Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why Wives Hate to use the Word Couple ?

The best comment I have seen in the whole Blog

When there was a comment by "Anushka"
"If every married man would be considerate enough only to be honest and balance rightly, none of the marriages would be ending in a divorce or bitter court battles. "

In response , WHO Says :-

"If every married Couple would be considerate enough only to be honest and balance rightly, none of the marriages would be ending in a divorce or bitter court battles.

Only one word change " men" to "Couple", now you look how it works .A lot of your auntie do not agree to that as a result this fight in this blog started . "

One more gives me some evidence of the above argument :-

Expose of a good English Writer "Neha" change the stand as per convinces .

Neha made two different comment for the same Issue of "In a shocking trend, some middle class married women, in LEAGUE with their husbands, are foisting false dowry charges on THEIR in-laws to pressure them to part with their wealth, a Delhi Police official says"

First comment , "coming to the article its concerning that old people who have taken the trouble to save some money for their old age are faced by a threat by their own son who extorts money from them (leave alone any expectation to fulfill by serving his aged parents). "

Then the Question by Kush ," Neha auntie , would you please tell me who can file 498A and dowry case , a son or a daughter in law ?"

Neha Aunti have to Change her statement as under :-
"So it is very clear that who ALL together as couples ,as teams are responsible for this ."

A lot more are there , but sorry not possible to explain all , you can go there and observe at your own .

But this discussion lead me to reproduce my thoughts :-

" If we look back the history of India , Indian Men had given all the benefit and benefit of doughty to Indian women by sacrificing their own life .

Stop this men vs women fight , otherwise the day will not be too far when we all will reach to 22nd century , there will not be any difference between human and animals.

As a women you have to decided what you want :-
If you want love , respect , you will get it.
If you want to be raped , you will get rapist .
If you want violence , you will get violence .
If you want harmony , you will get harmony .
If you want NCW , you will get SIF !!
You asked , you want free education , we say take it.
You asked less tax on income , we say take it .
You say , you want less covered cloth , we say take it .
You say , you want equal job , we say take it .

But at the same time , you want every thing as a whole sale free lincence and all the law especially made to save you , like 498A , 304B , 302 .. where no evidence required only your statement is sufficient to send a person behind the bar irrespective of they are criminal or innocent , you started to misuse the same in such a way that supreme court of India says - this is leads to legal terrorism .

How do you feel ??

Whatever you have asked , we had given you , still you want more and more ??

Take it , no problem , but please understand history wittiness , terrorist activity can not give you freedom .

The way you are killing the child as a whole sale free license , before they born , very soon you all will get the punishment for that also .

So let you first decided what you want , you want to be sexy , but if some one say to you sexy , learn to adopt the same also .

Otherwise be prepare for 22nd century , we have seen 21st century , let wait for 22nd century ."

Why Wives Hate to use the Word Couple ?

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At 3:42 AM, Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

law is equally applicable to all irrespective of language. Hence anyone is free to talk about it. Why does one get personal like this? Just because one is short of facts?

english me speakte speakte yeh nahi forgetneka ke englishbhashi log ko dv bill lag sakta hai, and vernacbhashi aurat bhi 498a laga sakti hai.

Swarup Dada you are going well. You are going at your best.
Lagey Raho.

My Luv to Kush. :-D


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