Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just relax and make a good action plan, it happened with a lot of people.

Just relax and make a good action plan, it happened with a lot of people.

Barbaric law - IPC 498A /DV Act - Our Mother /Sister are not Women !!!!!

The quote for all:-

You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. “ - Samuel Levenson

Now the reply for your question as per my own experience:-

1. Can I stop my wife from coming to our home and further harassing me and my family? After this, frankly I do not even want to see her face or hear her voice.Legally how can I do this?
- Yes you can do this, the way they do the same with 498A. Only difference that for 498a only her own word is sufficient, but for you need the evidence and witness for her crime activity and you can also file a criminal case against her and their family members.

2. I have got bail. The police inspector is threating me to come to the police station even after I got bail. He is saying that he will seize my passport. How to handle such a situation.
- You have to go through your bail condition , what exactly mentioned there . If you feel there is some thing happening with you for UN necessary harassment and violating for the right or live hood, you can file a revision to change the same in higher court with the support of the previous criminal case judgment. You have to knock the door of the court regularly, the moment you make the court as your normal other visiting place , ever thing will be fine.

3. If the case takes 4 or 5 years in court to resolve, am I entailed to pay legal expenses for my wife during this period?
- Yes once you won the case and got the actual, you can file the case against them , police and all the witness for defamation and damarage happened to you .

For that you must immediately send the legal notice to them and make the necessary preparation ready for that , so that legally they will not be get away .

Consult with a good criminal lawyer instead of a matrimonial lawyer , handling 498a for a criminal lawyer will be on the basis of judgment and intention to get you relief , but for a matrimonial lawyer it will be on the basis of a mutual compromise , that is the reason those dishonest 498a girls and their parents get away with a huge money and other dishonest girls get encouraged and misuse the law .

It is up to you to decide what you want!!!!!!

One thing you can sure if you are innocent, court will not give you the punishment, they have to prove all the allegation beyond reasonable dought to make convicted criminal, that is the reason the convict rate in 498a is only less than 2 % (as only false and fabricated case registered), and for that also you have 3 chance at lower court to challenge, then session court, high court and at last supreme court .

The main problem the 498A file against innocent and socially respected people who does not know what is court, what is police and don’t know how to handle them... That is the reason people get scared... This nothing but a process of blackmailing and extortion of money by doing the “Legal Terrorism “. Just co –relate this misuse of 498A with a terrorist activity and you have to accept that you are a victim of “Legal Terrorism “ . Terrorist does not have nay principal, logic or any honesty, they just do it . It is up to you how make a action plan to avoid a terrorist attack.

If you fight back with a good action plan , the actual criminal will get the punishment , yes for that you need patience and legal understanding and at last willing to fight against evil of Modern Surpanakha and Modern Ravans .

Money can't buy you love. - Legal Terrorism in India.

Swarup Sarkar


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