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21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

A discussion being staged in SIF Volunteer Group all over the world, takes the mask off 21st Century Indian Wives. They are Papa’s Girl, they want traditional Indian Husbands, and they want to date with multiple Men. Save Indian Family Volunteers brings you the uncensored truth …..

After Ms. Shobha De , it is the time for another Great Indian feminist cum Journalist and a active member of So called Women activist say to SIF ( Save Indian Family ) Volunteer :-

“21st Century Indian Women wouldn’t date with Indian Men because they found them superficial and too much guided by family prejudices. For instance, there was too much pressure on the Indian women to be perfectly beautiful and slim. Most girls find Indian Men too caught up in such stereotypes and very controlling”.

Further she adds: “It seems that there is an invisible umbilical cord between the mother and son, whether he’s 40 or four”.

So the question, dear Indian Husbands are you ready to come in 21st Century reality or still prefer to stay in 16th Century mind set???

As per them as soon as they get a MBA degree, Indian wives get:-

- Whole sale free license for multiple adult rite relationship
- Whole sale free license for abuse and sending Jail your age old Parents and Pregent sister
- Whole sale free license for killing your Child
- Whole sale free license for Child abuse under single parenting system
- Whole sale free license for asking her husband to kiss her feet every day morning
- Whole sale free license to refuse a cup of tea with husband in the morning, because they will be busy at mid night Pub for “TAKILA” drink and 555 Cigarettes.

The story does not end here, they want each and every think as per 21st century, but when it comes for break up (as 55% divorce case filed by wives with a 498a, dowry harassment case) want huge money in the name of abala nari (16th century Indian wives) like maintance, alimony, house..etc. That time they suddenly forget their MBA degree and start claiming she is a Perfect Indian Wife and she deserves all the sympathy as per Indian Institution of Marriage.

If any LAW maker does not have the sufficient knowledge , then why they make such a stupid LAW ?? Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

Some Indian Husband says, they have done the mistake by marrying a 498A type of PAPA’s Girls, instead of that they might have married a Professional Prostitute.

At least she will not send our age old parents and pregent sister behind the jail for extracting the money.

Our Government and so called LAW maker very much committed to give them whole sale free license for doing the “Legal Terrorism” in the form of misuse of 498A, anti-dowry LAW and Proposed Domestic Violence Bill instead of a Domestic Harmony Bill (where in the name of so called Verbal abuse, mental harassment, Economical abuse, adulterate relationship punishable for a Husband and her all family members, but for the same offence for a wife, forget any punishment, there is no provision for a small warning).

National Women Commission of India (NCW), openly announce that they will not allow to any family harmony in India, they will ensure that the Indian Institution of Marriage totally get killed, so that Indian women can reach to National Highways to beg a men for 2 or 3 hours or a part time father for their child, the way western women does!!

We wonder when our Indian People will say no to this “Legal Terrorism” and stop killing our Mother, Sister and Child in the name of so called Women Empowerment and say :-

“ No to Feminism “ , we want to say “Gender Equality”.

“ No to Domestic Violence Bill ” , we want “ Domestic Harmoney Bill ”

Let Save Indian Family , Let save the Institution of Marrige for a Better tomorrow for our Child .

Let all the nation to Decided , what they Want , Volence or harmoney ??

For More details you can visit

“When You Lose, do not lose the Lesson” – Says Daial Lama.

With regards
Swarup Sarkar

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At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the Hell...!!!!! Who told you that MBA grad females and educated females are bitches.. and will dump your parents and children.. just because a few of them are such does not mean that all are like that..YOU CANNOT GENERALISE...YOU CANNOT TAINT EDUCATED WOMEN THIS WAY.. you just think about your parents the MEN's parents.. now with women working..they care for their parents as well.. what about the declining female ratio.. the cases of domestic violence.. how many percent of women today are actually educated and how many of them are actually living in metro cities to be actually like the Vamps you have described... Please STOP BSing and adding BS comments to other BLogs.... A WOMAN

At 4:09 AM, Anonymous A MAN said...

Dear A Women:-

The same toune , the same argument , the same arrogence .. dear if some women does this .. why you dont tell your women orginasation to punish them and make a law 498B ??

Few men do some real rape ..few people does terrorist activity .. so would you like to say we should not punish them ??

I please do not say that all 600 million indian men are rapist ?? Then you have been raped by your father .. will you send give to jail ??

By the way way you are hiding ?? I konow darling after killing our first child delhi police are searching for you sicnce two years .. but dont worry i have talk to the Supreme Court Laywer Mr. Mahsesh Tiwari , he will ensure that you will got the bail at the earliest and the bail bond will be given by me ... belive me darling .. after all we both have spend some time together .. i told you several time , please do not join in the terrorist group and stop this legal terrorism .. but i dont know why you always fell that I am not a 21st century men .. any way please tell your mum and sister ... sorry i can not be a male Postitute for the sake of money .. I will be yours only .. i know you also love me a lot , but those terrorist had made your mind blind , please tell your so called few women ( more than millions available in delhi , mumbai , bangalore ) .. stop this legal terrorism other wise :-

The day is not too far when :-
"Indian women can reach to National Highways to beg a men for 2 or 3 hours or a part time father for their child, the way western women does!!" as says by writter.

I still love you my darling , my only request to you , please stop this terrorist activity and please do not ask me to earn money through male postitue profession , whatever i earn from the job will be sufficient both of us to stay together .

By the way one day amitabh called me and says , now a days you dont take TAKILLA , you take VOTKA with Limca ?? Votka is not good for women , better take GIN. Also you had stopped taking 555 Cigerates , you now a days take GOLD Flake , please stop smoking .. this is not good for health !!

