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Ready for Marriage??

Ready for Marriage??

We might be living in the 21st Century, but we will be wondering how many of us know the Danger of 498a, DV Act, Maintance Act, Alimony Act!!

How many of us know that today Indian marriage means a Wholesale free gate pass to go to Jail, especially for NRI and well educated good earning Guy, in the name of So Called allegation irrespective the same true or false, of Verbal abuse, mental harassment, and economical abuse and adulterate relationship!!

Where as a wife forget any punishment, there is no provision of a small
warning at all.

As a SIF Volunteer, when we analysis the reason why more than 55% divorce application filed by Wife, 35 % by mutual and only 15 % by Husband, you will be wonder as Feminist and Media always project the Husband family as Home Breaker, but the reality shows in the Indian Court room totally different!!

Husband make all the effort to bring back his wife, where as wives say: - “sorry darling, just pay me 10 or 15 Lacks (even up to 90Lacks), and thank you very much for marrying a 21st century Women, do not dare to come in 21st century mind set, your place will be behind the bar along with all your age old parent and pregent sister!!”

Because as Ms. Shobha de, says Indian men are in 16th century mind set and Indian wives coming to 21st century very first. We say, Ms. De, Indian wives are not coming in 21st century very first; they have gone far ahead of 21st century in India!!
21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

Comes to the Suicide statistics, as per World Health Organization (WHO) report, after marriages the suicide rate for Husband are 60% more than Wife!! But in media you will get only the news of wife Suicide incidence. Why?

Let’s face it; no matter what strata of the Society we belong to, the pressure to get married is perennial. That’s the reality even today.

We SIF (Save Indian Family) Volunteers try to understand some basis reason, why you want to get married and end up with a Separation and legal fight, with a lot of Pain, loosing your dream Job, sending your age old parents and pregent sister behind the bar!!

Barbaric law - IPC 498A /DV Act - Our Mother /Sister are not Women !!!!!
1. Want to leave your parents? - If things at home are grim and marriage provides a way out. But, it is often a route that takes you out of the frying pan into the fire. It’s probably less painful to stick it out at home for a year or two longer than to get hitched to the first person who asks you, who might really irk you, a year or two down the line.

2. Her parents like you very much? - It is wonderful if her parents really like you as their daughter spouse, but this the most dangerous situation. Their liking of this is not enough reason for you to consider marriage. Years latter, you will still be stuck with the dreams, which might not be the lady of your dreams.

3. Want Children? – Right, wanting kids is a strong driving force for many people. But, would you want to bring those kids up in a situation that was less than ideal? Point is, when the kids have grown up, you’re still stuck with this lady. No one’s perfect, but at least get a mother for your children that you can like and respect.

4. Social Pressure? – All your friends are getting married. So be it. Please ignore the aunties who ask you when you’re getting married. You are better off alone, than with someone who makes your life miserable in the long run.

A lot of people say your marriage had been already been fixed by heaven, and you can not do that.

Still I say, we know when a Blood Cancer happens we know we will die,
but that means we will not take any medicine or go to a doctor??

There is no force to accept any thing, but just keep a watch before getting married through Internate , News paper advertisement , Meeting in a office party or a good Disco and check Is she the 498A family Girl or not ??

Other wise don’t worry in the internate a lot of web site are available to make desperate guide to you how to save guard your age old parents and pregent sister , like , Save Indian Family ,My Nation .

Men went to a Sadhu and say: -

“My beloved wife does excessive Verbal, mental abuse to me and she also
involved in a relationship with another guy, She made my life heal, please give
me some solution”

The Sadhu Says: -

“Bloody fool, if there is any solution, who will become a

With regards
Swarup Sarkar


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