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Land Mark Judgement for Indian Wives

Land Mark Judgement for Indian Wives !!!

In a Land mark Judgement , Kolkata - Bharasat City Court award a Maintence to Mrs. Lee of Rs.12 ,500 per month .

She claimed her Husband earns more than 30,000/- but she had not submitted any proof for that .

Mr. Lee , submitted his IT return for the Year 2005-2006 , where it was mentioned his Yeraly Income 121000 /- i.e approximately 10000/- Per month.

( Court think the IT Return is not a valid documents , where as Mrs. Lee own statement is true ).

So a husband whose Income is approximate 10,000/- per month have to pay Rs.12500/- per month maintance to his wife .

Here we have to mentioned that , his wife is facing a criminal case for killing the child at Delhi court ( 312/315/384/406/506 ) , but kolkata city court does not consider that as the killing the child is Indian women on Birth right .
Is Lee done the Mistake by respecting the Anti Dowry LAW ??

So at last Mr. Lee able to prove to the whole world that he also have some status and standard , though her wife made allegations against him that , He was a Railway Hoker , he is from a OBC Cast family , he is a money merger ..etc.

But I think he proved wrong to all , as I have seen the wife of a MP/MLA does not get a maintance in Kolkata more than Rs.2500/- Per month .

When we contact to Mr. Lee and want to know his feeling , Mr. Lee Says , " I think I am lucky that Judge was kind enough to give me a discount of Rs.2500/- from my wife's demand of 15000/- . This was her first demand after our marriage , as I can not able to pay more than 1500/- per month two full year when she stay with me at Delhi to run the whole family expenses , which she also accepted in another Court petition at Delhi , but now she want Rs.15000/- at any cost as her life style had changed in Kolkata ."

Further he added , " I think my wife had done a mistake , she should have asked Rs.50,000/- instead of Rs.15000/- , so Judge might have given her Rs.40000/- . It is totally useless agreement , what I earn , it is important how much money she need to maintain her life style , and it is our duty to earn the same at any cost like robbery , murder , extortion ..etc."

Mrs . Lee was busy for the Night Party , So She was not ready to comment any thing regarding this , how she manage to got this Land mark Judgement .

The Laywer Mr. Kuntal Maitry said , " Yes this is a land Mark Judgement , and we really surprised , when we first came to know about this judgment ."

Though I have no right to make any coment regarding this Judgement , but it open the eyes of a Lot of People , that , " If you work Hard , you can get such type of Judgement very eaisly as every One knows , How Indian LAW and Judges Work ."

Latest Update on 06/10/06:-

Under Section 24 - Maintance Nill- Is not another breaking News???

Today the judgement for Lee in Delhi court , Judge Mr. K.S.Pal , had giventhe order , that lee's wife does not entintile any maintance under section24 as she had not provided any evidence of source of income of Mr. Lee insection 24.

Further added , as lee was emplyed in 2005-2006 his it returns shows theIncome was Rs.10000/- per month and subsequently he had lost the job andtoday looking for job.Hence no maintance to Mrs. Lee , only a litigation charge of Rs.5000/- to begiven to her for expenses at one time.

Sincer thanks to Mr. Prasant and Mr. Mahesh Tiwari , for the continoussupport and put a strong argument in front of judge.

The detail of the Judgement will be available shortly.

Do not forget to go through the the judgement under 125 earlier by Kolkatacourt for Mr.Lee. .Maintance Rs.12500/- per month.

Land Mark Judgement for IndianWives


One learning , never miss the court date irrespective of any situation.Ensure your laywer present your case as per your idea, you will get justice.

Now it will be very interesting to see, waht supreme court says, kolkatacourt say maintance Rs.12500/- under 125 and delhi court say maintance Nill under Section 24.

Same evidence , same case , same persone.. why such difference??

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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