Come out , do not hide , after all we have spend some days together !!
--- A MAN

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are a complete lunatic, what A WOMAN said was perfectly correct.

Any you are the one with the same tone, same arrogance, and same Bull Shit. You can't hold an argument , so take recourse by being vulgar. What happened, Mama never taught you to stand up against an assertive woman?

And hey, in your dreams will you get an educated woman to spend some days with you , leave having a kid with you.

And why do u Indian men always talk about Part time fathers in US, what do u even know about western society. At least they don't kill their daughters before they are even born.

And tch, tch ... u poor guys are facing inequality, well get a taste of your own medicine - bitter isn't it. How come none of u stand up for female foeticide or should I say genocide, these unborn children are the most vulnerable and they can't even protest - unlike you.

If you are against inequality first stand against the one who is killed before even given a chance at life, or are you against inequality when it affects ur male gender and ur poor old helpless parents (beats me why men's parents are always potrayed as old and helpless, even when they are hale and hearty)


At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Swapna said...

Dear another woman:-

I am also a Indian women, and by observing your comment, it clearly shows how you all want to put all the blame to Indian men only. You don’t want to take any responsibility and want only whole sale free license. You all the culprit for this situation, so called few women of urban India.

This was my reply long back, which I think your dirty brain will never understand, a child killed by women only... Because neither god nor Indian government had not given this power in the hand of a Men, the power had been given to Indian women only, so if you really want, you must advised to your so called few women not to kill the child and the punishment should be to the Indian women, then only your concern will be solved, otherwise this is nothing but misguided the whole nation, which Indian feminist are doing in the form of legal terrorism.

Feminists are contributing to female foeticide
I am a sociologist doing a PhD on Foeticide in urban India. Some of my finding are quite startling.

Agree that there is some amount of Son Preference among parents in India. But, the main contributor to foeticide is the alarmism created by feminists regarding vulnerability of women in our society. The alarmism about dowry deaths, rape created by feminists and media is sending a signal to urban Indian parents that a girl always requires protection and because the perceived in security (due to alarmism), then feel a girl in house can mean more worry and hence subconsciously they feel a girl can be a burden.

But, in reality, a man has 2 to 3 times chance of getting murdered than women. A boy has 5 times more chance of facing serious injury as a kid compared to a girl. The suicide rate of men is 1.5 times of that of women. The chance of a boy getting assaulted is 3 times more than that of a girl getting assaulted.

This side of reality is not conveyed to common masses. So, people feel, only women face violence. Its just similar to the air accidents being given more prominence in media which makes people get fear of flying. In reality, the road is 10 times riskier than air.

So, its time feminists leave goebbelian path and give both sides of statistics. They must desist from alarmism as this is stopping the Govt. from finding a Technical Solution to the foeticide problem (I mean some changes in the way the Ultra-Sound machines work: may be the image is not to be viewed and sent to a lab which submits the report).


At 1:51 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

Dear Supernakhs

The comment clearly shows how so called Indian Women had became Modern Supernakhs !!!

Assertive Women ???? The meanning of asertive is like this ???

Anyway , i can not expect more than any thing from a group of modern supernakhs more than this .. the coment section will give a clear picture to the whole world .

For your kind information , this is the few link which may give the answer to your question :

In addition to that ,

Western women finding the love in indian women ..

At last if your parnets make you blind , we are not responsible for that , my dear so called a women and another women .

also you can get your a lot of friend so called few women here ,all your argument had been replyed ..

Good luck to your terroist activity .. time will give the answer ..

At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You men are chauvenastic you want an Ediucated women and then want her to be in kitchen all the time .
Dude tiems have changed now women are assertuive and independent

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Swarup or Ravan or whatever,U I can forgive for your silly comments - after all u have is the same old argument and ur fav. word 'Supernakhs'. And if you are so against these women, simple soln. marry the girl who is doing her Ph. D if she is not already married or marry similar females.
Why r u getting so agitated ?

But that stupid female doing Ph D. - well, god knows where is she is doing her research from, she seems to come up with the most idiotic reasons for female foeticde.

Yes, a woman does foeticide, but are you saying her husband is trying to prevent it, and she without telling him is going forward with it. There is some amount of son preference - man, what world are you living in, people are desperate for sons. I have seen it first hand.

And don't you dare call my mind dirty - u are the filthy one here, with your dumb Ph. D - u don't have a rational mind so please don't put yourself thru the torture of doing Ph. D - stay home and produce some kids.

And of course, ur small mind can't even see that I was asking the people to first stand up against foeticide, I did not say that men are to blame solely, or r u so caught up in ur narrow research world that u can't even see that.

At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And some questions for Ms. Ph D , if female foeticide is only happening because of the feminists publicising crimes against women - then why is it more prevalant in the North than the South (leaving out Tamil Nadu) , Are you saying that the cultured people of the North are the only ones reading the newspapers. Why is the sex ratio the best in Kerala, which has almost 100% literacy . Why is the sex ration the worst among Hindus as compared to Muslims and Christians.

Also, with the advent of modern technology , people can detect sex before birth, and so it has replaced infanticide to some extent. But the first cases of infanticide were recorded in late 1800'S (I don't remember the exact year). Presumably, there were no feminists then or even if they were they had no mass media to propogate their sensational news on rapes, dowry deaths etc. Then why was it happening then ?

I would suggest you increase the scope of your research, looks like you have taken the views of only selected people, or are only writing what you want to hear.

And are you saying, that when people hear these statistics that you have about men having higher chances of getting murdered, they will start male foeticide ?

And I would like to tell you - I am expecting my first child and I am praying for a daughter.

At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for Ms - "ANOTHER WOMAN"

Yes, I know about western society and yes I can stand up to an educated woman. I am not sure as to how educated you are otherwise, this byitself would have been a proof.

