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She might not be knowing waht is 498A !! Am I Right ??

To the writer and Ms. Kiran Walia regarding the article :-,curpg-1.cms

"She might not be knowing waht is 498A !! Am i right ??

But people have some barain .. they understand madam who is lier .

Supreme court of India says Misuse of 498A is a Legal terrorism in India , what you have doen with that ??

498A can be filed by wives and thier family members only , madam !!

Same like killing the child balme to husabnd only , where as the power of killing the child neither god or goverment given to husband hand .
If the Law in a assumption that all the 600 husabnd are criminal and all the 600 wives are abla nari , sorry then we can accept this .

This is nothing but another step to fool the whole nation and stop the correction in 498A ( Anti dowry law ) and continue the legal terrorism in India . Hope we also have some barain madam !!"


Swarup Sarkar

"Kiran Walia, chairperson of the Delhi Commission of Women, agovernment body, said: "It is shameful and disgraceful that childrenare using the anti-dowry law against their own parents." Walia saidthe trend was due to rising materialism in society and lack of respectfor the elderly. She said the police should take strict action againstcouples attempting to misuse the law."It is because of such people that others blame all girls of misusingthe anti-dowry law," she said."----So, she is still blaming the husband and their family instead of Stopping this legal terrorism in India .

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail From :

Sachit, it is good they are publishing a story. But Look at the
comments by this arrogant lady:

Kiran Walia, chairperson of the Delhi Commission of Women, a
government body, said: "It is shameful and disgraceful that children
are using the anti-dowry law against their own parents." Walia said
the trend was due to rising materialism in society and lack of respect
for the elderly. She said the police should take strict action against
couples attempting to misuse the law.
"It is because of such people that others blame all girls of misusing
the anti-dowry law," she said.


So, she is still blaming the husband and their family

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail from :

Subject: Save Indian Parents from Anti-Dowry Laws Misuse
The Indian daughter-in-law (and her husband) in any family who misuses 498a
against her in-laws (since the daughter-in-law has to file the case) does so by
controlling her husband for the purpose of taking him away from his parent's
home and ensuring her own financial security. She is simply following the
philosophy of the NCW and feminist groups. Whatever, these daughter-in-laws are
doing is no different from other women who file false 498a cases against their
husbands who refuse to move out of their parent's house because they do not have
enough money to maintain the lifestyle that the wife wants. Some
daughter-in-laws want to teach their in-law's a lesson because they did not give
in to her demands or refused to tolerate her abusive behavior.

The NCW and feminist groups have brainwashed society into believing that women
cannot file false dowry/rape/sexual harassment cases. However, they forget that
good and bad behavior is not gender specific. It is either inherited or
environmental in origin. Therefore, all genders (men, women and even the
indeterminate-gender groups) irrespective of their sexual leanings, are equally
capable of lying, cheating, abusive behavior and even murder. The only
difference being that abusive women are more likely to get away with most crimes
by simply turning on the tears and playing "the role of the victim" while making
the real victim appear to be the abuser. All the TV serials that reflect what
goes on in society have female characters conniving, manipulating, filing false
rape and dowry accusations, committing adultery and even murder with absolutely
no remorse for their actions, and never being punished for their actions.
Instead, many innocents are shown going to jail or a mental asylum.
Is this not the true face of some Indian women of the 21st century?

The NCW and all feminists are against the patriarchal joint family system (NB.
the feminists are against the husband who wants to look after his parents but
have no problems with the wife who wants only her parents to be looked after by
her husband).
Initially, they wanted that the wife should get all her husband's and in-law's
assets/inheritance just because she supposedly shared her husband's bed. Now,
the NCW and feminists want that right to extend to any woman who shares the
man's bed. However, with young Indian girls starting to sleep around at an early
age, it remains to be seen how the NCW and feminists plan to help them obtain
all material comforts for a life of luxury without having to lift a finger.
Thanks to the preachings of the NCW and feminists, educated girls and married
young women from middle class families resort to prostitution as "time pass" or
an "easy way to make lots of money" to satisfy their physical needs and physical

Over the last few decades, the NCW and feminist groups have been at the helm
of the manipulation of Indian society. I wonder which dark abyss are they
leading it into?

