except INDIA.
There is no country where older people who are ill are being put in Jail except INDIA

Supreme court in its recent judgment acknowledged and stated on record “The object of Dowry harassment laws are to strike at the roots of dowry menace. But by misuse of the provision a new legal terrorism can be unleashed. The provision is intended to be used as a shield and not as an assassin's weapon. If cry of wolf is made too often as a prank assistance and protection may not be available when the actual wolf appears.

Merely because the provision is constitutional and intra vires, does not give a license to unscrupulous person to wreck personal vendetta or unleash harassment”


Aren’t there cases of willful conduct of a “WIFE” which drives a man to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health- whether mental or physical-to him ? Aren’t there women who are killing innocent children ? Aren’t there women who killed their Husband & In-laws ? Aren’t there Women committing extortion and other heinous crimes ? ! WHY SO MANY WOMEN ARE IN JAIL, IF NOT FOR CRIME?

“Intelligence” Doesn’t Has Sex, “Death” Doesn’t Have Sex, “Pain” Doesn’t Have Sex, “Crime” Doesn’t Have Sex, Even Human values Doesn’t Have Sex

Why In The World, You Moral Preachers Holding Men Guilty By Gender
“If Punishment For Crime Is Invented To Make Behavioral Correction Of Socially disoriented Individuals” , To Maintain Peace & Harmony Of The Society For Progress And Welfare Of This Nation, Then Abuse Of Section-498a Should Be Immediately Curtailed, Law Abusers Should Be Doubly Punished Without Mercy

“Stop planting seeds of revenge in the minds of innocent citizens” by encouraging fraudulent-daughter-in-laws to file false cases under Section-498A

“Law Can Not Be The Foundation Stone For Crime, Section -498A Already Acknowledged to have wrecked many Homes , Hence Should Be Dismantled”

Collective Wisdom Of Any Civilized Nation Never Forgone Their Right For Dignity And Peace To Be Tested In The Political Laboratories Of Crooks

Crime Is Crime, Enforce Equal, Unbiased, Gender free Punishment laws

Most of the Women NGOs and organisations are run by overfed, good for nothing and well to do (financially emancipated) women who do it for name, time pass and attention . Even female ego satisfaction. They are boggest threat to our society and have to be pushed down.

Now suppose a woman manages to induce a male and live-in with him. She can’t be thrown out under domestic violence clauses. That is very funny and absurd law
Same way if a woman marries someone and lives with him for just 1 year and then opts for divorce? What will happen ? they will keep living in same house, fight and be separate too? Or she will get alimony? Or a woman walks out after 1 year and claims monthly maintenance. This is also absurd.
It is like converting prostitution into marriage act. In fact divorce should be made easy to take within a time frame of say 3-6 months maximum . Mutual consent, incompatibility and frequent quarrels, infidelity and denial of normal sex should be made easy grounds for divorce decree. The rewards should be so built that the law encourages long term relationship and not break homes.
Like for less than 1 yr relationship no reward should be given to either Spouse, Attempt should be to induce people to remain married at least for 7- 10 years. Chances of breakages will diminish then due to several biological, social reasons and fact of having children in home.

NB. Any self-respecting bride's parents at least have the option of walking away from the proposed groom if he/his family are demanding dowry. After marriage, the honest wife can apply for separation/divorce if the husband or his family are harassing her or her parents.

However, it is generally an abusive woman from a dysfunctional family who files false dowry/domestic violence cases against the husband and his family (once they tell her that they are no longer prepared to tolerate her abusive behavior). She may have been caught cheating and repeatedly lying to or stealing from her husband to help her own parents. She has to cover her tracks and what better way to hide her crimes than to accuse her victims of being the abusers. Society in its attempt to protect victimized women has made it so easy for the abusive women to do so. In some cases the vindictive wife's problem is compounded by her own brother and sister-in-law who do not want to share with their married sister (all what they want to inherit just for themselves) or that the woman's own parents think that what they have is not enough to sustain their own and their married daughter's lifestyle.

The Meaning Of 'Gender Sensitivity' In India Is As Follows:
1. Adultery by a “WIFE” is not a crime.
2. The filing of false cases (dowry/rape/domestic violence) by “WIFE” cannot not be punished.

