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Wife’s Lib makes Indian divorce soar – Are they Civilized or Legal Terrorist??

Wife’s Lib makes Indian divorce soar – Are they Civilized or Legal Terrorist??

WHEN Vishal, a IT Engineer, faced his wife in a New Delhi court yesterday for the final hearing to end their four-year marriage, his wife knew where to pin the blame for the breakdown the marriage and promote so called women’s liberation. Simple formula , file a false 498a , dowry harassment case , immediate arrest of the Husband and all his married sister , age old parents , and on the fear of the same a compromise with a mutual settlement of 20 Lacks .

His wife, Sangeeta, 26, is a marketing executive who is regular visitor the Delhi top most PUB and Disco along with her boy friends until late at night and come back come after finish of at least 4 pegs of Takilia ( Special drink made for her by the Bar Tender ) . Vishal, 28, says he had no problem with her life style but wanted her to come home earlier (before 12.00 Mid Night ) to spend some time together. Though he don’t want to have a Physical relationship every night, but at least once in a month, is he asking too much ?? He wants to spend some time together for a cup of Coffee together instead of her so called drink Takilia !!!

"I don’t mind if she roams around in shorts or jeans when we’re with friends, but I expected She should also allow me to wear traditional clothes in front of my own friends and for that she should not insult me in front of my friends" he said.

But the funny thing is that, the complain of his wife is that, her husband does not have any standard and status, he don’t know how to keep happy a modern working women. In this line our great writer and feminist Ms. Sohaba de , taken the Pain and tried to give some good advice to Indian Men , let see how the same described :-

Indian marriage is in crisis. More and more young couples are getting divorced. Although no reliable national statistics are available, the number of divorces within the first year of marriage has risen by around 30% since 2000 in Delhi, says a SIF volunteer. Seven out of 10 involve couples aged 25 to 35. Thanks to 498a , proposed DV act , where mental harassment , verbal abuse , adulterate relationship , economical abuse are not a offence for a dishonest wife , but the same is crime for a innocent Husband , irrespective of the reason who is right and who is wrong , maintance and alimony will be awarded to wife only !!!!

These statistics are all the more shocking considering Indian society’s obsession with marriage. Weddings, which often last for days, are both highly expensive and lavish by western standards.

Traditionally to be unmarried was to be a circus freak, a divorced man was a curiosity and a divorce was viewed as a painted Jezebel. But such perceptions are changing, even though some 95% of marriages remain arranged.

For centuries Indian Husbands were expected to "adjust" to their wife demand — a classic euphemism meaning a Groom must bend to the will of his modern so called educated wife and in-laws and endure virtually anything short of insanity or depravity , as young, educated, urban Men lack their Self respect and ready to through out their own parents to fulfill the Wife’s demands .

The new wives are smart, have an MBA, wears designer clothes, drives herself around town and sips chardonnay in funky bars. Increasingly economically independent, she is no longer prepared to remain in an so called marriage system. But Indian men are not ready to accept to this in reality , they think let other men wife do all this legal terrorism , but my wife will not do such think , and one day land up in the Jail along with all his relative , age old parents .

"Women are driving the change. They are the ones questioning the old patterns and demanding change, while Indian men still want them to follow some 16th-century model of marital behavior," says Shobhaa De, a former "bonk buster" author whose marriage manual, Spouse: The Truth About Marriage, is soaring up the bestsellers list.

Hates off to Shobhaa De , yes Indian man are still not only in 16 th Century , I think they are far behind that , because they believe in the Principal of Raja Dasharath , who prefers to send his child in the Jungle to fulfil the Commitment to his words to his wife !!!

That is the reason :-

Western Women finds their true Love in India Men!!!!!

The onus, according to De, is on men to change. "They have to realize that women no longer need marriage as a security blanket or as a meal ticket," she said. "Women can pay their own way, pay their own bills. What they want now from marriage is respect and equality." But what she have not said , that they want a whole sale free license to abuse their Husband and in –laws , says a online columnist . She had not mentioned , then why the maintance , alimony to be granted to those divorced women ???

Many males appear reluctant to move with the times. In a recent survey of men in 11 cities, 72% said they expected their brides to be virgins, but the actual fact is more than 87% girls are not virgin today in Urban society! Asked if they would marry a woman who admitted to having had pre-marital sex, 77% said "No" but the fact is they will get their wife as …. What?? No need to mention, if you have a general knowledge of Mathematics calculation.

Ms. Bharti , a Social activist, accuses dishonest women of trying to have the best of both worlds: "It suits them to continue with the old ways when they want to fight the court case . Whatever they earn is their won, husband does not have a single right on that, but they want their Husband to work because they need a free income for a glamorous lifestyle, but they hate it when their husband comes home late from the office, puts his own parents and relative care for a little or doesn’t grovel in front of her own parents and relative and friends."

The question is how adept will Indian men are at the kind of "adjusting" that used to be expected of women. "It’s going to very difficult," says De. "They have been mollycoddled for centuries by their mothers and wives. But this is their wake-up call."

What she want to say to Indian men , Clarified by a SIF Volunteer :

"Let enjoy the life the way western men does marriage for 2 or 3 hours and pay her what she deserve, as Indian women considered all 600 million Indian Men in the same Plat form of Western man and made the Law Domestic violence Act . Where if a Domestic Violence done by a Women , She will be awarded by Government , whole sale free lincence to do the domestic violence in your home , and if your husband try to object your activity , just put a complin , he will be thrown out of house , irrespective of he is a innocent or criminal .

" Indian men deserve this law , because they are immature and bloody fool , they Purchase house joint name with wife ( to save tax ) , Car in wife name , through out the age old parents to please the wife .. They deserve it.. No other way.. " As I say there is only Ravans are there, laxman all are power less. "

Another Step to Kill the Institution of Indian Marriage System - Part -2

Very soon I think a lot of Women Activist will argue why Indian Men does not take care before marriage and after marriage to escape from all those barbaric LAW ( 498a , DV Act etc ) :-

"No cash to wife... Payment only through Cheque!!!
- Voice recorder in the house.. Very nice and boost business.
- Before marriage at least four Legal Documents to be signed by wife and their parents – so called pre mutual Agreement.

- How many corporate mangers IIT, IIM, IT Engineers will donate the money to the cause of women well fare, let wait and watch!!!

- How many Corporate Mangers will be happy to encourage the women for Promotion on the basis of her Capability..When his own wife will send him to jail or through out of house by using DV act.

- How many Top corporate Women will be able to lead a happy married life!!!

- How many NRI Guy will be really Interested to marry a Indian Girl ???

.. Like that a lot will come .

When our Government including President of India sold to those Modern Suparnakhs and Ravans , what you expect from them ?? They don’t want a Domestic harmony in India ... they want only Violence.. Violence.. More rape, more crime against women ...I don’t know how many Bhagat Singh , How many Jatin Das , how many Netaji .. will be come out to stop this legal terrorism !!!!!

Those women don’t understand what mistake they have done , they have diged their own well by them self . The war just started by them..

Let see who won and who lost!!!!!!! "

The same question till date unanswered :-

This is Feminism or Legal Terrorism??


Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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