Thursday, March 16, 2006

" Legal terrorism in India " - Misuse of 498A .

SIF Volenter : Let make this 498A bailable , so that innocent people will not go to jail , only actual criminal will go to jail after getting some evidece that they have done the crulity against thier wife .

NCW Supporter: No , this will be insult to our those sister who had sacrificed thier live to make this law 498A .

SIF Volenter : Ok , Let make this 498A , the punishment hang to death , if you fell the misuse is not happening , so that more and more criminal will get punishment.

NCW supporter: No we can not do that . WHO will pay the Extortion Money ? If husband is hanged , will SIF pay maintance/allomeny ( start from 5 lacks to upto 90 lacks ) to those wives ??

Hope we try to understand why Supreme Court of India term this as " Legal terrorism in India " - Misuse of 498A .

Swarup Sarkar

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At 7:48 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail from :

Cheers SIF Volunteers !!!!.

We BOTH are thinking in same direction.

Check :

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

SIF Activity reaches to Common People - Read Times of India

Some high lights :-

" Sachit Dalal of the Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO, said there were many cases of the anti-dowry law being misused by people. "These cases are just some more examples."

"According to Dalal, it was easier to put pressure on the elderly because of their age. He said his Foundation has as members about 650 people who have faced dowry-related harassment. "

At 6:44 PM, Blogger saveindianchild said...

Latest Update: Haramzdhi's Group so called Deshi Critics or Deshi Cowered writers/blogers dirty face get exposed due to the Voice of Kush "Why 498A can't be applicable for both Mum and Dad ?".

They all get scared and lost thier Night Sleep.

As a Result they thretened to Ban the Name of Kush in thier Group otherwise they will Chop off the Balls of DC Editors/Moderators. At the end the Editor surrender in the Hand to Haramzadhi Feminist writers/blogers and Baned the Name Kush.

AamanURLAugust 4, 200606:04 AM "No prizes for guessing who is 'Baned'"

Fight between Child Killer vs Child Saver will Continue till the time all those Haramzadhi will not be behind the bar for Killing the Child/Child abuse/forcing a child to live under single parenting system.

Save Indain Child form Haramzadhi Feminist group, if you you have some social responsibility , otherwise continue your money earning business through Legal Terrorism in India.

We do not want part time Fathers every night basis...


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