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail from

I feel, because of the Birth of Organisations like SIF, PSS, Sangyabala these
Feminists groups are getting the bashing and are coming under pressure now
slowly but still not accepting this directly that Urban Girls are taking the
advantage of these laws.
So, they are hiding behind such few exceptional stories that these girls tamed
up with their husbands and did this.So, they mean to say again that we are abla
naaris and we do as our dear husbands ask us to.

There are always exceptions, just a few months back a guy killed his mother
for ancestral property, but does it mean that everybody is plotting to kill or
harass his parents for money.

These people like Walia are really sick. To what extent they would go to try
to save their faces.They would comment upon such exceptional stories but not on
hundreds of stoies of misuse of these laws.

Anyway, not far away now, especially after Malimath Commitee report and SIF.


At 6:36 PM, Blogger saveindianchild said...

How such a stupid LAW exist in a country like India ??

This 498a nothing but a family killer .

This is only for extrotion of money and balackmailling .

Are NCW sleeping ??
Stop this legal terrorism in India .

At 3:16 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail From :

God save this country from lack of brain in most men..who just bonded
labour inside marriage and with dull and weaken (diseased) health or
die with diseases at 50s for such labor...

At 6:14 AM, Blogger silbil said...

not that i expect any of you to understand this but read this

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Swarup said...


Several time it had been discussed to stop this men vs women fight , the fight should be criminal vs innocent .

Law should be crime based , the same can not be on assumption , otherwise , more and more crime will increse , which we understand but NCW and the people like you ( male heater ) , only damage the indian women empowerment movement .

May be we do not have good brain like you to lie the people and delete the coment , but have little brain for that .

A moder supernakh is moder supernakha .. they have to be exposed .

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

When First time SIF Volenters raise their voice against Elder abuse and able to show the whole world through WHO Report , Feminist and NCW told to SIF Volenter go to hell , we do not brother if your mother or sister go to jail .

Check this :-

P.S. Your link to my post is not opening , the correct link will be :-

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Some of the highlight :-

"The Poison Tree of “Section 498a”was planted by Feminists and they must take responsibility for any deaths or cruelty incurred to an old and sick elder when a mischievious daughter-in-law files a false complaint. Today, feminists agree that section 498a is misused and yet they bluntly refuse to help any innocent elder approaching them. Does not Nazi Germany compensate other countries for its crimes ? Now, feminists must compensate for elderly “ection 498a misuse”victims by helping them. Media must exercise caution while reporting so called harassment of daughter-in-law stories and try to see the truth behind each story. Many thick skinned Feminists and pseudo-liberals even go to the extent to say “If section 498a is misused, so it be. Why do not these harassed elders protest ?”

It is an extremely unfortuantely scenario in India where old people are told to campaign if they are wronged. The old people having passed their prime, being weak and sick can not shout slogans in the streets. They can not hold protest marches. Often, when they approach Human Rights activists or Feminists oriented NGOs, they are shown the door. "

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail From :

I had seen the news published in TOI and was really happy to c yr name and group name. But in this picture has been revesed by making couple(rather wife misusing 498a) responsible. I could nt understood this. It look media and police is also scared mentioning the truth.

Vinay Kumar

At 3:28 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

Mail From :

Subject: Are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?? – Misuse of 498A
When I first came to know about this link :-
• Monday, November 28, 2005 - Are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?? –
Misuse of 498A

There was nicely written how to avoid a terrorist attack in the form of misue
of 498a and how you can save your age old parents , pregent sister.

As I am lucky enough to worked few days in Militray , one lesson which had
not been thought openly ,

" To Kill a terrorist , some time You have to join hand to them to understand
their weapens and then ..finish them... "

Five 498a misuse case able to open the eyes of Great women Ms. Kiran Walia ,
Times of India , where as last 20 years this Legal terrorism is going on in
India and millions of family had been broken , but neither Ms. Kiran Walia or
Times of India have honesty to say to common people that only 2 % 498a , Dowry
harrasement , case had been proved right and balance 98% case used for earning
the money and blackmailling , for elder abuse .

Even the Superme Court Caution to stop this legal terrorism also does not
allow Ms. Kiran Walia to speek a single word .

So , are you ready to avoid a terrorist attack in the form of 498A ??

Cheers SIF Volenters and my salute to those sons , who had able to open the
eyes of some blind by birth people of India .

Check the TOI opinion section :-

(If any one abuse your old , sick parents and sister , what you
will do ? )


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