Tuesday, October 25, 2005

498A Girl ( Shalini ) End her Life after 3 Years – to avoid the Punishment for False allegation.

498A Girl ( Shalini ) End her Life after 3 Years – to avoid the Punishment for False allegation.

When I write the first article that 498A is a family killer and the same are a Blood Cancer in Our Society which killing our Institution of marriage in support of Mr. J.D.Kapoor’s Judgment , a High Court Judge , who clearly mentioned ,

- “If we want to save the Institution of marriage , this misuse of 498A to be stopped and our LAW maker should understand by this 498A a lot of Young couple marriage had been killed . Arrest of Husband family on the basis of a simple Complin , will only ensure finish the hope of a happy married life . As a result a lot of young Girls are suffering in the age of below 30 years. “

In return what response he got you knows??

The feminist Group broken his chair , some feminist say him Mad , some feminist say let age old parents and pregent sister go to Jail , we don’t brother , we will continue our legal terrorism and teach a lesson the society by killing the Institution of marriage , 498A can not be make Bailable , if Government do that we will give the threat of Suicide in front of Parliament !!!!

But the truth can not be hide, as feminist with the help of Media always shows our society the half truth.

The recent story of a 498A Girl Shalini ( 23 years old ) in The Times of India dated 24/10/05 is a clear example of the same .

The journalist never brother to get the information from the husband family and published one more one sided half truth story.

When Shalini got married and with in three month her marriage dispute come and she want to live with her husband in a separate house instead of living along with her in –laws and brother- in laws , her husband refused to do the same and as a normal common Practice , propaganda by media and feminist , misuse the so called dowry harassment , mental cruelty case 498A along with a false rape case against her Brother –in –Law .

As a result the marriage life finish and as normally happened in 90% cases , the Laywer will make a compromise for mutual divorce with a huge money settlement . Shilini’s greedy Parents and brother also thought in the same line they prefer to file the Criminal Case instead of a reconciliation or put any effort to resolve the dispute through RCR under section 9 ( A Civil LAW ) .

The problem start when her husband fight back and decide to fight the case instead of such Blackmailing . The criminal case is not a Joke or ordering PIZZA , let the court punish him if he had done any mistake , but he will never ever surrender in front of those people who had made a false criminal case against him as well as his other family members .

The case continue for 3 years and one by one all her false allegation started getting exposed at court , result she came to know that her false allegation are going to expose .

At the same time she face a regular taunting from her college friends and also from her own parents and brother , as her parents always believed that daughter is a commodity ( Inspite of knowing the dowry giving a offence , he tried to discarded his daughter at a age of 20 Years only , instead of getting a son-in –law as per her daughter capalibility , he prefers to buy a son-in-law by his money power ) and she should be discarded after marriage instead of making their daughter a self employed girl instead of depending on her husband and their family . Though recently the LAW proposed to have the equal right for a daughter to their parental property, but we have strong dought the type of parents of Shalini will really follow the rule honestly and will give the equal right to their daughter.

At the end this barbaric LAW 498A , for which recently Supreme Court of India described as “ Legal Terrorism “ , but our LAW maker instead of correcting the same ready with another Blood cancer to kill the institution of marriage in the name of Domestic Violence bill instead of a Domestic harmony bill , where it has mentioned that in the name of Verbal abuse , mental harassment and economical abuse the Husand along with all her relative , age old parents will be thrown out of house irrespective the allegation is false or right .

Another Step to Kill the Institution of Indian Marriage System - Part -2

Another tool for legal terrorism in the name of DV ACT.

Now the question is will our LAW maker and Feminist will take any learning from this suicide of Shalini ??

Are they really want to Promote the Women well fare or want to create a disharmony in the Institution of marriage ??

Let see what Mr. Mahesh Tiwari , a Supreme Court Lawyer , says :-

“Such type of suicide in future will be a common practice if our LAW maker does not stop such type of legal terrorism provoked LAW. People and society are getting aware of such Misuse of LAW , and instead of surrendering to blackmailing , they prefers to fight the case and started to expose the actual truth , as a result now the pressure sifted to 498A Girls and their parents and they are not able to terrorize their husbands . Court are getting full of false cases every day and after the DV ACT the divorce application will be a huge boost , as a result more and more crime will come in picture . In short word, 498A and DV ACT are family killer only; this law can not do any justice to innocent people.”

Because this LAW made keeping in mind for the Modern type of Sita Girl , but the same are encasing by Modern Surpanakha and Modern Ravans only as says Jinish , check this article :

"Is there any Laxman to Support Sita or only Ravan are there to support Surpanakhas??"

So will our feminist and LAW maker are ready to make any change to this barbaric LAW or will wait for more and more end of life of Shalini type of Girls ??

Will they campaign for “Say no to misuse of 498A and antidowry LAW “ ??

We wonder, When they can break the Chair of Delhi High court Judge, how we can expect any such activity from them!!!!

They believe only in Violence , killing innocent people , killing the Institution of marriage , killing our mother , sister and daughter !!!

If any LAW maker does not have the sufficient knowledge , then why they make such a stupid LAW ??http://www.indiatalking.com/blog/swarup/1326/Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

This is nothing but legal terrorism and history witness that terrorist activity can not give us the freedom; this will only kill the innocent people.

This is Feminism or Legal Terrorism??

Let all the nation to Decided , what they Want , Volence or harmoney ??

With regards
Swarup Sarkar


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