So, lets talk about one thing at a time

1) You talk about "Mama never taught you to stand up against an assertive woman"

The point was made - Is section 498A right? So are you saying that you are showing your assetiveness by filing 498A - Tell me one thing - is lying, cheating, and filing a false case are the new definitions of assertiveness. May be I was too invloved in my work and never realized that the definitions have changed.

I would be stupid to stand against an assetive woman just for the sake of it. I am standing against woman who are doing wrong.

2) You talk about - "least they don't kill their daughters before they are even born"
Two things to note over here,
a) It is wrong. I will never ever support it. Period!
b) Having said that, this is an independent issue, unless you believe that it is a payback time and woman should use whatever tools they have in their arsenal to fight.
c) But then are fighting for iraqis or for that matter americans in iraq. No, you are not (may be you are wrong and correct me if that is the case). This is fine. I am not blaming you for that. Each one of us chooses a certain job (isn't this what Gita says - Yes, I am goind to 2000BC and not just 16th century) and is expected to put her/his heart into it. I am fighting against an injustice. If you want my support to fight against female foeticide, just ask me and will do whatever I can to help you. But pleasedon't make that an excuse for "false dowry cases"

Now lets come to the basic point of the blog. You don't have to but would like to hear your views on -
1) Are false 498A cases justified?
2) Does it makes sense to put parents in jail without any investigation?
3) For woman who are educated and well placed, come from a rich family, should we have equal rights?

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I am not really pro-498A or anyone misusing laws - what freaks me out is that most Indian men talk against educated women, call them names etc. fav. one being 'Supernkha'. But believe me most educated women will not pay dowry and will not misuse the law. At least, I can say that for myself and all my friends. Also, I don't believe this blog is only for the misuse of 498A - when I read the first post it looks like A WOMAN is protesting against this guy calling MBA women bitches who will ask you to dump your parents.

Also, it is not fair to say western society is full of part time fathers , I know many western men and they are devoted parents. And again this guy said these educated women are taking us towards a society of single mothers - what is the correlation ? How is it that educated women will become single mothers.

What A WOMAN said was not wrong at all - but look at the lang. A MAN used for her.

Anyway, this argument is going nowhere - I am sure a lot of men will also abuse me on this blog , but I am definitely interested in the opinion of Ms. Ph D as she is doing research on a subject I feel strongly about.

And by the way this comment was not made by me

'You men are chauvenastic you want an Ediucated women and then want her to be in kitchen all the time .
Dude tiems have changed now women are assertuive and independent '


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous rohit said...

Dear swarup
This rohit here , I got engagement of 4 th November2005 and the marriage fixed on 9 th dec'05 .

After engagement , swarup you wont belive , with in 15 days i found the gilr as described by you in your article , she want all the whole sale free lincence .

Then i say dear , i am not made for you so it is better to stop the marriage function .

Then she show her real face , a modern supernakhs , immediately asked 20 lacks to stop the marriage .

I say what is this ??
She says , you bloody fool dont know about the law , i will ensure all your family memebrs behind the bar .

And she does also , complin to police station for compension of marriage expenses ( her parents given advence as she says with all fake bill ) .

Then i came to your this site , and say it is better come out instead of suffering rest of the life and say they want money let them take the money .. but i am not going to allow her this whole sale free lincence .

In the police station , i had given the balnk checue and tell her wahtever money you want fill it and go to national highway to find a men , let me to stay in 16th century , i am not going to marry you my dear .

Swarup , as you say , we indian men are really in 16th century mind set , it is the time for us to come in 21st century and expose them to safe gurd our age old parents and sister from this so called few women ( yes they are terrorist ).
Take the money , we men can earn the same by our own hard work , we dont want any thing from so called few women .

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous rohit said...

Onece again i agree with swapna ,

- When the women are educated , can take care them self , why they kill the femeal child ??

- I also agree with her neither god or Goverment given any power to kill the child in the hand of men .

Then why you want to say men are responsible for this ??

This is nothing but cheating and knocking the wrong door.

If any one really want then solution , they should ask this question to those so called educated women - they want whole sale free lincence or want to take the responsibility .


At 9:22 PM, Anonymous A MAN said...

Very interesting coment :-

"'You men are chauvenastic you want an Ediucated women and then want her to be in kitchen all the time .
Dude tiems have changed now women are assertuive and independent '"

- Darling so called educated women , i want that you should use your education by taking the responsibilty , if you want whole sale free lincence in the name of educated women , sorry i dont know your parents had given waht type of education . A top class prostitute gives better education to thier child and teach to earn by thier hard work instead of earning money by blackmailling.
- Working in kitchen ... ohhhh my dear ... saterday , sunday i make for your the chiken birayani .. as the champa bai had not came .. saterday you was very happy as you had long conversion with amitabh .. but on sunday as amit does not pick up your phone you was very upset .. and in the dinning table you just through the plate by saying .. the briyani had maded without salt !!!

- then tuesday , wensday champa bai came and make the shamber rice , but you put the hot shamber in my private parts and through the whole pot towards champabai ... as a result champa bai does not came next day ..

so a request you to make the food for friday .. with a request that may be your parents had not allowed you to go to kitchen .. but the day will come when your daughter in law will came will abuse you for not knowing any cooking , and that time you should not feel bad , that is the reason i request you to go to kithen on friday ... if it is a mistake .. sorry darling .. a had hired sakshi .. she told she will do 70 % of the house hold job and i promise i will do 20 % .. you only need to do 10 % of the job , like going to buitey purler and kitty party .. please do not force me to do this job ..

Now will you surrender to delhi police and explain why our first child had been killed with out any knowledge of mine ???

