Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SIF Volenter meet in Chandigarch

After Bangalore , Delhi , Mumbai ,Pune , now it is Chandigarch ,where SIFvolenter meet on Saterday and work out the massive awareness action plan to stopthis legal terrorism in india in the form of misuse of 498a to abuse the age oldParents , Sisters and Small child . Beware from 498a Girls and from their family .
Indian Old Parents and Pregnant Sisters in JAIL?
Especially for UP , West Bangal and other state where AB is not available , not only writpetition , also the use of criminal precuder 226 to get the bail had beendiscussed and one volenter share his own case by which how he got the bail . Also one volenter share his experence how he able to convience to his IO withthe documentry evidecne , he made for last one year and able to come out from498a and save his age old parents to go to jail , though they stay 600 km faraway from chandigarch . The main discussion was how to reach to common people , who had been make blind by NCW with the support of media and all thier sister orginasation??
21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

In the end , it was decided , the main problem is not only modern supernakhsin our society , main problem is modern ravans ( girls greedy parents andbrothers ) , who belive and treat the girls like a comodity , and taking the gurd in thename of dowry harrasement , where as they do all the sowry harrasement and breakthier own daughter or sister family . So , a massive poster and sticker campin will be continue in addition to Delhi and Bangalore , and we have to reach to each and every house with the actual fact of Blood Cancer of498a , which is noting but a blackmailling tools . As a result the more and more crime like rape , call girls , killing of child, abuse of age old parents , abuse of child under single parentings system dayby day incresing and for all this NCW and thier sister orginasation justenjoying the legal terrorism and earning a lot of money through commission . For more SIF Volenters had made in Public Interest :-
Let make all the Law Crime based instead of any assumption , as this is notthe fight between Men vs Women, this is the fight between Criminal vs Innocent.If any one abuse your age old parents and sister in the road waht you will do??Now the question if a dishonest daughter in law abuse a age old parents , yoursister , your samll child , what you will do ??

- There was no suitable answer , as In India there is a whole sale free lincence available to them for Verbal abuse , Mental harrasement , Economical abuse , adultrate realtion , and if any one try to protest the same , he/she along with all age old parents will be behind the bar in a false 498A case ( Legal terrorism ) , for which there is no need a small evidence .. Let be honest and fight for honesty and remove those Modern Supernakhsa andModern Ravns , who misuse the 498a for the shake of fulfilling thier easy way toearn the money with out taking any responsibility .

We wonder , our NCW are really want any women well fare at India or want to give a whole sale free lincence to all Modern Suparnakhs and Modern Ravans of our Society !!


Swarup Sarkar
SIF Volenter self help line to come together ( after office time only ) :-
Chandigarch : 9888562582
Ludhiana :9814971534

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