Monday, April 24, 2006

Neha - Who support child killing her on birth right !!

Neha - Who support child killing her on birth right !!

Her coment First coment :-

"Oh no...this fellow sucks.
Do you know he enjoys bugging everyone. He has no wife, no life, his wife ran away from him and now he sucks our blood."

Second coment :"Aaman will you do something about this guy."

Third coment : "Bharati
did u get the message.
Some one sounds like a farmer...who said that"

She had been exposed several time by SIf Volenters and all the same had been seen by whole world .
Why Wives Hate to use the Word Couple ?

Now started it seems She started to bribe to the editor of the deshicritics also and asking to delete all the coment of whoever say "I belive in SIF voice" only those coment should be thier who hide thier Indentity and voice for BIF .

And the editor at last bend his keen to her , after all who dare to be termed as Anti-Women ( the way a lot of People Bend thier Knee to Politically Correct Postitutes to avoid the term Anti-women ).

The type of women Neha are the main cuplprit if , today your Mother and sister are suffering in India .

This type of women Neha are responsible if you have lost your your Child before they born !!

Are we all Indian really Blind and allow such type of women who are sitting out side countery and enjoying all the whole sale free lincence and killing our Mother , Sister and child like a " Machhar " ?

Will You forgive them ?

We wonder that at last the bribe system started In Internate also !!!!!

Just enjoy the terrorist activity of Modern Supernakha , as Supreme court allready say , " Stop this Legal Terrorism In India " , but who cares ?

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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