Sunday, October 23, 2005

Will Modern Lav and Kush are ready to remove the Mask of Modern Suparnakhas and Ravans ??- Part-2 , 9 Years Old Child Slap his mother in front of TV C

It seems the Modern LAV and KUSH are really comitted to punish thier dishonest mother , as on 23/10/05 at ZEE NEWS Crime file programe shows a 9 years old child how slap his mother for killing his father .

His father was killed by her mother along with her lover and other four hired gunda . She herself open the door in the night and invite them inside the house and kill her husband . The samll child was the wittness of that crime and came out openly against his mother and in front of TV Camera he slaps his mother with a lot of anger .

So , will our LAW maker understand that the punishment should be as per Crime instead of any sex , gender or religion ??

Killing the instituion of Marriage , nothing but the Terrorist Activity , when they will understand this ??

No they will not do that , as they do not belive to improve the life of common people . They make the LAW with a intention to gather the Voate bank and to earn the money by dishonest way only .

So only the Modern LAV and KUSH are coming out openly and we dont know what type of society we are going to hand over to our future generation .

Check this :-

Will Modern Lav and Kush are ready to remove the Mask of Modern Suparnakhas and Ravans ??

Previously Dipen a 10 years old child , allready said that he dont want MUM ,against which media tried to convience him that he is worng . He he still firmed with his decision . Check this :-

I dont want Mum - Says 10 Years old Dipen !!!!

So are we going towards in right direction by making such one sided law like 498A , antidowry , Domestic Violence act ??

Will this whole sale free lincence to those dishonest daughter in law , dishontest wife will not misuse the same for fulfilling thieir illogical demand , who will take the grantee ??

It happened in India only !!!!

Once agina appele to all :-
"It is the time all IIT ,IIM ,IT Engineers along with well established Industry People , Media , Jurnalist , Social activist and women support orginasation , have to decide how you support to such LAV and KUSH and give them the right direction so that they should not became a Modern Ravans in future in our Society !!!!! "

There is no force to accept or reject any thing ,time will give the answer , because terrorism can not give us the freedom,history wittness , and the same way the women empowerment can not be achieved by grabing husband money ,property and through them out of thier own house along with his family members by "legal terrorism ".

Women means mother , sister and daughter also , not only wife .

In any relationship ,the creation of domestic violence both a husband and wife are equally responsible , so the punishment should be equal to both , till the time our LAW maker dont understand this , the Crime against women will only increse , it will never decerease !! The statistics of crime against women clearly shows , after introducing 498A in 1983 , how the innocent people harrased as the realcriminal can not get the punishment , court is with full of false case , as a results the convict rate in 498A is only 2 % .
Would you belive out of 100 case 98 case filed for earning only money by dishonest way ?? I dont belive , but this the truth ,498a ,DV act made for Blackmailling ,dishonesty way to earn the money .. that all , there is no intention to do any favour to our Indian women . This to make thier life miserable , as our LAW maker want to create a huge Domestic Violence in our Society and kill the Institution of marriage , a huge Single parenting system , huge homeless child , huge adultry relationship ... a lot more....

Making Children force to accept the single parenting system , nothing but child abuse . Who will take the responsibility for those child , if they became a rapist or a terrorist or a underworld Don ??

This very interesting to see , if the proposed DV ACT come in force as the same is so badly drafted , what supreme court have to say against this LAW . They have allready warned to LAW maker regarding the Misuse of 498A as" Legal Terrorism " , but our LAW maker does dont have any concern for our Child , for our mother , for our sister .

Are u ready to accept this and forgive to those LAW makers ???

Check this :-
This is Feminism or Legal Terrorism?? ( Huge Publication)
Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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