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Year 2007 : Men-Women Relationship Going to Change?

Year 2007 : Men-Women Relationship Going to Change?

With so much ammo for girl power, is the man-woman relationship set to change? Wo-ah-man, this is all set to be the year of the women. Last year, the courts and the government were busy giving Indian women legal sanctions that can make the man of the house think twice before 'expressing' himself, instead of the Caution by Supreme court of India to Stop the Legal Terrorism in India.

The man-woman relationship, it is a-changing. With so much legal ammo at their disposal, will women make men feel the heat?

We takes a look at the institution of marriage, as well as live-in relationships, the way they will be morphing in the year 2007... and whether it will be all women-centric?

Ms. Sobha de”s Power Baby!!

A HR Manager with a LLB degree Ms.Kanika Sing says, "In no way are these laws are fair. My Brother’s wife had already termed my own parents House as Her own house and my age old parents today at old age home."

A 65 years old Mother Ms. Minu Sharma, President of NGO adds her voice to this too. "It is about time laws were tilted in favor of women with the logic they have suffered centuries of discrimination and all the burden put on Husbands family, where as those girls parents treating their daughter just like a commodity, killing them before they born. When they them self do not give their daughter the equal education, financial support, parental property equal rights the same way they give to their son’s and today want a whole sale free lenience to hide their own Wrong doing,” she asserts.

So, is our LAWmaker ensuring to the girl’s parents to treat their daughter as a Burden and shift all the responsibility to wards the Husband’s family?

Are Men getting concerned?

But with so much power for the girls, the male of the species is feeling Cheated. Says Monit Sharma , one of the Leading Marketing Icon from IIM, Ahamadabad , "Under the present circumstances, the husband is either cornered or is declared a criminal by his wife or girlfriend. It is a time Husbands must start to use the technology to safe guard their innocence”

I think the fault lies with the way the laws have been drafted. Where a allegations irrespective the same false or true by a women against a Man will ensure that He have to live his own house.

A IT Soft wear Senior Professional termed , this is not at all law itself. Asking a Husband out of home just a one line of complin from wife is totally ridicules. A hard-core terrorist also had not been treated this way. Are Indian Husbands worse than those terrorist?

If so, why those girls parents do not see a Son-in-Law from terrorist community , instead of serching a Golden-Egg in the form of IIT/IIM/IT Engineer /NRI guy?

Says newly married Mohan Arora, "Saying something to your wife in anger may land you in jail. So , before marriage itself he ensured that his wife should have a house in her name. So that if any thing happened after wards, she can stay at her own home instead of he have to leave his own house.”

On the other hand, there are males who are all for more power to the women. "Women deserve this respite. They have suffered for so long. And I fail to understand why men should feel victimised,"says a well known HR Professional Mr. S.Roy.

As per them, this is a Male dominated society and Indian Constitution also support that.

In the Constitution, the protection for “Dignity of women” had been mentioned. No where it had been mentioned the Protection of a "Men’s Dignity".

"We Can't afford to be termed as "Anti-women" it is a crime as per Indian Constitution , but Anti-Men stand well come. Hence we are sorry and feel pity to those men who had been victimised" say a Managging Diroctor of a Delhi Based Industrialist. ( Not interested to mention the Name itslef in the fear of National Comission of Women).

Hence in corporate world we just respect the Indian Constitution and try to protect the dignity of a Women , when the dispute come Men vs Women.

Now the Un-answered Question for Indian Men : Marriage or Live-In Relationship!!

Un-Married Men are really confused?

Should I marry my girl friend or continue the Live-in- relationship?

Seems Kuntal Maitry , a brilliant IIT Engineer student is not confused :" I will prefer to live-in-realtionship instead of marriage. If some problem arise , I will not be restricted to go for another live-in-relationship , but if I marry I have to live my rest of the life on her mercy. If any problem comes, forget about any second marriage, I will not be allowed to have a live-in-relationship also. So why to take risk?"But whether or not these laws are biased, they will surely change the balance of man-woman relationships.

"These rulings have made Men more conscious of their Choice than ever before, specially converting a girl friend to a wife, takes a lot of time and effort" Says Samir Khann a Medical Student.

"Relationships are bound to change. While men were considered to be the backbone of families and women were considered inferior, they have now started to emerge stronger with the belive that women also should take the equal responsibility on financial aspects” adds Ashok a LLB student of Delhi.Women don't need to be in a loveless or exploitative relationship just because they don't know how they would fend later. The law has given them enough means to term criminal any TOM,Dick or Harry .

For that their own Verbal word is sufficient, no Evidence is required.

Let wait and watch: Year 2007: Men-Women Relationship Going to Change?

With Regards

Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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