Dear do not hide .. come out , i will ensure your bail .. we men sacrifice for women .. histroy witness and your so called few women allready said we men are in 16th century mind set only there is no chance that you will get any punishment for doing any cirme ..

So just enjoy and teach those 16th century men to come in 21st century ..



At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Dr.Mohanty said...

The coment :-

'women are assertuive and independent "

So the meanning of assertuive and independent .. is going to change ??

Really you people had got a very good education and going to change the english meanning of the word !!!!

Swarup , you have guts to say the truth , and hope some honest people will open their eye .

Rohit , brave work !! Give them blank cheueq , let them enjoy our omney and go to national high way to find their men !!!

Further i wish to mention , recently the orisha docotor association refused to check up any lady victim , as they say let them make the check up by a lady doctor , they fear whenever they go for a check up a lady victim , after check they do not pay them and harrase them that they will put sexual harrasement case against the doctor and will damage their carier .. this is not jok .. the reality and want to know check todays times of india .. Doctor refused to check up the brest cancer of a women and asked to go to a lady doctor.

Same way we need a lot of rohit , who can take the preventive action , before a terrorist attack our family .


At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Nishant said...

Dear Women

Whatever A man said against A women , is nothing worng also . Today the problem your so called educated woemn are using such foul language which is observed from the coment section , where as the A men , only asked waht punihsment ther for thsoe few women .

Also he is ready to forgive her wife inspite of killing the child , inspite of her using all the whole sale free lincence .. at last he shown his care and love towards his wife .

This clearly shows the attitutude of A MAN and A WOMEN.

Women does not want to take any responsiblity , they want every thing a free of cost , they want all the whole sale free lincence ..

Where as inspite of all the trouble A MAN takes all the responsiblility , they sacrifice their life for A Women , and A women take undue advantages .

Swarup , good work , at least now a days few feminist agrees that there are few women are their who does all this whole sale free lincence , though they are not agree to accept that those few women are millions in delhi , mumbai , bangalore , jaipur , chandigarch , ludhina , nagpur , indore , bhopal , agra , lucknow , meeret ... like that the list will not end .

Regards i fully support to swapna , if we really want to stop the killing of female child , the so called educated female , media , women orginasation , feminist and NCW should take the responsibility-

As very correct nighter GOD or Goverment given the power of killing the child in the hand of Men , it is in the hand of WOMEN .

When they can misuse the 498A , dowry LAW , why they can not use a law for good cuse and save thier child ???

So we must send them behind the bar if they kill any child may it male of female and the goverment should do make the techinical solution .

But if feminsit cry and say men is responsible for this .. sorry this will be a wrong direction to find a solution .

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous friend said...

It is generally the Indian woman who wants at least one son such that after the father's death the son can look after his mother and sisters. Most Indian men die long before their wives because of the stress imposed on them trying to meet the materialistic demands of the family, and then the son has to take over that role.
If the woman did not want the pregnancy terminated, she could easily refuse. Most terminations are carried out for financial reasons before the gender of the fetus can be accurately confirmed and some women are misleading society by manipulating the numbers.
If the women who write in to protest these facts really belive in what they say that men are forcing them to abort female fetuses, let them go terminate their next pregnancy once they obtain confirmation that they are going to have a male child. Our group will not stop them.

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Rabin said...

very good work swarup , now those modern supernakhs are getting thier own medicine .

Thousands of years thsoe few womens had killed a lot of innocnet , they only encouraged the fight of Ramayana and Mahabharata , we bloody fool men fight for them , in return they just relaxed and enjoyed thier life , with out doing any hard work .

The moment you will ask them to work they want all the whole sale free lincence , and when they dont work then also they will say we want every thing free .

After MBA also , she will project at the time of divorce that she is a abla nari.. then waht for she had wasted college seat ,

I will say 100000000000000times .. they are terrorist . they are modern supernakhs only.... they are worse than a professional postotute , as they does not abuse our age old parents , pregent sister for the shake of money .. they are blood sucker of our society .. they deserve to go to national highway to find thier men !!

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job swarup .

I know those A women and another women might have stopped sleeping in the night as their next step will be to make a situation where they will get as under which had been allready available in the link :-

If men want to do right by women, the following are essential and non-negotiable:
1. Soon after the marriage, the man should take over all his parent's assets and only his wife and in-laws should have access to those.
2. After the marriage, the man should break all connections with his parents, siblings, friends, etc., whereas the woman should be allowed to maintain all her relationships, with even her boyfriends and lovers.
3. Before and after the marriage, the man should buy the woman chocolates and flowers every day, allow them to buy all the jewelry that they want, and take them out every evening for fine dining and entertainment.
4. After the marriage, the man should take over the responsibility for his wife's parents and siblings.
5. The man should put his wife's name on all his assets, and only his earnings should be used for all the household expenses and his wife's needs.
6. The woman's earnings are her's to do as she pleases with them. If some extra money is required for any un-expected expenses, the man has to find the money and it is not the woman's problem whether he begs, borrows, steals, takes bribes or sells his soul.
7. Every man should allow his wife to sleep around with whoever she desires, and pay for the child irrespective of who the father is.
8. If the man does not listen to his wife (or his parents do not listen to their daughter-in-law), she will have no choice but to file a domestic violence/dowry case against them.
9. Since the modern educated women's families have already spent so much on their education, they are not entitled to an inheritance of any sorts from their parents.
10. In the event of a divorce (even if the wife is abusive, adulterous or a half crazed psychopath), only the wife will have rights to all the earnings, property and children.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gope Lalwani
"The Prime Minister of INDIA gives chit to Mr. Natwersingh
his ministerial collegue says:
'Natwar is INNOCENT till proved GUILTY.'
in spite of mounting proof of guilt in Volcker report of food for oil scandal.

