Friday, December 22, 2006

Diverting the real cause of Female Fotecide

Diverting the real cause of Female Fotecide .

This with reference to your below article regarding the study of FemaleFoticide.

Nice to see a Jurnalist like you highlight the issue , but as usual tried hardto divert the real cause of Female Fotecite Problem of India.

When the loop sided abortion LAW says child killing is Indian Women’s on
Birth right , how the female fotecite will be stopped?

Request to go through the below article to update your knowledge :
Girl Child –Still a Burden for Indian Wives?

Killing of the girl child, discarding her at trash, finding ways to get rid her because she is considered a burden –Female infanticide and foeticide.

These days the cost of a girl child’s life is cheaper than the cost of a
shirt.That’s how cheap it gets!!Can it get any worst than this??

From time memorial it has been happening and continues to happen even today. Itis absolutely deplorable that we as a society still have not overcome thiscrisis or change the perception of Indian Wives, who consider the girl child aburden.

The core reason behind female infanticide and foeticide has, is and will alwaysbe refusing to give her right equall to the male child by their Parents , interms of Education, Parental Property and ensure that she should depend on herhusabnds money and property .

Then Selfish , money minded, greddy parents fear of their inability to earnmoney in the future for their daughter makes them kill her at birth and manytimes even before by aborting the foetus, or find ways to dispose her off.Instead of curbing it, it is still occurring, is disgustingly prevalent and only taking a worst shape.

In media Openly the Indian Women deceler that she had killed the child by thehelp of Internate kit available , but not a single women activist demand topunish her.

Seven Female Doctor Suspended for Killing the Child.

But is the punishment sufficient for that Crime ? Why the women who had aborted the child had not been questioned or given a warning?

As per Ranjana Mishra , a so called Social Activist , openly say in Star
NewsPrograme ,
“Indian Women have on birht right to kill the child. No one
canquestion them and Indian Husband does not have any right to ask them why
theyhave killed the un born Child.”

Neither God or Indian LAW had given any power to kill the Child In the Hnad ofIndian Men , then why to blame to Men?

As per study done by SIF ( Save Indian Family) , more than 90% husbands want agirl child, but it is their well educated , well earning wives want the malechild.

“Beti Bachaao” (Save Daughter) - Saturday Evening Party at India Gate- NewDelhi.

Education aims to liberate but unfortunately, people have only managed
to becomeliterate, and not emancipated, Bharti says.

At last , I do not know your editor had edited the view or it is your intentional attempet to divert the issue to find any techinical solution for theProblem.

We expect a honest , fareless jurnalsim from you and show the Indian
People the real solution based Jurnalsim instead of half information and desparate attempetto divert the real cause of Female Fotecide.

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion andcaste)
Save Indian Family


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