Sunday, October 16, 2005

Will Modern Lav and Kush are ready to remove the Mask of Modern Suparnakhas and Ravans ??

Will Modern Lav and Kush are ready to remove the Mask of Modern Suparnakhas and Ravans ??

In India the way 498A , antidowry LAW misused , Supreme court of India termed the same as New dimension of "' Legal Terrorism in India " .

But the Goverment and LAW maker does not brother for the same and ready with another Blood Cancer to kill the institution of Marriage in the Form of Domestice Violence bill instead of Domestic Harmoney Bill .

Check this :-
Another step to Kill the Institution of Marriage - Part 2

Modern Ram and Modern Laxman had been made power less in the form of misuse of Rape LAW ,Adultrity LAW , 498A and Antidowry LAW .

As a result a lot of Modern LAV and KUSH , coming out to teach a lesson to Modern Suparnakhs who had taken the mask of Modern Sita and doing this legal terrorism with the help of a lot of Ravans .

Check what a Modern LAV Dipen , a 10 yeras old son says :-

I dont want Mum - Says 10 Years old Dipen !!!!

The fighter Lee , says :- " He had already lost the LAV as his wife had allready aborted the first child and wanted to kill the Kush also , but he fight back and able to save his son life and fighting at court for the Child custedy and Visiting right , very much hope full his son will be a Modern Kush and inspite of his wife and in-laws all the effort one day he will punish them and will come back to him ."

Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ?? - Part -3 , Lee Fight Back !!

The Supreme court Laywer Mr. Mahesh Tiwari says : - " Yes a lot of dishonest wifes kidnapped the child from thier husband by misusing the LAW, especially in case of NRI and using them as a mask and trying to show the society that they are Modern Sita . The way 498A are getting the misused , a lot of child are faceing the problem of single parenting system . The story of Dipen is nothing new , only thing now media , accepting the chalenge our society faceing . Today child are very smart and well aware of every thing with the help of Internate , TV , News paper and hence they understand the value and care of a Ramond father , who gives more effort than thier mother , to ensure a good future of thier child . The story of Dipen is the start of the movement , very soon we will see such type of story more often ".

The President of PSS delhi , Mr. Praveen walia says :- " recently I was in a resturent , and observed how a arrogent wife beating his 3 yers old dughter openly , her only mistake that she asked a glass of water and her mother asked her to take the water from the glass at her own. In the process she break the glass in the resturent , and her mother want to teach a lesson to her , how to behave in a resturent . This noting new , allmost 80 % childern abused and beaten by their arrogent so called well educated Mother comparetelvy the child feels more comfortable to thier Ramonds father . Yes swarup , you are right , the time had arrived when a lot of Modern LAV and KUSH will remove the mask of Modern Sita from the Modern Suparnakhs ."

We know the Modern ram , Modern Laxman and thier family goes to jail by false 498a and will be thrown out of house by misusing the proposed DV Act , but the question is unaswered , what will do the LAV and Kush ??

Check this :-
Child says no to stay with mom
“Mujhe Maa Nahin Chahiye( I do not want mom)” these are the words of a child Dipen whose mother left him and his father to stay with her parents a couple of year back.

Will our so called feminst and wemen well fare orginasation will accept this ??

This is Feminism or Legal Terrorism?? ( Huge Publication)

Will they stop this legal terrorism in the name of women well fare ??

Will our Goverment will stop playing this dirty game in the name of Vote Bank ??

Let wait and watch , time will give us the answer !!!!!

At last terrorist activity only kill the innocent , and the by doing the terrorism you can not achieve your goal .

It is the time all IIT ,IIM ,IT Engineers along with well established Industry People , Media , Jurnalist , Social activist and women support orginasation , have to decide how you support to such LAV and KUSH and give them the right direction so that they should not became a Modern Ravans in future in our Society !!!!!

With regards
Swarup Sarkar


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