Monday, December 19, 2005

Promise to you Mum : –

When I first came to find this blog , suddenly the Question arise to me , why our LAW Maker always consider that Women means only a Daughter-in -LAW .. why there is no protection for a age old mother , who need protection from Verbal , mental , economicial abuse especially , in 21st Century :-

Also the reaction to the article :-
21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

Leads this oath :-
Promise to you Mum : –

We will remove the Blood Cancer of Indian Society in the form of 498a !!

Dear Mum

I miss you very much in this mother day, but sorry this great 498a, had been already make me out of reach to you . I love you very much mum , I cant forget the day when I was struggling with life and dead , you came from Bongaon to Delhi alone , without fear of any one in this world ( though you had never visited Kolkata alone , you don't know any language other than Bengali ) , and give me the new life .

I am extremely sorry mum , to the girl on my choice , you accepted her as a daughter , and you had given more love than me to her after our marriage , the same loved one to whom you have trusted so much for your son's happiness , had already snatch the same .

Mum , we all honest guys need your blessing , to fight against this dishonest ,dirty , money minded Girls and their parents , who are spoiling the institution of marriage by making false 498a , abuse our old parents , through them out of house , remove them from our life , we never forgive them .

We will expose them in the court , in the society and if required out of the court . We will never come under their blackmailing and arm twisting tactics , we cant forget you mum .

In this battle to remove the Blood cancer of the Indian Society in the form of 498a , if I have to go to Jail or hang till the dead , don't worry mum , I will come back to you in my next birth , but never forgive them .

I will fight till my last blood is on and I know with your blessing and moral support we will definitely able to remove this Blood Cancer of the Indian Society in the form of 498a .

Mum be always happy and always smile, because I cant fight against your tears, against your pain.

Your lovely son for forever

CC : President of India –
Further how many innocent mother you will punish in the form of 498a ?? Request to save our mother from abuse , mental and physical torture by their so called lovely Daughter – in – LAW in the form of 498a .

CC : Prime Minister of India –
Will you able to save our mother from this type of Daughter – In – LAW and remove the Blood Cancer of the Indian Society ??

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. )
Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Friend said...

Due to the rampant corruption that extends from the top to the bottom, people without political/legal/criminal connections and money will not be able to survive in India.
Police officers should be made responsible for the criminal acts of their juniors and the parents should be held liable for the bad deeds of their progeny.
Dishonest politicians, judges, and bureaucrats should be made an example of and their punishment should be twice as severe, and the people who are misusing the laws should not be spared.
The law should be uniformly equal for all the ethnic groups and the criminal acts of the different gender groups should be equated.
Any law that has even a whiff of gender prejudice should be re-written in order to remove the bias.
The people who use gender as a factor to obtain a legal advantage and to mislead the legal system should face severe sanctions too (and these sanctions would apply to their support groups too).

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Friend said...

Let us do the following:
1.Identify the Indian lawyers, judges and the politicians who are habitually abusing this law by posting their names on a website.
2.Publish the names of the good lawyers, judges and politicians in every town.
3.Push for heavy penalties (double of what the girl's family want the boy's family to suffer) in all the false accusation cases .
4. Mobilize support for a change in the law such that the burden of the proof is on the girl's family and forget about this concept of Istridhan since it seems that the dishonest few among the women want to have their cake and eat it too.
5. Suggest that there be a pre-nuptial agreement registry in every Indian marriage where both sides list what they are bringing into the marriage.
6. Penalize both the dowry seeker and the dowry giver, the lawyer and the policemen who assist in such false accusations.
7. There should always be joint custody in every divorce unless there are exceptional circumstances (since it is generally the ex-wife who interferes with visitation). If the ex-wife plays games with visitation, she should lose the residential custody.


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