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Kahani ghar ghar ki- Legal Terrorism in the from of false 498a

Kahani ghar ghar ki- Legal Terrorism in the from of false 498a

The increasing number of Sowry ( reverse Dowry)-related deaths has highlighted the fact that this immoral practice is rampant among the educated sections of urban society( More than 23000 husabnd’s life had been gone in last year , but not a single case those wives had been even questioned , forget any punishment).

Case I: Pandu Ram gave both cash , a house and Plot as Sowry ( reverse Dowry) after he got married to a well-educated family friend. Once married, his greedy in-laws started pestering him for more money. Unable to bear the constant bickering, Pandu Ram lodged a complaint against them recently.

Case II: Manish Sharma had a love marriage a few years ago, which soon turned into a nightmare. He was taunted and physically harassed by his wife and in-laws for not giving Sowry ( A Polt in wivef’s brother name of worth 30 Lacks) after the marriage.

But the fact remains that Manish gives a major chunk of his salary each month to his wife. Pandu Ram and Manish are not the only ones who face Sowry ( reverse Dowry) woes in the urban, upper echelons of our society.

Their wives and in-laws are well-educated, money minded people and seem far removed from the scheming and wicked in-laws of a rural setting that we have known.

Welcome to the harsh reality where highly-educated women, who are aware of their fundamental rights and can handle a balance sheet with ease, continuously threat for a false 498a and all the husbands family including age old parents and pregent sister will be behind the bar , does not hesitate to report false instances of dowry harassment.

Anil Gupta, a psychiatrist, attributes the societal system as the main cause as Indian Husbands are treated as a “Free ATM Machine” by their wives irrespective she earns Rs.50K or 60K per month.

The society we live in requires us to keep the entire issue hush-hush. Husbands are hesitant to report Sowry ( reverse Dowry) related grievances for fear of public reactions.

Parents and realtive should extend full support to their Child who stand up against such miserable acts , threat of false 498a.

For Bharti of Asha Kiran says , the fact that the educated indulge in the practice of Sowry ( reverse Dowry) does not come as a surprise. The more educated and rich one is, the greater are the demands, they says. But there are huge no who spurn such unscrupulous practices do the legal terrorism and earn the money by threat of false 498a.

Like Sunit Singh , a lecturer, who refused to sell himself when a highly-educated, rich yet greedy wives family demand for Sowry ( reverse dowry) and continuously threat to forget his widow mother and live separately , He proudly says , let me send behind the bar in false 498a , but will not surrender in the hand of legal terrorist .

Education aims to liberate but unfortunately, people have only managed to become literate, and not emancipated, Bharti says.

The Dowry Prohibition Act was implemented in 1961 and amended twice , but never consider the Sowry( reverse dowry) harassment case..

Mahses Tiwari , an advocate young Supreme court says, Any kind of tangible demand made before or after the marriage by the wife or her family for the fulfillment of marriage terms , the non fulfillment of which leads to consequential harassment , should not be tolerated.

But till more and more Husbands take recourse to the legal system, Sowry ( reverse of dowry) will continue to remain a social menace and the legal terrorism in the form of 498a will kill our institution of marriage in India.

As a result more and more crime and single parenting child will increase day by day.

It is the time to decided by our LAW maker , those people do the Sowry harassment to be exposed in the society or not.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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