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Sachit, an 30 yrs old S/w professional based at Delhi , says :-


We are a group of around 700 families who are opposing biased laws, extortionand corruption in India. Most of us are either IT or other brilliantprofessionals who are fighting against Biased and Cruel Laws.
We also have a group known as saveindianfamily yahoo group.
To know more about us pls visit
To know more about us, pls go to
and search for'saveindianfamily'.
Our group is not only working on internet to create awareness in the societybut WE ALSO MEET IN MUMBAI, LUDHIYANA, CHANDIGARH, PUNE, BANGALORE AND DELHI(Every Saturday). We also have activists in other countries like US etc. We are present acrossthe globe known by different names. A couple of news papers have also published about us and even theinternational news agencies are aware and support our cause. We invite you all to join our group.
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Please find some information regarding “Misuse of Dowry Laws (IPCc 498a)”,commonly known as 'Anti - Dawry Law". As the elderly parents are very much concerned about their reputation in thesociety, so due to fear of insult in society (or getting arrested u/s 498a forno fault of them) they just keep MUM about the torture/cruelity by daughter inlaws. And as the definition of law itself makes it mandatory (for the policeofficers) TO ARREST THE PARENTS WITHOUT ANY ENQUIRY.

Once if the Daughter In Lawfiles an FIR in the police station, it becomes the DUTY of the police officersto Arrest each and every accused. And moreover, the burden of proving themselvesINNOCENT is on the accussed NOT THE COMPLAINANT. The result is, the daughter inlaw threats the Elderly Parents of filing a false complaint and getting themarrested. Due to fear of getting arrested and loosing their reputation they justdo whatever the Daughter In Law is saying. We have heard of a few cases where"After getting arrested for no fault of them, the elderly people feel so ashamedthat they commit suicide".

We suggest : The law should be balanced, so that there is no harrasment to theparents and family. Proper enquiry should happen before any arrests. And weshould make it bailable and cognizable. We are NOT opposing the law itself, Weare opposing its MISUSE.

Also on reputed social organization has said, "Extortion through False dowrycase is a new invention". I fully agree this is an invention but this is notnew. We are a group of around 700 families who are facing (or threatened) of Falsedowry harrasment cases.

The result is "Elder Abuse" on the name of "WomenWelfare". Details about the various news/judgement/article/report :

1. News in The Times of India : News at :

Couples framing parents with dowry NEW DELHI: In a shocking trend, some middle class married women, in leaguewith their husbands, are foisting false dowry charges on their in-laws topressure them to part with their wealth, a Delhi Police official says. According to K.C. Dwivedi, deputy commissioner of police of the Crime AgainstWomen Cell, some married couples hatch a plan to harass and threaten thehusband's parents in order to get a share of the wealth and also to force theelderly parents to live separately. "It seems they do not want to stay with their parents but are only concernedabout their share in the wealth," Dwivedi said. He added that in the past two months, the police had registered around fivesuch cases where married couples framed false charges against their parents "We found that in each of these cases the couples were not only well-educatedand well-placed but came from upper middle class backgrounds," he said. Most of the couples were part of a joint family system and wanted to liveseparately as a nuclear unit and also avoid looking after the parents. According to Dwivedi, the first such case was registered earlier this year.The police discovered later that the young couple had framed their parents. "We came to know the truth when we took help from local police to find outmore about the family," said Dwivedi. "We normally seek out local police in all cases, and it was a routine exercisefor us. But the report surprised us." Counsellors dealing with the case also suggested that the couple was notspeaking the truth, the officer said. "The cases have not been solved and continue to be pending. We are trying forreconciliation between family members," he added. Kiran Walia, chairperson of the Delhi Commission of Women, a government body,said: "It is shameful and disgraceful that children are using the anti-dowry lawagainst their own parents." Walia said the trend was due to rising materialism in society and lack ofrespect for the elderly. She said the police should take strict action againstcouples attempting to misuse the law. "It is because of such people that others blame all girls of misusing theanti-dowry law," she said. Sachit Dalal of the Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO, said there weremany cases of the anti-dowry law being misused by people. "These cases are justsome more examples." According to Dalal, it was easier to put pressure on the elderly because oftheir age. He said his Foundation has as members about 650 people who have faceddowry-related harassment. Delhi Police registers around 8,000 cases of dowry harassment every year.

2. Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement – Even hon’ble SC in its judgement has saidMisuse of Dowry Law as Legal Terrorism. Pls read at :

Dowry law no licence to settle scores: SC R. VENKATARAMAN New Delhi, July 21: The Supreme Court today warned that misuse of anti-dowrylaws could unleash a “new legal terrorism”. A division bench of Justices Arijit Pasayat and H.K. Sema said provisions inthe laws are often being misused to settle personal scores. The judges, however, declined to strike down Section 498A of the Indian PenalCode and Section 113B of the Dowry Abolition Act providing punishment for givingor taking dowry. “Merely because the provisions are constitutional… that does not give alicence to unscrupulous persons to wreck personal vendetta or unleashharassment,” the bench said. The judges said “it may become necessary for the legislature” to find“appropriate” ways to deal with people behind “frivolous complaints orallegations”, as the laws do not give any directions in this regard. The observation is neither a directive nor a mandate under any article of theConstitution. However, the judges said trial should continue in the dowry case that promptedthe apex court’s comments. Courts “have to take care of the situation within the existing framework” tillthe legislature brings a provision to deal with “frivolous” complaints, thebench said. The object of the laws are “to strike at the root of the dowry menace” and the“provision is intended to be used as a shield and not an assassin’s weapon, itsaid. If people cry “wolf” too often as a prank, assistance and protection maynot be available when the actual “wolf” appears”, the court cautioned. “The object of the provision is prevention of the dowry menace. But manyinstances have come to light where the complaints are not bonafide and have beenfiled with an oblique motive. In such cases, acquittal of the accused does notin all cases wipe out the ignominy suffered during and prior to trial. Sometimes, adverse media coverage adds to the misery,” the judges said.

3. World Health Organisation (WHO) Report : "Financial and Legal Harrasment ofElders by daughter in law" (in india) Please read WHO report at

The report said :- "In india there is a law that in intended to protect the daughter-in-law fromabusive in-laws. A daughter in law can go to the police station and lay acomplaint that she is being abused by her in-laws, and the in-laws are arrestedon her word alone. However the focus group participants reported that somedaughters-in-law are using this law as a form of elder abuse,by making falsepolice reports. In general, participants stressed that the lack of caringattitude by daughters-in-law was a major problem. (India)"

4. Stories of the falsely implicated victims available at :-

5. To know more about cruelities by the Indian daughters – in – law, read news at

I request you to please check the following to know more about Misuse of DowryLaw.

6. Pls search at

for "Misuse of 498a" To know more about indian society about Women Crimes pls read news about Crimeby Women at
Read Falsely Implicated Victims Stories at

IPC 498a (Misuse) : Taking/Demanding dowry is a crime and the law was imposedto save the daughter in laws from the cruel famililies. Now a days what ishappenning is shocking. One women (Daughter In Law) is harrassing/torturingATLEAST FOUR other women (Mother In Law, Bhabhi, Sister In Law, Daughter inaddition to the Aged Father in Law). Let me put the whole thing in a logicalway. Now a days the educated, clever and greedy Daughter in laws Misuse of theprocess of Law. They file false complaint against the WHOLE FAMILY members. So,Mother in law, sister in law and bhabhi etc. are ALL PUT IN JAIL WITHOUT ANYINVESTIGATION. The drawback of the system is even the GENUINE DOWRY HARRASMENTCASES GO UNREPORTED AS THE POLICE STATIONS/COURTS ETC. ARE FLOODED WITH FALSECASES.In turn Genuine Ladies are sufferring from Dowry Abuse.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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