Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why NCW shielding Adulterous women??

Why NCW shielding Adulterous women??

Live Viedo CNBC News: NCW Vs. Swarup's View.

Women cannot be punished for adultery , justification by National Commission women(NCW) is very much unfortunate.

As a Indian men we always given the huge respect to Indian Women and irrespective of any situation taken the pain and support them in terms of FUND as well as special Power for well fare of Indian women.

But it seems they have totally changed the meaning of the word “Women”.

As per them a Women= Adulterous Women only.

It is high time our Government should review the Power and Fund given to NCW , till the time the water goes out of Head.

Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion andcaste. Then only the real criminal will be punished and innocent will be saved in this country. Otherwise the criminals will move freely in the society and the innocent people will be behind the Bar under Legal Terrorism by National Commission of Women( NCW).

But , NCW want a Whole sale free lenience to do the adulterate relationship, wonder why?

Is there any vested interest there ?

So the question, dear Indian Husbands are you ready to come in 21st Century
reality or still prefer to stay in 16th Century mind set???

As per
them as soon as they get a MBA degree, Indian wives get:-

- Whole
sale free license for multiple adult rite relationship
- Whole sale free
license for abuse and sending Jail your age old Parents and Pregent sister
Whole sale free license for killing your Child
- Whole sale free license for
Child abuse under single parenting system
- Whole sale free license for
asking her husband to kiss her feet every day morning
- Whole sale free
license to refuse a cup of tea with husband in the morning, because they will be
busy at mid night Pub for “TAKILA” drink and 555 Cigarettes.

story does not end here, they want each and every think as per 21st century, but
when it comes for break up (as 55% divorce case filed by wives with a 498a,
dowry harassment case) want huge money in the name of abala nari (16th century
Indian wives) like maintance, alimony, house..etc. That time they suddenly
forget their MBA degree and start claiming she is a Perfect Indian Wife and she
deserves all the sympathy as per Indian Institution of Marriage.

Indian LAW and Justice system believe, all women born in Raja Harish Chandra Family, as a witness we find the LAW like 498a, DV act, where her Verbal word itself sufficient to send any X,Y or Z behind the bar irrespective the allegation is true or false.

Husband Killers and unborn child killers are moving freely in our Society, who knows you will not be the Next?

Indian National Crime Bureau says,Nearly 44.7% of the suicide victims were married males while only 25% were married females. The ratio of Male : Female victims of suicide was 63 : 37.

I will not be Surprised if tomorrow, National Commission of Women camping to change the Murder LAW also, with the explanation that, A women do the Crime like murder as they are only Victim , not a Criminal and Men murder only for Fun!!

What a good Indian Women well fare Organization.

Update :
'That shrew called NCW'

NCW Backtracks on Adultrity Advice.

Where's the money, honey?

NCW Chairman Dr Girija Vyas Under Petrol Pump Scam

SC cancels NDA petrol pump allotments including NCW Chairman Dr.GirjaVyas?


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