His government in INDIA treats and continue to say that victim families
trapped by Indian Police under section 498A are;
"GUILTY till proved INNOCENT".
in spite of unverified contents of first information report filed by police.

Why this Double talk and Double standards?"

- Gope Lalwani (SaveIndianFamily Member)

-- dear A WOMEN and ANOTHER Women .. why this double standared ???

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Rebel said...

To Indian Woman,

I completely agree with you over here. Educated women should never come into kitchen. Independent and assertive women should never come into kitchen. Educated, independent and assertive women are so very mature and intelligent that our country's culture and tradition is all rubbish for them. Why should an educated woman cook food and feed her family ? Why should an independent woman take care of her family ? Why should an assertive woman follow her tradition ? She has full right not to follow our tradition and can brutally ignore her family.
We all must propagate that educated, independent and assertive women have absolute rights not to take care of her family and follow her tradition. And women will be flattered of hearing that they are appreciated for being educated, independent and assertive only to hate their family. And if need arise, you can even misuse laws to harass your family because you are an educated, independent and assertive woman of India. Good work women, you have full right to hate and harass your family. Keep it up. The men over here will understand what I am talking about.

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Rebel said...

Let me request you something.
Please ask any woman, whether they want a boy or a girl child. You will know who is the culprit of female infanticide. Indians have an extremely bad habit of jumping to conclusions without knowing the exact facts. I can easily provide statistical facts here which will give you people gooseflesh after knowing how these women are killing their girl child without the knowledge of their husband. Please do not entertain ridiculous opinions on how men are responsible for female infanticide because that will only prove your stupidity and ignorance.
I am sure you don't want to compare our country with other countries. Because I have thousands of facts that will prove how lucky you are being born as a woman in a country like India. Understood ?

At 3:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to re-iterate that I never said men are solely responsible for foeticide, but it is not only women who are indulging in it - both the sexes are to be equally blamed. There are also cases when a woman has not wanted to abort, but under pressure from husband and in-laws she has done so. I do not agree with the findings of Ms. Ph D - logically what she is saying seems totally incorrect. I hope when her thesis is complete, it will be unbiased and also publicly available, and can be used for further research and prevention of this crime.

And frankly, it is futile to try and reason with closed minds, If many of you are convinced that educated women are all bad, then there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it. It is like trying to reason with religious fundamentalists, who are so convinced and brainwashed that their religion is the best, that they will not hear another person's point of view , and will not given the other person the benefit of doubt.

For me I would like to say I am happily married to a wondeful man. I have never bothered to know or care about my in-laws monetary assets. I am capable of making my own - my parents educated me not only academically, but also ethically and I would never dream of having anyone dump their parents, or try and get money out of anyone.

Both my husband and I care for each other's parents, we look after them. We live seperately from my in-laws, and still enjoy a great relationship with them. When they are really old and helpless, we will have them come and stay with us . Similarly, if my parents need me, we will also have them come and live with us.

And lastly I would like to add, I think anyone misusing 498A is very unethical, and should be punished if guilty. Making anyone's parents suffer is a crime that is unforgivable.


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous sridevi said...

I know this problem. It is high time to repeal this IPC 498A, which i sympathise that real suffering rural women, who do not even know, how to use it, whereas urban educated women are heavily mis-using it..

My solution to GOVT:
Introduce civil laws as soon as possible and modify this 498A making it domestic violence nominal criminal section(applicable to husband as well) as exists in developed countries..

Regarding DOWRY problem, make it mandatory to write in affidavit for all parties involved in side marriage for the financial transactions.
If undeclared, post marriage complaints disregard by law & order. Make law water-tight.

Take out this mental harassment clause completely from the DOWRY section, I guess, feminists fooled our lawmakers who introduced it.




Bureacrats, Grow mind like developed countries rather simply eating Paan..and spitting inside parliament or govt. buildings...

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous A MAn said...

Dear another Woman:-

Good, now it looks little better, but still you have not able to come out honestly to support the truth , may be 20 or 30 % change , need further 70 to 80% to became a honest women .

To build a relationship required a lot of effort, sacrifice, pain, but to break a relationship required only few seconds.

As you mentioned you are a very happy married women, we wish the same should last for next seven generation or more forever in India, but the concern is the men suicide rate 1.5 times higher than a women, men dies faster than women (missing voice), so we will be eagerly waiting to meet your husband, is he also feel the same in front of others or he also going to die before you??

Because your initial stand give us this dought ?? Do you know why:-

You have not understand , what actually writer want to expose , those whole sale free license given by the your so called women organization to do the legal terrorism in the form of 498a , anti-dowry law and proposed DV bill .
When the responsibility , freedom , power , law every thing in favour of women , still you blame to men section for killing the child , which is noting , but the brainwashing had been done to you by feminist and media , swapana had been proved right , before completing her P.HD !!!!You can not see the truth, because you had been made so blind!!!! Proved from your own comment.
The action plan seeks writer, a modern supernakha and modern raven can not accept. Definitely they will try to divert the issue by mentioning the same as missing voice, the way you have tried in this Blog.
Further you also proved that so called educated women learn from the mistake of real supernakh and how quickly change their color and take the mask of Modern Sita, when they smell some trouble, and try to save their nose.

--- Like that a lot can be observed which the whole world will understand, and the question is modern Laxman had learned any thing or not??

Request to go through the article once again through cool head, what writer want to say, if you really want to become a honest person from your heart.

At last I have been seen from my school , college , office , home , every where all the teacher teaches us , we must respect women , we must protect women in our society , I will be wonder , how many so called educated women who are in school , college , office , home ever teaches to other women that we must respect men , as few men does the crime , that does not mean all men are criminal and rapist !!!!