3. The complaining woman's mother-in-law, sister -in-law or niece from the husband's side are not women.
4. Perjury, theft, fabrication, blackmail, extortion and kidnapping by women are not felonies.
5. Exposure of body-parts by women to entice/beguile men cannot be called exhibitionism.
6. Women can sleep their way up the corporate ladder, and they are allowed to lie, steal and fabricate without any penalty.
7. Crimes of passion (including murder) by women can be blamed on the hormones (therefore, beyond their control) and therefore cannot be punished.
8. Unless it is the case of a woman against woman, the woman who turns on the tears is always in the right.
9. The bigamous woman should be rewarded (Latest scheme by the women's activists), and not punished.
10. Any attempts by the man to expose the truth about an abusive/deceitful woman is an attack on her privacy/modesty.
To All Those Sick/ Disgusting Feminists Aspiring To Destroy Indian Homes In The Name Of Their Disoriented Feminist Movement

Beware Feminists, Men Have Provided All Comforts Out Of Affection, Which Is Know Resented In The Name Of Self Reliance By Few Disoriented Women, But You Seems To Have Lost The Very Basics Of Self Reliance

“You Should Be Self Made, Else You Will Continue To Be Some One’s Property, Which You Resent Most And Continue To Sleep In the Hell Of Materialistic Dependence”.

While you are depended, you will continue to suffer/see/ experience mirages of your crooked/ idle/ reductionist mind productions. “If and only if you attempt to be independent, you will attain the bliss you all seems to be missing for ages and attain the self-contentment you all are so badly dying for”.

Don’t hold men responsible for anything, search for your liberty which you only have the knowledge off, and stop your crocodile tears of helplessness and blackmailing. None stopped you then and no one will stop you all know.

We Men Of Integrity/ Compassion/ Love Are With You Then And Will Continue To Co-Exist With You All Even Know, But You Alone Are The Solution To Your Problem

Decide Whether You Feminists Continue To Cheat/Steal/ Lie Or Face Life Courageously To No Compromise

We Believe, Follow and Preach Great Teachings Of This Soil

Father Of The Nation “Mahatma Gandhi Said”

The Strength Of A Nation Is Derived From The Integrity Of Its Homes
Wildlife Is Decreasing In The Jungles, But It Is Increasing In The Towns
Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity, It Comes From An Indomitable Will

“Swami Vivekananda Said”

Strength is life, weakness is death
Strength is felicity, life eternal
Immortal weakness is constant strain and misery.
It's Time To Stand And Be Real Men Again!
As men we have been insulted, put down, lied about, wounded, investigated, financially ruined, assaulted, humiliated, and emasculated by females for long enough. We have born it with patience in the face of outrageous pressure. We have seen our children snatched from us and given over to vindictive women. We have been told to pay for the upkeep of children we have not fathered and been forced to pay for kids we cannot see. We have seen those kids lawfully kidnapped and we have buried too many fathers when they have killed themselves. Grandparents, uncles and aunts have been denied contact with their grand kids, nephews, and nieces. Our streets teem with out-of-control and fatherless kids in our new world of single-motherdom. Children with no discipline and a succession of part time daddies are growing up confused and angry. Kids are drowning drugs like sweets. They are smashing things up that belong to all of us. They are stealing, drinking, fighting and dying on our streets like never before. Kids who love their fathers are being programmed to hate them by vicious women who themselves are programmed by government and radical feminist propaganda. Judges are deaf to our cries for justice and the media is run by politicians who meet editors on golf courses and tell them to tell us what we are allowed to hear. Television is saturated by radical feminists and the men around them are too cowed to argue. Now these paragons of the "gentle sex" are beating men in their homes like never before.
Enough is enough!
This is a war but it is not one we started. This war was started by radical feminists. When feminists said they wanted equality we supported them. Women have a right to equal pay for equal work. "Good luck to them!" we wooed. When they wanted equality in the Workplace we said, "Yes, they deserve the same opportunities as the rest of us." We supported every move they made and we changed our attitudes accordingly. That should have been the end of it.

