Friday, December 29, 2006

India TV Breaking News: A Daughter Have to Leave the School!!!

India TV Breaking News: A Daughter Have to Leave the School!!!

We have witness a lot of Mothers, who even work as a maid servant to their child a Engineer/Doctor/Managers, it is another story today those mothers are behind the Four wall of Jail without any investigation in their age of over 55 or even 65 and as per Our National Commission of Women (NCW), they do not fulfill the NCW’s Criteria or definitation of Women as they are Husband’s Mother.

BEING a child under single parenting is no easy task .Handling the
Study, finance, hose hold work, find a job and handling parents is as
challenging as it could get. But, there are an increasing number of Wife who are not brother about the child future and prefers to through the Children under Single parenting System for their own so called comfort, freedom, support of Feminism and teach a lesson to their Husband, thanks to our LAW maker for making 498A, DV act and so called Anti dowry LAW, by which they are getting huge money as maintance and alimony , which recently Supreme court of India describe as "
Legal Terrorism " ( Basically all these LAW are made to Kill the Institution of marriage in India , as you can see the marriage rate in US is less than 40 % , In Ireland less than 2 % , and those people are working to make the same situation in India Also ) .

We would like to appreciate the Whole India TV Team for the effort to show our So called Educated Society, how a well educated English speaking Young Energetic 21st century Women by misusing the sympathy of the “Word” Mother and few drops of Water, can ensured that the small child have to leave the School and how the Ministry and Police have participated to ensure the same, without any small investigation or even considering the education future of the small Child.

We witness in your Breaking News the so called Mother continuously tried hard to grab the Child from the Unfortunate Father as per her Laywer advice , so that she can file a false 498a and earn a Huge money in the name of Maintance and allomoney.

Where as the Father shown each and every evidence:

1. She had Killed two child before they born and tried to kill this child also before born as a result the child born as a week.
2. She filed the kidnapping case of the child against the father , where the court had already found the alligation is wrong.
3. She herself left the house of ahmadabad and staying in Delhi , without any concern of the child and the unfortunate father had successfully taken the responsibility of a Father and Mother.
4. In Last one and half years she never ever brother to go the school of the child to meet her on holiday , but visited several NGO/Media/Police Officers and even Ministry and used her all lie to put pressure on to school authority and tried to drag them in her own Personnel benefit
5. In the court , though the Judge tried hard to reconcile the dispute, where as she even threat that she will file a false 498a ( dowry case) even after 7 years of marriage not only against her husbands against her sister-in-law’s Husabnds!!!
6. The child’s Birthday on 15th and School Holiday for meeting the child on 9th but she go to school on 6th and demand the Custedy of child in the name of Birthday , which had been exposed
in your breaking News.

Like that a lot of evidence clearly shows, her desperate attempt to use the child as a Blackmailing and money earning tools, nothing else.

Happy to see a fortunate father who had able to establish his evidence in front of court and able to secure a child’s future and we all are with him in his this fight and ensure a good education for the Child, but reality is more than 99% cases the unfortunate fathers have to cry in their bed room or bath room for see the face of their child for get about the custody.
Their only job to pay the maintance and allomeny in the name of child that’s all. They even do not allowed to cry in front of media.

Education aims us to became liberal and as we believe women empowerment is men’s empowerment and the fight of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Iswar Chandra Bidya Shagar ensure that , but today we wonder it make us liberal of only literate?

Existing lopesided 498a and DV Act , will definitely ensure such suffering of child more and more as we witness the way Divorce rate are increasing not only among the couple who does not have child , those couple with child after a successful marriage of more than 5 Years also.

But is our government and so called National Commission of Women and Child well fare Minister have any concern for that ?

We request to your whole India TV team to take up the issue honestly and at least try to Stop this Single parenting System in your India Bole Programme.

If You can save a single child to avoid face such situation , that will be a great award for you instead of any so called SMS award or Corporate Sponsored “Best News Channel” .

Rajat Ji , let us be honest do the Journalism honestly without ( Your Indian TV Team done it Before also) any vested interest and try to take some Social responsibility and do some Preventive Action instead of Break Down Repair.

Is it not the time came for India also to go for 50: 50 Child custody in favour of Father and Mother or Joint Child custody Law?

With High Regards
Swarup Sarkar


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