So, let save the institution of marriage in India for a better tomorrow for our child as says by writer, and amend all the Barbaric LAW accordingly, so that the real criminal get the punishment and innocent should not be harassed.

Because terrorist activity only kill the innocent , stop this legal terrorism if you really want women empowerment , otherwise the day I will not be surprise , when a news will flash all over the world that a 498A affected guy had killed 1000 of 498A Girls and their family !!!!

Once again stop this legal terrorism and wholesale free license, teach your so called educated women to respect Men, because money can not buy you the love, and after your death you are not going to take your money with you.

BYE and have a nice time to your family and your poor husband (a lot of adjective can be said about him, but sorry ... not now ... may be some other time …in some other place)


At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look Mr. A MAN - you talk BS and I'll leave you happy in your little anti-educated women world. May you prosper in there.

But don't you dare use any adjective for my husband, get that. Only a narrow minded creep like you, can think of using any adjective for a person who is not even in the argument.

Your wife or your future wife is the one to be pitied, and if you decide to not get married because you are so scared of supernkha's , then a big thanks from all womankind. Please spare some poor woman the torture of being married to you - with your nasty posion filled, suspicious mind.

I stand up for all the maligned educated women. A big hurray! to us that in spite of idiots like Mr. A MAN we have still managed to or hope to find reasonable, intelligent men.


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous vinay said...

Dear another Woman:

Just relax, go to wash room first and wash your face first, it looks very ugly.

The contentent of the Argument, already available for all public and what adjective A MAN had made also available for reference of your husband...

Yes your Husband is a very Great Person; ( whoever will go through this comment section will understand ) just send him in Delhi we will recommend his Name for Bharat Ratna award, to give you the entire Whole Sale free license as mentioned in the Article!!

Ok, Now happy!!

So wash your face and just enjoy the company of your so called great Husband!!

If I remember such high voice foul language I have heard last week in some National High Way when a 498A Girl was begging and arguing with a MEN , why he don’t agree to became a part time farther of her son ??

At 5:19 AM, Anonymous rabin said...

Dear another women :-

Your coment :

" hope to find reasonable, intelligent men."

Are you sure or you find a male postitute ??

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous gorky said...

No dear robin , she had married a Gay , as feminsit make their husabnd a gay !!

If you want to became a gay , you marry feminist , who does not belive in truth , only say half truth and lie in the society !!

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Maulinath said...

We should give the World Rantan Award to her husabnd , Bharat ratna Award will be too less for him .. great man .. very intelegent .. ohh my god , when this women will understand that their brain is not in between legs , brain stays in head !!!!

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Rebel said...

If you are so proud to be called an educated woman of India, then why do you let your tail go between your legs when it comes to alimony and maintenance after divorce ? If you are proud to be called an educated woman of India, then why do you statutorily expect a man to provide you all the life's comforts ? If you are proud to be called an educated woman of India, then why do you have to commit suicide over a trivial matter within the family and send your husband and in-laws to jail ?
Stop this hypocrisy. The whole women's rights is a sham and a multi-million racket in the society. We believed that women must have equal rights in the society but you women are misusing your rights only to harass men. Shame on you. You don't even deserve to be educated because there is something wrong in your genes only. You can never progress in life. Go to hell.

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous M K said...


They are not educated women , they are getting worn education , good education does not give all those whole sale free lincence , as writer rightly said .

It is applicable to both men and women , but our law maker does not understand this , as a reslut the innocent go to jail and criminal move around in the society .

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude.. this seems to be a blog run by a total bunch of freaks who have been been brutally haressed by women... God Bless You and hope some day you see the light and understand that educated women WITHOUT licences and indulgences can also co exist peacefully..You will need to grow up to see those type of women also exist in this world in a considerate amount.. I wonder which part of the world you live in and what exactly is your background.. The Original A WOMAN..

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous A MAN said...

Dear orginal A women

- If you can give this advice to your so called few women , then only your dream will be fulfilled .
- But if you take a mask of Modern Supernakha and try to show the face of a Modern Sita .. the day is not too far ....

By the way darling still why you are hiding !!!

Indian government does not make any law till date where you husabnd can punihs you , for killing the child , for doing the adulterate realtionship , for verbal abuse and mental harrasement , for making elder abuse .. Indian Women get the punishment when they support their brother , to thier son !!

So if you really want to stop this war , ask your friends to stop this legal terrorism in Indian in the form of misuse of 498A , DV Act , Child custedy LAW , amintance and allomeny LAW ..

The day you will do that , there will not abe any such blog in the internate .

it is upto you to decided you want violence of harmmoeny .

- orginal A MAN

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

Yes dear A women .. till the time you have to buy a male posititute in the name of a resonable husabnd .. good luck to you .

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous samir said...

Yes we are the Victim of Crime against Women by A WOMEN .( As A WOMEN , that belongs to those who have all those whole sale free lincence ) , Provided some one agrees that a age old mother , sister and daughter also a Women !!!

- Your so called few women made us a victim in the fight A WOMEN vs. Indian Women .

we are here to clen up such dirty women from the society , because histroy wittness Indian Men Sacrifice their life to save gurd their Women .

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Neel said...

This is nothing NEW Dear A WOMEN , INDIAN MAN had been harresed by women always .. just checked the histroy , how Indian Man fooled by women and make so big war !!

Men are the victim of Women Vs. Women war .. and still the same thing happening .. Indian men stay in 16th century and die faster , make sucide , but do not ready to accept the reality of 21st century reality .

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Nikhil said...

What is your Coment orginal A Women !!!

The WHO report says that daughter-in-laws routinely abuse elders using the stringent anti-dowry laws.

