Monday, November 27, 2006

Are we ready to provide a Better future for our Child ?

Are we ready to provide a Better future for our Child ?

21st Century Feminsit Chunevists( Modern Supernakhs) and Male Chunevists ( Modern Ravans) , try to says , marriage is all about equality about both the partern.

Read this: FEMALE CHAUVINIST PIGS: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy.,,23110-1990302,00.html


Female society seems to be divided into women who
find the pornification of their universe (Hollywood waxes, plastic breasts,
group sex, lap-dancing classes at the community centre) cause for enthusiastic
celebration — so post-feminist and empowering, don’t you know — and those who
look on, bewildered, creeped-out and really quite alarmed by the pert new
tits-out, legs-apart world they find themselves living in.
But , in the name of equality , they want whole sale free Lincence for all wives :

As per them as soon as they get a MBA degree, Indian wives get:-

- Whole sale free license for multiple adult rite relationship

- Whole sale free license for abuse and sending Jail your age old Parents and Pregent sister

- Whole sale free license for killing your Child

- Whole sale free license for Child abuse under single parenting system

- Whole sale free license for asking her husband to kiss her feet every day morning

- Whole sale free license to refuse a cup of tea with husband in the morning,
because they will be busy at mid night Pub for “TAKILA” drink and 555 Cigarettes.

The story does not end here, they want each and every think as per 21st century, but when it comes for break up (as 55% divorce case filed by wives with a 498a, dowry harassment case) want huge money in the name of abala nari (16th century Indian wives) like maintance, alimony, house..etc. That time they suddenly forget their MBA degree and start claiming she is a Perfect Indian Wife and she deserves all the sympathy as per Indian Institution of Marriage.

Wonder is this called "Equality"?

New Laws of Marriage - An article by India Today deputy editor Dr. Damayanti Datta reviewed, by Raj Kaushal at

Let the whole nation decide.

If any LAW maker does not have the sufficient knowledge , then why they make such a stupid LAW ??

Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

In all the article , they are nicely ignored the sucide stastics of Men vs Women after marriage.

Is it intentional attemepet to hide the truth behind the Carpet?

The fact is :
"Indian National Crime Bureau says,Nearly 44.7% of the suicide victims were married males while only 25% were married females.The ratio of Male : Female victims of suicide was 63 : 37."

At the end we have to wait and watch , when this "Legal Terrorism" in India stopped and in that process how many Indian child have to live thier life under Part time Fathers.

And when the "Institution of Marriage" will get killed , who will be the more suffer ?

Indian Women or Indian Men ?

Are we ready to provede a Better future for our Child ?

Let fight for Justice , Let fight against the evil of our Country irrespective of any sex or caste.

With High Regards
Swarup Sarkar

P.S. Used False stastics by U.N.Population Fund , that 70% Indian women beaten by Husbands.
November 29, 2006

Using a chart published in a 2005 U.N. Population Fund report -- which
the U.N. agency now says was misleading -- a London Daily Telegraph article
published in Nov. 13 editions of The Washington Times incorrectly stated the
frequency of wife abuse in India. The agency says that it does not have
sufficient data to provide such a figure and that the chart was intended to show
that 70 percent of Indian women who were abused by their husbands think such
abuse is justified in at least some circumstances.

Read The Statemans News: ‘Domestic Violence Act bound to be misused’
Q: Why not talk about your issue with the new act on
domestic violence?
Pandurang: One of the immediate issues relates to Section
19 (b). Under this,
the magistrate may direct the respondent to remove
himself from the shared
household. Now this is something which I feel is
most unfair to the men.
According to me, not even murderers or terrorists
are directed to do so. It is
basically the denial of residential rights to
the man without any hearing.
Similarly, another section says that the
magistrate may require a bond with or
without sureties for preventing the
commission of domestic violence. Kindly tell
me, if the whole family of a
husband gets accused, who will give the sureties?
Isn’t it absurd? Likewise,
another section speaks of the woman’s right to file a
complaint under
Section 498 (a) of the IPC.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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