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Seminar : LAW and Justice (498a and Dv act) and difference in Domestic Harmony.

Seminar : LAW and Justice (498a and Dv act) and difference in Domestic Harmony.

"Save Family Forum" orginised a National Seminer at Delhi on 28th Janaury , at 2.00PM , in the auditorium of Indian International Law Society, in association with My Nation, Save Indian Family Foundation, Asha Kiran , Protect India Family and BHARATIYA PARIWAR SHANTI SANGATHAN , participated by more than 220 people witness a visual clip of Movie’s, News Programs by TV Media discussion, Victim’s story and Power Point Presentation.

Seminar start with the welcome address by Mr. Mahesh Tiwari followed by a Presentation by Dr. Anupama Singh regarding the misuse of IPC498a and the miserable effect of the same towards the life of thousands of innocent people including small child, who had been arrested by police without any investigation.

She had presented the stastics of 2004 collected trough RTI Act,
58,319nos, 498a cases were registered,1,34,757 people were arrested, that includes 354 child also. 10,491 cases were not charge sheeted as they were based on frivolous ground. However, only 5,739 People have been convicted among the 1,34,757, but more than four times that number have been acquitted (24,127).

Mr. Asish Mukhi, who will be headed the Delhi based Save Family Foundation, shown his concern the Indian Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is totally biased against Domestic Harmony. He presented the Domestic Violence Act of US and Germany when where the same is not gander biased and the same applicable for both men as well as women and more than 30% cases court found that men are the victim of domestic violence. All those well developed countries the Domestic Violence Act applicable to all irrespective of any sex, caste or religion, the same is not like Indian Domestic Violence act ,2005 , to convert any small Domestic Dispute to a Violence and a war between husbands and wife.

He questioned regarding the emotional harassment of Indian men by their wife , like after marriage live your parents and cut off the relation to their sisters and other relative including the economical abuse , results the suicide of married men are 50% higher than married women as per Crime Bure suicide stastics.

He also emphasis that Indian Husbands can’t ignore their age old parents as the social structure are not same like USA or Germany, where the age old parents can get the sufficient medical care and shelter without their child. Still Indian parents prefers to spend their whole life saving towards their child’s education, for home..etc. Hence it is totally impossible to think that a Indian Husband can afford to live their age parents at the mercy of government’s well fare scheme or age old home.

Mr. Pandurang Katti, a well Known Professional shown his concern regarding the misuse of Domestic Violence Act,2005 , where they have witness how the Wipro Chairman Mr. Azim Premji had been dragged under this LAW , by a wipro Employee’s Wife.

But neither Lawmaker nor Indian Legal System had given any punishment to those who had abused this law just to full fill their personnel gain. This had exposed the danger of Badly Drafted Domestic Violence Act and today Corporate Industry seriously thinking to avoid recruiting a married Couple in their same organization , as if any dispute happened , then they have to loose one employee, as there is a provision that , the Husband can’t enter the wife’s work Place.

Then the well-known retired High Court Judge Mr.R.P. Gupta explained how this 498a was made and what was the objective. But due to the misreprentation of the word ”relative” a lot of people had been unnecessarily harassed, but he emphasis to consider the requirement of such LAW to protect the real victims.

In the End the co-coordinator of the Seminar Swarup Sarkar, shown his emotional angry words towards the National Commission of Women, as he witness a lot of cases where the Husbands Mother/Sister apple to NCW for their protection from harassment from their Daughter-in-law and her father and brothers, but NCW prefers to ignore those complain and start money extortion process by creating the fear of 498a, instead of providing any help or support to them.

He emphasis the LAW should be on crime based instead of some assumption that all the women born in Raja Harish Chandra family (never lie) and all the men are born in criminal family.

As a example, Mr. Sarkar, say in last 30 years they have been witness a lot of Mothers who had been worked as a maid servant in other’s house to give a good life to their child , where as seen a lot of so called mothers also who even refuse to provide the milk to their child.

Hence the National Commission of women should concentrate to improve the life of those mothers who are really need for the support , as dream and ideology of Iswar Chadra Bidya Sagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, but if NCW continue the way today they are working just to protect the adulterous women’s right, very soon we have ask our government to return our taxes what had been spend on this purposes.

Mr. Swarup Sarkar given the good wishes to Mr. Asish Mukhi and hope under his leadership the day is not too far when their long waited demand will achieved.

1. Domestic Harmony Act, irrespective of any sex or caste.
2. Stop implication of innocent people in criminal cases in matrimonial disputes.
3. Implementation of LAW Commissions recomdation to amend IPC498a Bailable with immediate effect.
4. Support to victims through help line numbers.
5. A better Civilized Society for our future child.

The seminar end with the question answer session by victims answered by Mr. Asish Mukhi and Mr. Raj Kushal, Mr. Mahesh Tiwari along with the future action plan to achieve their goal.
P.S. Who ever want the CD of the whole Seminar can contact at the following No.
Rajiv - 9891369616Swarup - 98106 11534Ashish - 99111 19113.


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