D) Legal and financial abuse>>

"Legal abuse was named as a particular type of abuse in both India and Lebanon, although each country has its own specifi c version of this. The Indian expression of legal abuse is through abuse of the dowry laws by daughters-in-law:">>

"In India, there is a law that is intended to protect daughters-in-law from abusive in-laws. A daughter-in-law can go to the police station and lay a complaint that she is being abused by her in-laws, and the in-laws are arrested on her word alone. However, the focus group participants reported that some daughters-in-law are using this law as a form of elder abuse, by making false police reports. In general, participants stressed that the lack of a caring attitude by daughters-in-law was a major problem. (India)">>

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Nikhil said...

It is a common perception through the media hype about women's torture and anti-patriarchal propaganda that only men are the torturer and women are victims, which is also quite evident from the average physical strength of the duo. The legal torture of men is not an issue of physical strength or abusive behavior of one party, it is an issue of a legal system, which is designed to do injustice and hand-over powerful tools of torture in the hands of one-section of the society. The system is indeed eradicating evils from society but at the same time there is such a huge proportion of innocent individuals who are ground in the system, which is crumbling the not so bad patriarchy as it is portrayed through media. Such a nazist legal system created by feminist groups is making feminism synonymous to nazism in India.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Rebel said...

Sociologists says that women have created the whole male chauvinism thing only to break the unity amongst men. They say that women are aware that only when a man is deprived of any support and compassion, they will be willing to bow down in front of a woman. They would now start showing male-bashing advertisement and scenes where a man is very weak and desperately seeks a support from a woman, and that woman will play with his emotions. This will inturn change the mindset of a man indirectly making him even more vulnerable and sensitive. This is one multi-faceted conspiracy of women against men. Whole women's rights is like a trojan horse, trying to mislead everything and then gradually take-over the world and make all men as slaves. Do you think I am over-reacting ? You must see what women think, you will get a shock of your life.

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog really shows how many people are affected and do not have a solution yet. Problems are there in both the sexes and all walks of life. Eductaion is to guide us to the right path whether to choose modern ways or traditional ways of aspects of life.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Friend said...

Thirty percent of married Indian women surveyed by the The Times of India admitted to having affairs and saw nothing wrong with it. As per the New York Times, at least ten percent of the children awaiting organ/marrow transplantation do not have an HLA match with their father (therefore he is not the real father) and this extends across all racial/ethnic groups. As per a British newspaper survey, women see nothing wrong in sleeping with their bosses just to get a promotion. Some girls from middle-class families start sleeping around in an attempt to trap a boy from a rich family. Parents are always on the look-out for a rich husband for their daughters and knowingly overlook his bad habits. Women today want their husbands to be subservient to them. It used to come to that eventually in the old days. Some women find it very easy to emotionally blackmail their spouses and have the ability to turn the children against the father very easily.
There is a saying that “the smart criminals never get caught”. Women are generally smarter (more cunning/wily) then men and they are more likely to get away with crimes. Even if caught, they can always turn on the tears/create a sob story and make most people feel sorry for them. A survey by the New York Times showed that whereas a judge would be very lenient and let a woman off (even a repeat offender) with a warning, for the same crime he would simply jail a man. Even the judge knows that if he finds against the woman, he will be picketed by the support groups and when he gets home, he will have to answer to his wife who rules the roost (and some of the support group members are in her kitty party). This gender bias has been going on for centuries.
Just think of the ‘shotgun-weddings’ where the man was forced to marry the woman because she was pregnant. A percentage of women have for years, made false accusations of rape, harassment and dowry because they knew that they could get away with it because almost 100 percent of the men and 50 percent of the women will believe them. If the law makes it easy for people to get away with anything, they will obviously take advantage of such a law, especially when they know that even if the truth were to come out, they would not be penalised. By abusing the current laws that were designed to protect poor needy women, some so-called educated women (whose families have political/legal connections) want nothing less than sole custody of the children, extra child support, alimony, all the gifts given during the marriage, their family’s part of the wedding expenses, and to put their ex- husband plus his family in jail leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their back.
If some of the support groups were to be believed, then all men are bad and the men deserve it even if they are innocent. There is no doubt that a percentage of men have been doing wrong for centuries but that is not to say that the women have been entirely innocent themselves. I am sure that there are at least as many good men in this world as there are bad women. Would it not be a much better world if support groups were not politically motivated or trying to exact revenge for some perceived insult and worked towards undoing wrongs without any gender bias? Therefore, to stop dowry and the false dowry accusations, all Indian men need to insist on pre-nuptial agreements where everything gifted during the marriage by either side gets listed (such that each partner can then decide whether to take back at the time of divorce) and duly signed by both the parties, the police should not be allowed to file a case in the absence of such a document, penalize the dowry seeker and giver too. Obviously we need to expose and prosecute the people making false accusations (and this would include the lawyers, policemen, support groups and anybody else who aids and abets).

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous 498a said...

Many urban woman in India dream of getting married to an NRI as a road to wealth and lavish life. What they don't realize is everything comes at a price. Many of these women who are accustomed to having servants at home do not realize that though the life style in countries like USA is better but people have to take care of all the mundane tasks including cleaning the house, laundry and cooking. When some of this women whose dream and goal in life is to get married to an NRI ultimately lands in foreign land, thanks to the various matrimonial sites including it has become so easy for such women to find and get married to unsuspecting grooms. When this women have to do some work in the house such as laundry, cooking and cleaning they complain. In scenario where the in-laws are greedy they take their son in law as a tool for their financial freedom. They start feeding their daughter how to control her husband and how to suck money out of him. Indian government have give such families a tool called 498a to harass and blackmail the husbands families. They then start harassing the husband's families for large sum's of money or otherwise they will file false 498a against the husband and his entire family. Many NRI husbands succumb to these pressures and to save their parents from distress and jail they part with hefty sum of money to feed the greed of in-laws. This is happening to more and more families and to some in urban India it is the fastest road to wealth.

