Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fight to stop Legal Terrorism In India.

Fight to stop Legal Terrorism In India.

More than 30 Years Back , millions of child born in this country with the Idology of Iswar Chandra Bidya Sagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy. When they born all grand parents wish one day they will be the Icon of IIT,IIM,IT,India's Top Most Institutes. Few of them bong in a Village of Kerla,West Bengal , Maharastra along with City like Bangalore,Mumbai, Delhi also.

As predicted some of them became the Rank Holder in IIT, some became gold medilist of India's Top most Engering College, some became the Icon of IT industry, some able to presence thier mark in the Corporate Marketing and Media industry, not only in India, along in the whole wolrd.

But maximum of them done a bigest crime in thier life.

No, it is not murder, it is not rape, it is not eve teasing, it is not extrotion, it is not cheat thier lover, it is not taking drug or beating thier wife !!!!!

Their crime was , they all loved some one, make them thier life partner and given the most respected word for thier loved one "Wife".

Their crime was , during marrige , they given the more respect to thier wife's parents , instead of thier own Parents.

Their crime was , refuse to give thier wife , thier own Bank's ATM card password.

Result , they all termed "Crimnial" with by a sweet word from thier beloved wife's family, and became the Victim of Legal Terrorism under 498a, DV act, maintance act..etc , where the law in the assumption that all the wife's born in Raja Harsih Chndra Family ( they never lie) along with thier age old parents , pregent sister ( inspite they never lived with them after marriage) .

But the ironey is before marriage and after marrige thier wife's used to call them "Janu".
But today the same word changed with a Question : When your Mother and sister will Die?

The tempation of using 498a, DVact , Maintace act to settel thier personnel score , teach a lesson attitutude by thier so called "Janu" term them as a Criminal and convert thier Small domestic and realtionship dispute to a War and Violence.

Few of them prefered to end thier life and it is shocking that , non of thier wife had been questioned by Indian Judicry or Police system, forget to register any criminal case theinst them.

Thier Bank statement, all the happy photographs, Voice recording, even viedo recording , all became use less in fornt of Judge, In front of Police, In front of Media, in front of thier own society, in front of thier own work place.

In year 2000 , one of them say his story in Internate, then a lot are coming together and join hands to fight against this Legal Terrorism in India and today the same recornised as "My Nation".

They decide thier Campain in internate, media, judiciery , Political Party , as a result , the Movement Start in 2004 "Save Indian Family".

Year 2005 Onwards thier campain recornised and Supreme Court of India shown thier concern and say "Stop Legal Terrorism."

But thier path was not as smooth as looks. A lot of people to destroy thier movement , term them as the World's Most stupid People, some therm them as Gay, some term them as Mad , some term them as Media Hungery , and in this balme game not only by thier enemy , this incudes some of thier so called own brother and sister also.

But they stand like a Mountain Rock and Move towards thier goal with more determation and with more enery and faced all the attack, tuffen in brave heart and made thier campain more and more strong. Reached to more and more Common People and make them caution from those 498a Girls Family's Legal Extrotion .

Result the voice reached to Supreme Court also , when they find the fault in Domestic Violence Act,2005.

Thier voice supporter by various Media's Honest Jurnalist and refuse to accept the "Yellow Jurnalism".

Their Voice supported by Millions of mother, sister and unamrried guys.
Their voice understand by the Corporate world also , when the Ponds provocation ads withdrawn.

Their Campin and dream for Domestic Harmony Act is not too far to reach as more and more people today rising thier voice against this "Legal Terrorism In India "

As a result born of another "Save Family Forum" orginiseing a National Seminer at Delhi on 28th Janaury , at 2.00PM in association with My Nation, Save Indian Family Foundation, Asha Kiran , Protect India Family and BHARATIYA PARIWAR SHANTI SANGATHAN .

Hope the best wish to them and let hope that Legal Terrorism in India will Stop very soon and thier aim promoting "Domestic and Marital Harmony and Discouraging the Misuse of Gender Biased Laws" will be supported by all Honest citizen of India.

With regards

Swarup Sarkar


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