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Save Child abuse under Single Parenting System.

Save Child abuse under Single Parenting System.

BEING a child under single parenting is no easy task .Handling the Study, finance, hose hold work, find a job and handling parents is as challenging as it could get. But, there are an increasing number of Wife who are not brother about the child future and prefers to through the Children under Single parenting System for their own so called comfort, freedom, support of Feminism and teach a lesson to their Husband, thanks to our LAW maker for making 498A, DV act and so called Anti dowry LAW, by which they are getting huge money as maintance and alimony , which recently Supreme court of India describe as " Legal Terrorism " ( Basically all these LAW are made to Kill the Institution of marriage in India , as you can see the marriage rate in US is less than 40 % , In Ireland less than 2 % , and those people are working to make the same situation in India Also ) .

Another Step to Kill the Institution of Indian Marriage System - Part -2

Biggest Challenge:-
"Maintaining a great relationship with your mother and father is very important for the emotional stability of the Kids ". States Mr. Praveen Walia, President of PSS who is working for Gender Equality and Family harmony.
Arjun , 16 years old studying in a Boarding School express , " For me the greatest Challenges was going to a Boarding School at age of 6 years . It can be overwhelming since the decision was made by my beloved mother alone, without a concert from my father. Yes, she had got 15 lacks from my father as a full and final settlement, but in the mean time she had ensured that my father should not meet me for rest of the life."

Sweeta a 19 Years old Girls studying and recently got the chance to meet her father as her father came back to India after leaving all his job in US and now she meet every day with her father .

She say, "Still I remember when I was a small child, I used to beg to my mother to talk to my father, but she used to tell me the Story of "Birds and Bees "and try to explain me how bad is my father, some time she used to introduce her own boy friends to me as a father, but in my heart I never accepted. When I meet to my father first time and understand that my mother had grabbed his three Property in Delhi and send him in Jail for One week by using the 498A case , it shuttered me , how can she does this !! She thought that my father will never come back to India and she will able to convince me that how bad he is. But today I came to Know, who is right and who is wrong, I will never ever forgive her in my rest of the life. "

An Energetic Supreme court Lawyer Mr. Mahesh Tiwari, says, "Due to one sided and barbaric LAW like 498A and proposed DV act, where the complain accepted without any small evidence, though the Girls get a huge settlement, but in the process the Child suffers most. In this case the mother attitude became, she is the primary care giver to the Child, the single mother feel over- possessive and over protective. As a results the Child feel abused, assaulted and when he/she came to know the actual truth, the single mother get back all the emotional harassment. After all money can not buy the love and respect."

The Final Word:-
All psychiatrists emphasises the importance of having other central figures in the child’s life, like grandparents, friends, etc. who share the responsibilities of the child. Also, it’s imperative to have a healthy open relationship with the child, and very much required to maintain a healthy relationship between the separated couple. But a lot of Single mother failed to maintain a healthy relationship, once 498A or anti dowry law used to get a huge money settlement.
Now the question is , why our LAW maker does not brother for the Child and encouraging the Single parenting system ??

Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

Because, the child can not give the threat to the LAW maker for a Hunger strike, Suicide threat and at last they are not the vote bank for them .

But it is the responsibility of all IIT , IIM , IT engineers and successful Industry people to decide , if the Government make any Such LAW which kill the Institution of marriage and encourage Single parenting System , how they accept that and allow such government to in Power in our Country .
We have to wait and watch, is there is any real honest people are there in media or in social activists, who really cares to stop such child abuse or only brother to increase the violence by making more and more whole sale free license for dishonest people in the name of Women well fare.

Marriage a Civil contract and all the LAW related to marriage to be a Civil LAW and the responsibility of the happy married life depends on both a husband and wife.

Will our Law maker will accept to amend all the LAW related to matromial disputes, replacing the word husband or wife to a "spouse "word!!! (As the verbal abuse, mental harassment, adulterate relationship and economical abuse, both a husband and wife are equally capable)

Let wife and husband take the equal responsibility, and get the punishment or benefit equally.
Crime is crime and the punishment should be as per crime, the same can not be determined by sex, caste or religion.
We wonder how many of us accept this and support to stop the single parenting system!!!

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Swarup Sarkar

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