Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Domestic violence Against Husbands on increase in the city , Bangalore.

Domestic violence Against Husbands on increase in the city , Bangalore.

Thousands of techie's sorry tale of being beaten up by his wife made us think behond resonable that women are misusing laws (a little too flabbergasting considering the fact that the `victim' just needed to take a peek into the history and draw inspiration to bash up his wife in retaliation!), digest this: on an average, more than 170 married men are lost their life each month in Bangalore district due to their abusive wives.

Husband Killers are moving freely in our Society , who knows you will not be the Next?

Indian National Crime Bureau says,Nearly 44.7% of the suicide victims were married males while only 25% were married females. The ratio of Male : Female victims of suicide was 63 : 37.

For God’s sake, please look at Suicide Statistics of males and females in SIF-Statistics Page(Please click here).

“These are the statistics emanating from Crime Bureau registered data alone and do not include the cases admitted at private Hospital, many upper class people go to private hospitals where such cases are easily hushed up with the help of corrupt police who push them into ‘unnatural deaths’ ledgers,” says Sumanth of Save Indian Family Foundation, the NGO Asha Kiran that spearheaded the campaign to stop the “Legal Terrorism of India” with reference to Supreme Court of India’s observations, against dowry - Section 498 A – to be corrected.”

What's more, although most of the victims die, less than 2 percent of the cases (only 3 to 4 cases) get registered in a month.

Dowry demand by Modern Wives in the form of New Car and New Houses, tops the list of the crimes, followed by dishonest wife’s adulterate, demand for whole sale free lenience to kill the child before they born etc.

These figures do not include cases of hanging, poisoning and Proxy murder by their Boy friends.

These are not not cooked-up statistics nor those churned out of tinpot surveys or haphazard SMS polls.

These are the stories of poorest of poor men, some are from IIT,IIM ,India’s best medical or engineering college , today earning more than lacks of rupees by their hard work day night, whose lives were wrenchingly cut short by criminal Wives (some alcoholic) and in-laws; these are the men who were buried and conveniently forgotten by a city that thinks no end of itself.

Save Indian Family in association of My and, has posted more than 20 help line nos., which note down each loss of life of Indian Husbands.

Gaurave and his colleagues have been witness to hundreds of deaths. Gaurave rues: “Since January 2006, I have myself witnessed nearly 7750 loss of Indian Husbands mental stability. Of which, less than 5% percent survived and still lesser percent of cases are discharged on medical advice. It's a pathetic situation. Most cases are not registered because the police do not conduct spot inspections. They even say they cannot do much when the victims themselves term it a ‘loss of Job’, an ‘accident’, etc.”

Some doctors even convince the victim's relatives and get him admitted to private hospitals.

These cases do not figure in police registers either.“The situation is very disturbing. Any man who sustains 20-30 percent of mental , verbal ,physical, assault has a chance of surviving. But because of the pathetic conditions in the hospital, they develop infections and die. And those who sustain more than 50 percent mental, verbal, physical, assault of have a lesser chance of survival,” adds Mahesh Tiwari , a Supreme Court Lawyer of Delhi , who had been witness of thousands of such cases in his short terms of Practice.

Profoundly shattering as these findings are, Media also point at the silence hovering over the graves of these men buried along with the hushed-up crimes.

Juxtapose this with the noise being made over male software employees being harassed by their wives; what emerges clearly is this appalling fact: that it is anything but natural for Indian Husbands are loosing their life at the hand of their abusive wife and for that forget any punishment , there is not a small warning to those Legal Terrorism Organizations in the name of Women well fare, who had been heavily funded not only by our Congress Government , they had been heavily funded by outside country to kill the institution of marriage ( through 498A , DV Act , one sided maintance act Section 125) and make a huge single parenting system where our child should suffer in the hand of their part time father’s.

Are we ready to come in this hard reality and punish those Indian
Husband killers?

With Regards
Swarup Sarkar

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