Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ponds Campaign Withdrawn ????

Dear Respected Memebrs and our Media Honest Friends,

This Ponds ads was not against to stop the domestic violence , this was to provoke the domestic violence in our family life and money earning agenda .

Ponds Campaign Withdrawn ????

Well done guys and thanks to Ponds authority also to respect our view and stop airing the Advertisement.

Reference:Used False stastics by U.N.Population Fund , that 70% Indian women beaten by Husbands.
Used False stastics by U.N.Population Fund , that 70% Indian women beaten by Husbands.
CorrectionNovember 29, 2006
Using a chart published in a 2005 U.N. Population Fund report — which the U.N. agency now says was misleading — a London Daily Telegraph article published in Nov. 13 editions of The Washington Times incorrectly stated the frequency of wife abuse in India. The agency says that it does not have sufficient data to provide such a figure and that the chart was intended to show that 70 percent of Indian women who were abused by their husbands think such abuse is justified in at least some circumstances.

Today whole world need the awareness for domestic harmony not the doemstic violence provocation awareness.

As a SIF volenters we will try to show the whole world what is wrong and what is right.

Our law maker do not understadn the basis, but corporate wolrd should take the responisble stand instead of just making money.

Any way our promise to Ponds authority also will be honered as they honnered our view , and no SIF husbands family will file any case against Ponds advertisement authority for breaking the domestic harmoney.
Also we will review our action plan time beign to burn the Ponds Product in fornt of Public and show the whole world , how they were trying to destroy the doemstic harmony of India.

Hope all other corporate world also understand the need of domestic harmony instead of domestic violence provocation.

Let fight for truth and make the law crime based instead of some assumption and provocation .

Our LAW Makers don't learn from the Mistake , instead of correcting the Mistake , they want another Blood Cancer , Domestic Violence Act , which is so badly Drafted that the Indian Good Women's Life will be miserable and one more step to :
Cheating and Fooling the Indian Women for Vote Bank !!

So say "No to Domestic Violence Act" , we want "Domestic Harmoney Act" to stop the legal Terrorism of India .

Let all the nation to Decided , what they Want , Volence or harmoney ??

Let Save Indian Family , Let save the Institution of Marrige for a Better tomorrow for our Child .

With High Regards

Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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