Saturday, October 15, 2005

I dont want Mum - Says 10 Years old Dipen !!!!

Now the Modern Suparnakhs should be ready to face a lot of Dipen , who proudly say ::

I dont want Mum !!!

For the full details check :

Child says no to stay with mom
“Mujhe Maa Nahin Chahiye( I do not want mom)” these are the words of a child Dipen whose mother left him and his father to stay with her parents a couple of year back.

But one thing I surprises the attitutidu of the TV Jurnalist and the Counceller , how they try to fool the people .

When the score was in favour of husband 15 % every two second the same was flashed , but when the score was 40 % in favour of the husband , they switch off the score card and as per my private information , the score was 63 % in favour of Husband , though we thanks to Channel 7 for this progreeme , but it clearly shows that their intention back fired , as they hope that , they will try to prove that how crule is the husband , but the viewer observed , how crule was the wife !!!!

Whole people had seen the Couple husband and wife and observed the way of talking , alligation to each other , justification for thier stand , all have understand who is worng and who is right !!!

This was a great example of a couple of Modern Suparnakhs and Modern Ram.

It was my surpises , that she is leaving her husabnd for past 4 years and when asked why she left the house , she said she have to think to give the complete answer ... what a JOKE .

If you live the house for a justifiable reason , there is no need to think and tell , but yes if you have leave the house for doing crime and earn the money for dishonest way , definetely you have to think 100 times before talking in front of the people , so that the actul truth should not come out .

becuse once you lie , to support that you have to lie 100 more times ... Once again thanks to Channel Seven , and hope such type of News to be telecast more and more to sve our institution of marriage , to stop the Single parenting system , to stop the elder abuse in the name of women well fare .

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swarup Sarkar

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