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Supreme Court Finaly Agrees Girls family can’t hide behind the word Dowry!!

Supreme Court Finaly Agrees Girls family can’t hide behind the word Dowry!!

"A demand for money on account of some financial stringency or for
meeting some urgent domestic expenses or for purchasing manure cannot be termed as a demand for dowry," a bench of Supreme Court of India , comprising Justices G P Mathur and R V Raveendran said.

After Supreme Court India finds fault with Domestic Violence Act., now they also agree that greedy, money minded Girls family can’t hide behind the word dowry and shift all the high demand finiancial need as per 21st cnetury towards Husbands family.

This is a land mark Judgement towards women empowerement , as we wittness a lot of Money minded Girls family never given treated their girls equalavent to the boy child, resulting the Indian Women Had been Considered Just like a Comodity and had been cheated from thier Child hood and forced to depend finencially on Husband's Family.

Inspite of Having the Indian Girls equall right to their Parental Property, very few had able to save her own House to be Termed as " Bhabhi's" house , forget about to get the Parental property.

The most unfortunate that National Comission of Women and so called Social Reserch center totally silent from the start to implement the same .

They always treated their girls like a burden and refused to provided any good education or share their Parental property .

21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble?? , one of the major reason for Domestic Violence in India , treating Husbands Family as a Free ATM Machine , hope will stop and Indian Girls will be treated with their parents as equal as their Sons instead of Hiding behind the word “Dowry” and cheating and fooling their own daughter or sister.

As a result we wittness ,Indian National Crime Bureau says,Nearly 44.7% of the suicide victims were married males while only 25% were married females. The ratio of Male : Female victims of suicide was 63 : 37.

Now the question Kahani ghar ghar ki- Legal Terrorism in the from of false 498a , will also stop in 2007 or not , we have to wait and watch.

Previously though the Supreme Court of India Cautioned to take the necessary precaution and seal the hope hole in 498A and anti-dowry LAW to stop such “ Legal terrorism” , our LAW maker does not brother to respect the same , where as they are ready with another tools in the Name of Domestic Violence Act instead of a Domestic harmony Act , where a Husband and there all family members will be thrown out of House in the name of so called Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship ( no need any evidence , only her or her family members own statement is sufficient ) , where as for the same offence from the wife and their family members side , forget any punishment , there is no provision of a small warning for them , they have given them a whole sale free license for “Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship .”

At the time of drafting the Bill on Domestic Violence Act , we had questioned regarding the Poor drafting of the same and we Consider the same as AK47( When it will fire will not only kill the men , it will kill the Innocent Mother/sister/Child also). We SIF Member continuously demanding a “Domestic Harmony act” , as we believe , Crime is crime and the punishment should be as per Crime.

See all Video for the same in Different Media, Including CNN-IBN, ZEE News,Star News Red Allert, India TV.

Our LAW Maker’s desperate attempt to make Indian Judiciary system Like a Fish Market, where any X, Y,Z can claim any thing in the Name of "Dowry", and court bound to hear , hope will not repeat in future and our Judicial System should show their Courage to punish those Legal Terrorist for using the Indian Judiciary system as a Whole sale free Fish Market and the Husbands family as a Free ATM Machine in case of any Marriage dispute.

Is It the time for Making 498B and 304C ?

With Regards
Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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