Then the radical feminists rode over the hill. They did not want equality, they wanted to control everything, they want men to be submissive to their dictates . So paranoid are these vicious and really rather stupid people, that they see any criticism of any thing they do as evidence of men trying to control them. What I find most interesting about them is that when I analyse the techniques of male and female abusers I see exactly the same behavior in the abusive individual as I see with the entire radical feminist movement. Abusers are just a microcosm of the whole radical feminist movement. Like all female abusers, what they are really doing is projecting their faults onto men. Their influence over politicians is terrifying. On the one hand there are the politicians who support everything they say. Then we have the politicians too afraid to speak out in case they are blacklisted by these creatures and their friends

Using men's natural fear of shame and of upsetting women, the radical feminists have stampeded across the world with impressive speed. It is time for men to get tough with this bunch and if the politicians will not do it then it is up to us. The radical feminists have started a war that is destroying the emotional, mental and literal lives of people -- usually, but not always men -- all over the world. Their acolytes turn up everywhere

The constant refrain we hear from them is that men are all the same. Thank God that lie is self evidently false. Other lies are not so easily fought, though. The idea that all men are rapists and that is all they are (one of the rad-fems' favorite quotes) is a sick and distorted view, sure, but it is one that has found favor with an unthinking bunch of young middle class woman and caused them to view everything male with deep suspicion and even hatred. They then teach this hate to their daughters, and false accusations, domestic violence against men, and hugely sexist and discriminatory practices against men are now common place

The radical feminists have declared war on everything male. It is now time for men everywhere to stand up and fight back. Not with violence and lies but with the truth. When they cry that we are aggressive brutes, let's remind them that we did not start the fight

We only have to show the judges the reality of radical feminist propaganda and the hate crimes they have been committing against men for years
What are our objectives?
Our objectives are many but also simple. We want our families back and free from the control of government. We want our kids to know both their parents. We want those men who have paid out huge sums for kids that are not theirs to be paid back and we want compensation for those who also suffered the loss of their jobs. We want men who have been put out of their homes unfairly to be reinstated or compensated We want the family courts opened up to proper scrutiny or got rid of all together. We want the press to print real stories. We want female paedophiles brought to justice instead of excused, so our sons can be protected from these female predators. We want an end to women-only services. We want an end to sexist anti-male state laws and legislation. We want victims of domestic violence to be seen and treated equally as people and not in terms of their gender. We want equality for those in jail, which means being able to see their kids and being able to wear their own clothes. We want an automatic right for fathers to see and care for their kids when relationships split up, unless it can be proved that the father is unfit. We want the ability of unmarried women to leave the country with our children repealed. We want the normal rules of evidence applied to domestic violence cases and we want the police to take men's complaints seriously and act on them. We want to hold the people that robbed us of our rights or were complicit in that process to be tracked down and held to account. We want corrupt judges to be prosecuted and jailed -- not in some cushy, open jail, but in real prisons, as a warning to the rest of the judiciary that the people place them in positions of trust and it's a bad idea to abuse it. We want women who claim maintenance from men who are not the fathers to be sent to jail for fraud and for malicious intent to obtain money by deception. We want those found to be making false allegations against others in court to be sent to jail for a mandatory 5 year term or for the length of sentence that was, or would have been, given to the accused -- whichever is the greater. We want social sanctions and benefit sanctions imposed against single mothers until they stop using men as sperm banks and walking wallets. We want serious and ongoing research into all aspects of female violence and we want it published. Above all, we want females to take responsibility for their actions and all the excuses handed to them to end. And..., if the radical feminists and their political stooges don't like it, they can sit on it!

OUR GOAL : We all have to Work For Better Tomorrow Of True Natural Civilisation Of Love And Contentment Which Has Become The Rarest Commodity On This Earth and is forcibly kept on sale by Political crooks

Don’t give up your life and become an instrument in the hands of political crooks. Politicians are making laws which were never sought/ wanted by us in the first place, yet they are forcing mindless legislations down our throats.

My fellow Brothers and Sisters, Its high time we all collectively should reverse these Lunatic Laws



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