At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Parveen said...

Pray for removing 498A from a sister.

Dear brother,

I was deeply shocked to read your story. The moment I
was reading your story, the story of my own brother
started revolving. We had also suffered the same
plight. My whole family including my old parents, my
married sister, one unmarried sister, my brother in
law, my husband,and myself are trapped under this
Gunda Law. I had also the same feeling as yours at
that time. My only brother's wife has made all of ours
life a hell. What has made the matter worse that
whatever girl tells to the police, they agree with her
as if she is Satya ke Devi. They do not bother about
clear lies which can be easily caught. Now, we have
become like bakra and everybody like police, people
sitting in court, advocate are just earning money from
our plight. We have not found any single honest person
who has agreed to fight only for TRUTH. As days and
nights, I am praying for my brother, for early
redressal of his grievances, I will pray for you and
all those brothers who have become victims of this
false dowry charges.

May God help you and punish those who have made your
life miserable.

Your sister,

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

Parveen Ji

Do not worry , at last the truth wins , come and meet us in our saterday meeting , so that some of our SIF Volenter can share thier thought to expose those terrorist in our society .

Just relax and have faith to your brothers .

At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Satya said...


If you want to know how not only husband but his whole extended
family get harassed by cruel women.


Please Sign Public interest Litigation:


At 7:01 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail from :-

No eyewitnesses or evidence is required for filing a case under Section 498A of
the IPC, and there is no punishment for filing a false case just to abuse
others. The outcome in such cases is: harassment of entire families by the legal
system at the behest of some abusive wives/daughter-in-laws and at times jail
for no rhyme or reason! Therefore, the abusive wives/daughter-in-laws who file
false cases sleep in peace, without a care in the world.

I am not a young woman but I am, like many other women, a working mother with a
son of a marriageable age who adheres to some professional ethics and has worked
hard to save up enough to put a roof over my family’s head. I am sure all women
my age don’t want to go the way many other mother in laws have over the past 2
decades, had their homes broken, destroyed and taken away by an abusive and lazy

In the 21st century, many such abusive daughter-in-laws will be soon crossing
our ways. And if you fail to submit to their whims and fancies, then they will
not shirk away from using the ultimate weapon of 498A. The will even have you
imprisoned and your family’s reputation and honor destroyed by filing a false
case of rape/domestic violence/dowry harassment. What the heck if you are
innocent? Nobody in the legal system cares. They all want your money. That’s the
message sent out by the lawmakers and the police of the country.

‘Evidence’, ‘Eyewitness’ and ‘Investigative agencies’ seem dwarfed terminologies
making a shallow parody of legal/political/moral fairness in India. Loopholes at
different levels have cleared the path for wives/daughter-in-laws who want to
misuse Section 498A of the IPC.

What’s makes it worse is if the abusive wives/daughter-in-laws have contacts
and are willing to provide everybody a share of the “moolah”. A conscience, some
courage, the passion to stand up for what’s right - nah! These are mothballed
virtues, which have no place in today’s world. That’s the message sent out by
the ill-educated urban women of the 21st century, who did a volte face in the
values of morality, honesty, and decency.

What about the support of your friends and relatives if you are falsely accused
in a 498A case? You may be run over by a vehicle or murdered before hundreds,
but cowardly threads will tie their tongues and festoons for your “in happier
days” photographs. They all will wormhole their way to safety if a 498A has been
filed against you.

I am severely burdened. One more dictum has been thrust on me. My
“progressive” horizon is suddenly bleak.

One may counter that only the wearer knows where the shoe bites. Any sane
person will run for his life from marriage to an educated urban woman of the
21st century rather then let the sword dangle on his head under such
circumstances. But there were hundreds of them who have been programmed from an
early age to respond to a young woman’s tears without a care for the truth.

Today it was some other family, tomorrow it could be one of your sons who
might get taken for a ride by the new-age urban woman who feels that nobody else
but she and her parental family have all the rights. Who will the cowardly turn
to, then, for support, having rendered none themselves?

The lessons then:

Never commit the blasphemy of allowing your son to marry the new-age urban
Indian woman because otherwise you will be running from pillar to post for
justice. It could take more than six years and all your savings. However, the
people with connections (like Chief Minister Hooda and Home Minister Advani)
will always get off with ease.

Please don’t suggest pre- or post-nuptial agreements for my son in these days of
adversity. The members of the NCW may knock me down in a spur of vicious rage
before even I could start thinking about it.

The cumbersome cargo of these spooky thoughts have drooped my confidant gait.
Some mothers might want to scream shame, but what’s the use if you live in India
or if you live abroad and you want your son to marry an urban Indian woman. It’s
all in vain because the Indian legal and political system (controlled by the
corrupt) recognizes no other country's law but expects every other country to
obey its orders.

Society needs to change with the times. The ill-educated urban Indian woman of
the 21st century is even more devious and better equipped to get away with all
kinds of falsehoods (fake tears, fake breasts, fake lips, fake hymens, painted
faces, sugar-coated double-speak talk, natural lies, every ready to display her
wares) than all her predecessors. The unsuspecting male does not realize what
hit him until well after it hits him and his entire family.

Only a united stand will ensure justice for the innocent and result in
punishment for the criminal families who file false 498A cases. There need to be
stronger checks and balances in place to punish such false accusers and their
corrupt helpers.

Will the wives/daughter-in-laws who file false cases with impunity, repeat
that dastardly act again once the legal system starts meting out severe
punishment to the false accusers? Most probably, No.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Listen Kindley said...

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