Monday, August 21, 2006

"I have killed my Nagin wife. Put me behind bars."

"I have killed my Nagin wife. Put me behind bars."

40-year-old Swapan Biswas, an employee of State Bank of India's Jadavpur branch, married Aparna (28) early last year. But soon after his marriage, he came to know that She prefers to have sex with her boy Friends instead of with her Husbands.

Sever time Swapan request her , wht is the problem? If she does not like to have sex to his Husabnd , why she got married and spoiled his Life ?

Swapan says , after marriage in the last four month he had sex with his wife only tiwice.

He had explained the situation to her wife's family several time , but he only get abused from them and threating that he should just keep mum and one day she will cahange.

Now , last month sudeenly , Aparna said she is pregent and want to abort the child !!!

Swapan totally shocked and asked how she can be pregent , when he had not have any sex in last three month ?

Aparna started to hit her stomack and repetedely says , now you see waht the hell I can do to you and your whole family by 498A and other IPC LAW.

In this country no one will belive your alligation and I will Put all of you behind the bar along with your sister and mother.

Swapan totally shocked , is this called Institution of marriage ?

His own wife sleeping with other part time boy frineds and refused to sleep with him , but in front of LAW he will be punished !!!

Not only he , along with him his mother and sister also to be punihsed as he can't accept her wife's whole sale free adultarate relationshp.

Legal justice system aginst Swapan. Aparna do the adultrate and pregent by her boy frined , but still Law will Punsih him only, if he does not dance as per Aparna's instructions.

Socail Justice against Swapan. No media will publish his story as they are scared by all the Terrorist Women orginasations , if they can break the Chair of Delhi Court Judges and get scot free , what they can do with Media office.

We fell sorry for those Jurnalist in the Media, they can't expose a bad women of our society.

Now, what option left for Swapan ?

For a moment he thought , he will prefer to sucide , but suddenly he realised if he sucide , this devoted Nagin will bite furter innocent people in the name of "wife".

Result and evidence :"I have killed my Nagin wife. Put me behind bars."

Every year more than 50,000 husabnds family are suffering in the Hand of such devoted women who does not respect the Institution of marrige , misuse the 498A and other IPC LAW to hide thier own crime and those husabnds family just suffering silently. Last year more than 22000 husabnds had sucided as they can't tolerate the continouse Nagging and assult by thier wives , but no wives had been put behind the bar.

Where as less 7000 wives made sucided and each and every case not only Husabnd, all his age old parents, his sister , his sister's husabnds and child also send behind the bar !!!!

Wonder why such double standared in Indian LAW and society!!!

I am not saying that what Swapan had done is right and every husabnd should follow the same , but the question is if a "Husabnd" refused to have a Legal and social Justice and in India continue this "Legal Terrorism " in the form of threat and misuse of 498A , the time will not be too far when millions of Swapan will be born in this country.

Today Slowly Indian Men are coming out from Modern Ravan mind set to Modern Laxman mind set and say :

" If our Goverment does not give us the legal justice, if our society does not give us social justice , at least we can ensure that what ever happened to me should not happen to others. A devoted Nagin should not be allowed to go scot free."

Jai Hind , Inclub Jindabad....and ready to take the punishment hang to death with smile and say

"I have killed my Nagin wife. Put me behind bars."

We have to decided we want:

" Domestic Violence or Domestic Harmoney ?"

With High Regards
Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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At 3:53 AM, Blogger saveindianchild said...

My salute to Swapan uncle at least one nagin had been killed.
Jai hind.. Vhanda mataram..

In club Jindabad...


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