Saturday, April 22, 2006

498A Girls Suicide : Day of suicides in Capital

"Five cases of suicides ( 498A Girls ) were reported from different parts of theCapital on Friday"

The first reaction from Santhakaha

"How dare this idiotic writer mentioning about in-laws harrassing herwhen 498a is in court...these kind of reporters are mindless idiots....court hasn't given judgement yet..."

This is 498A , once the false case made it is not possible to save that familyany more and the High Courts and Supreme Courts are not fool to say this is afamily killer law and this is used mainly for extrotion of money , Supreme court asks to stop the legal terrorism in the form of 498A and antidowry law , but who cares ?.

More than 20 ,000 Indian husabnds sucides last years ( SOWRY DEATH ) due to thier wives threat and harrasement against 7000 wives sucides and all the Wives sucided irrespective the same for any reason , the dishonest people had taken the word as "Dowry death " and hiding to save thier face and try to get away from thier own Crime of Blackmailling and Extrotion of Money my misusing the 498A, where as those 20000 Sowry death had been never ever reported , as it seems Indian husabnds born to die like a cats or dogs .

But every thing have a limit , let them to decided waht they want violence /more crime or a domestic harmoney .

It was my prediction , that if this 498A ,Dv act continue in the same form ,there will be two option for a 498A gilrs ,

- Either sucide to avoid the punishment to avoid the false case filed or

- Go to National highway for getting a part time husabnd , forget the marrigae they way western women doing today .

Hope my predication should be wrong , but the actual reality proves my predication is right .

So let you decided waht you want Save Indian Family ( SIF ) or Break Indianfamily ( BIF ) . Choice is yours , whatever you want you will get the same .

Long back i had allready mentioned the same :-
498A Girl ( Shalini ) End her Life after 3 Years – to avoid the Punishment forFalse allegation.

Delhi Court refuses Bail to Sanjay for marring A - 498A Girl.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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At 12:23 AM, Blogger saveindianchild said...

So at last some 498A family getting their own medicine ?

At 11:37 PM, Blogger saveindianchild said...

Latest Update: Haramzdhi's Group so called Deshi Critics or Deshi Cowered writers/blogers dirty face get exposed due to the Voice of Kush "Why 498A can't be applicable for both Mum and Dad ?".

They all get scared and lost thier Night Sleep.

As a Result they thretened to Ban the Name of Kush in thier Group otherwise they will Chop off the Balls of DC Editors/Moderators. At the end the Editor surrender in the Hand to Haramzadhi Feminist writers/blogers and Baned the Name Kush.

AamanURLAugust 4, 200606:04 AM "No prizes for guessing who is 'Baned'"

Fight between Child Killer vs Child Saver will Continue till the time all those Haramzadhi will not be behind the bar for Killing the Child/Child abuse/forcing a child to live under single parenting system.

Save Indain Child form Haramzadhi Feminist group, if you you have some social responsibility , otherwise continue your money earning business through Legal Terrorism in India.

We do not want part time Fathers every night basis...


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